Safariland Model 775 Open Top Triple Magazine Pouch 2.25" Fits Beretta 92 STX Hi-gloss Black

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The Model 775 Triple Magazine Pouch is designed to carry three magazines on a 2.25 in. duty belt. The 775 features both vertical and horizontal belt slots, allowing it to ride in either a vertical or low-profile horizontal position. A magazine tension screw located between the pouches allows for easy retention adjustment. It's constructed of rugged SafariLaminate and is available in several scuff-resistant finishes.

Specifications and Features:
Safariland Model 775 Open Top Triple Magazine Pouch
For use with 2.25" duty belt
Vertical and horizontal belt slots
Adjustable agazine tension screws
Hardshell STX material
Black STX Hi-gloss finish

Beretta 90 Two, 92 Brigadier, 92D, 92DS, 92F, 92FC, 92FCDA, 92FS M9A1, 92FS, 92FS Centurion, 92G, 96 Centurion, 8000, 8040, 96, 96D, 96DC, 96DS, 92SD, 96G, Brig.92FS, D, 96Brig.D, G, 96G SD
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