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Ruger 10/22 Hot Lips Loader

Butler Creek
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Butler Creek Hot Lips and Steel Lips Magazine Loader

A fast, simple way to keep the Hot Lips and Steel Lips Ruger 10/22 .22LR magazines full. .
Simply pour 50 22 LR shells into the hopper, give it a shake, insert the magazine and crank it full.
Field portable and loads in line magazines.

Specifications and features:
Ruger 10/22 Hot Lips magazine loader
Keeps Hot Lips & Steel Lips mags full
Loads inline magazines 

Item#: 2-BTLR24211,3-1015875,23975,6-1015875
Total number of Reviews: 41

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3.0 5
"This loader requires a little practice as to the angle in which you hold it, and how quickly you turn the knob. Despite being a little finicky, once you master it, you can quickly load your Butler Creek OR factory magazines.The hopper holds an entire 50 round box. The best thing about this speedloader, besides saving time, is the fact that you don't get lead all over your hands from reloading!"
– Zerstorer1ss
5.0 5
"these are awsome! load up 25 round clips in 20 seconds.... there is an art to it but it still beats the heck out of conventional thumb killing loading. i found it works best when you tilt the part that holds the ammo vertical when you load.and sometimes you need to turn the knob back a little then push it back forward. and eagle magizines are tough to use in these loaders and factory mags are kinda hard.... hope that helps"
– skyler
4.0 5
"Dont force the shells or they will dent and jam in your gun, the tilt is important. I agree about the led on the hands, this is faster when you have practice and cleaner."
– Matthew
4.0 5
"Takes a bit of Practice! worth the Money! Buy it! Great for loading 25 round mags!"
– Abe
5.0 5
"First of all i want to thank the boy's @ cheaper than dirt for such a very quick turn around on my order, you guys rock. I am 41 and have been an avid shooter since i was 8 years old, i now go to my gun club at least once a week. After spending countless hours of reloading my custom bilt 10/22 target rifle mags i finally broke down and bought 2 of these mag loaders one for me and one for my Dad. I just got them in today, i couldn't wait to load all my mags. I own hot lips, Eagle 30 rounders and several Ruger stock 10 round mags. This incredible hot lips mag loader loaded all my different mags very smooth with no problems. Just follow the instructions that come with the loader and it works just as advertised. My rifle shoots all mags well no problems, i highly recommend this loader. The price is right, the product is excellent, and Cheaper Than Dirt Service is THE BEST!!!!! The only thing that could be better is that C&D would send me another 30 round mag free for this plug, Ha Ha. Great experience, Thanks Boy's Missouri Sniper"
– Missouri SNIPER
5.0 5
"If you own a 10/22 and have anything other than the factory ten round mags, BUY THIS!!! Period!! Worked flawlessly on my Eagle 30 round mags."
– texretvet
4.0 5
"Super fast shipping. This definetly beats finger loading by far. Took the second try to get the hang of it but its definetly worth it. Only down side is that the components inside are plastic and can easily be warped. I noticed wear and tear on it after loading my first clip. But I would still suggest getting this product. It makes loading allot less of a hassle."
4.0 5
"Works well takes time to get used too. But easy after you get your own system down. thanks cheaperthandirt."
– Zygier
5.0 5
"This is a great loader. Used to have another brand where I pushed a lever from side to side but it warped and broke. It had more slots for the shells = less shaking but loading mags, I prefer spinning a knob than pushing a lever. As the other reviewers said... get to know the loader. You can't just spin the knob like a quarter candy vending machine. You sorta 1/2 spin, pause, & 1/2 spin again. Mags are alittle tight but you get the hang of angling it in. I don't even use the mag lock/lever... they stay in by themselves. But follow the directions. Your results may vary. If you have to load 10/22 mags... you need this loader. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!"
– AE - Peoples Republic of Calif.
5.0 5
"this this is definatly worth the money, it loads magazines 100x faster then my thumb, and you dont get lead all over your fingers. it takes getting used to but once you do it is so much better than loading one at a time."
– gordonskatespc
4.0 5
"I loaded 10 double stack 50 round ramline magazines with plastic lips and it worked really nice,it says only loads up steel lip magazines but works fine on plastic lip mags also,its worth the money for sure specially if you have alot of mags,"
– 5traxx
5.0 5
"If you don't have one get one! I am going to buy another so loading will go faster, I shoot with family. As soon a s I received I dumped in a handful of shells and started turning the knob. I had read the reviews before and with a little shake loading went perfect. I loaded 2, 30 rd mags in a few minutes."
– Justin
4.0 5
"I really like this loader, Ive own one for about two years until when my son and I went shooting in May o9,the loader star wheel broke off ? thats when I notice the star wheel inside was plastic? So I would like to know if was made in China?? or in the Good old USA???"
– hard day play
5.0 5
"Good product, def saves time and your patients when loading 22 shells,"
– chiefassmaster
5.0 5
"Bought both Butler Creek and Shooter's Ridge loader. Hands down this is the better loader of the two. It loads faster (two rounds per turn versus one round per turn) and the magazine catch is much easier to operate. Highly recommend."
– DS
1.0 5
"I was successful with this loader for about 2 minutes. Then the rounds got jammed (both in the 10-rd BC mag and 25-rd BC mag) and actually dented the ammo (CCI Long and CB Long). Also the BC mags got stuck too... at this point, I'm not sure if it's the loader or the mags or the combination. But I was able to load them all fine by hand. Haven't shot them yet, but that's a review for a different product."
– ht1237
5.0 5
"I got one of these some time ago. It has served me well for a few years.Yes, it is NOT a high speed reloader. Don't push it.It is MUCH better than using the manual method of one round at a time from a pile (or handful) of ammo.I use it for reloading my 10 round factory magazines and my 25 round Butler Creek magazines.Works better when you understand the mechanics of the reloader. My 8 year old grandson has problems. I'm still working with him."
– Richard H
4.0 5
"I've had my loader for 5 months now and I can say it's worth the money. It isn't really any faster than hand loading magazines, but it does keep your hands cleaner. pour your bulk ammo into the hopper, give it a good shake and crank away. works on factory magazine too. BTW, you can put a helluva lot more ammo in the hopper than the 50 rounds suggested. It makes my target shooting experience way \"mobetta\".~Mad Max"
– Toshbar
2.0 5
"two thumbs down. I have three 25-round-Butler-Creek magazines that i have loading with the speed loader. In each mag, i noticed that between 2-5 rounds will have a failure to feed. I noticed that the rounds of the FTF were heavily dented or crooked. The 10/22 is pretty new and i never had an issue prior to using the speedloader. I started hand loading each magazine and no more FTF. It does load very fast, but the time it takes to fix the issues is not worth it. When i loaded them i tried not to just jam them in there, just using a normal turn.I was using the blue box, bulk federal ammo."
– TheDrizzle
5.0 5
"I purchased this speed loader around 3 years ago, and have since loaded 1500-2000 rounds with it into my pair of butler creeks 25-rnd clips.I have not had a single problem, and have experienced nothing but pure joy from using this. I'm done with sore & blackened thumbs forever, and find myself enjoying plinking for longer periods of time. 5 bullet rating."
– Gary
2.0 5
"I was on sold one of these when I bought my rifle. Seems like a great idea and it works OK. That is until a round or two slips down between the feed slot of the loader, turning sideways and screwing up the works. By time you get that straightened out you could've been done loading the mag with your fingers, and I've loaded hundreds of rounds now without it and my fingers feel just fine. This thing is best suited for a baby-rattle, as you spend a lot of time shaking it trying to get the rounds into the feed slot the. It does look cool sitting on your bench though, if you have nothing else to spend your money on."
– Darryl
3.0 5
"Bought this for my wife's 10/22. I looked at this item and knew that it said Hot Lips or Steel Lips mags only, but figured I would give it a shot anyway. It works with the 25 round mag, though it takes a little time. But that little time is worth the sore thumbs (in my wife's opinion). I recommend it, just be sure that your mags are compatible."
– Chris
4.0 5
"I got this awhile back and really liked how fast it loaded my .22 Ruger 10/22 mags. My wife liked it as it didn't hurt her thumb everytime she needed to reload. It made reloading easier and faster. Now we go through more rounds at the range than we used to. Good shooting to all."
– DemonRat
5.0 5
"It works great and makes the nasty job of feeding the mags a piece of cake."
5.0 5
"This thing works great. It takes some skill to get used to the motion but a little shake and all your rounds are in like nothing is happening. It is showing some wear after 2000 rounds. Some light oil helped. Will buy again. Cheers."
– It works
5.0 5
"Great reloader makes reloading your 25 round mags a cinch and much quicker and takes the stress off your fingers, a great investment!!! Thanks CTD!!!"
– MOwens
5.0 5
"It works with hot leaks and steel lips. Makes the reloading fast. Need to fiddle a bit until you get the right point then it goes non stop. I find back out 1/4 of a turn, jiggle and then come back and keeps on loading those magazines FAST!worth every penny."
– IT works!
3.0 5
"Use it carefully! Works OK, but it is all plastic and I would wish critical parts were mad out of metal. I don't think it will hold up well. I would spend more if it was made better"
– GarKam
5.0 5
"This is a cool little gadget. Shake, turn, and load in half the time. No more dropping single rounds. No more sore thumbs."
– Ben
5.0 5
"This little gadget is finer than frogs hair! It works great on the hot lips mags, the steel lips mags and the Tec-22 mags. It takes a real chore and makes it fast, easy and fun. The only thing is, .22 rounds are a little delicate, so you can't just put the ol' Gorilla Grip on it, apply your \"super retarded strength\" and think that'll fix it. Just use a little finesse, turn and kind of jiggle. Loads up many times faster than by hand. If you can't figiure it out, turn it over to your kids to play with. They'll get it in no time."
– Randy Cook
5.0 5
"Works just like it says. Like others say, the shaking gets old, but my thumbs aren't black after loading 2 x 30 rd mags!"
– Agent Lizzard
3.0 5
"One day works great,next day can't get it to work.It's me? First time out I broke off little plastic swing arm."
– Oldwaterdog
5.0 5
"An excellent product. Worked like a charm. Pour your shells in, shake the canister, turn the knob and about 10-15 seconds later your 25 round clip is loaded with ease and no pain for your thumb."
– Mike
4.0 5
"Hot Lips Loader works well. Really speeds up loading 10 and 25 round clips. No more sore fingers. Have only loaded about 180 rounds in both 10 and 25 clips. Being plastic not sure how the loader will hold up. Had one or two loader jams, just back off loader handle, shake loader and try again. Take your time and shake, shake and shake some more. Once you get the hang of it, it's a good tool."
– Oldman Still Plinking
4.0 5
"This is a must have! The wife loves using it and she finally loads a gun without hurting her fingers. I just wish it wasn't made of all plastic. Loaded 500+ rounds with it so far and 0 problems."
– Zach
1.0 5
"Bought this thing about 3 weeks ago. Wouldn't even allow the .22 shells to slide down the ramp far enough so they could be accessed by the actuator and inserted into the clip (yes it was a BC clip). Figured it would be more hassle to return so did some modification to the spacing on the bullet ramp so the bullets would at least slide to the actuator. Needless to say this thing did not meet any of my expectations and would not waste my money on this one. The idea and principal of how it should work are good but it definitely needs a lot of additional engineering.geezer"
– geezer
4.0 5
"Works as depicted. Must shake while using. Must hold at a tilt to let bullets slide toward magazine. Back edge of knob sharp, so I smoothed the edges with 180 grit sandpaper.I would definitely recommend this for anyone filling large capacity magazines.I gave it 4 points since it is a little akward, but after doing a few magazines, I got more adept at using it."
– Old Salt
4.0 5
"This speedloader is worth the money, if you keep shaking it. No shake, no bullets. Works great overall"
– guy from AR
4.0 5
"A must have if you use item # 82732 mags. Works perfectly with them. I haven't had any luck loading the factory 10/22 mags with this, hence the 4 bullets."
– practical tactical
1.0 5
"Bought it for the wife. I tried using it and it kept bending the rounds some how and making the magazine jam every time I used it. I used 6 different magazines and all had the same problems. I really don't recommend this product for anyone."
– Eugene
4.0 5
"Pretty good, but for Butler Creek Hot Lips only. But will work on other mags that have the same lips as Butler Creek. Will not work on Ruger BX-25, but it's not suppose to. Wasn't designed for the Bx-25."
– fair