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Ruger 10/22 Dragunov Stock

Advanced Technology
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ATI Ruger 10/22 Fiberforce Stock

The ATI Fiberforce stock for the Ruger 10/22 is constructed of black DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer and comes complete with ventilated upper handguard and sling swivel studs on both the front and rear. The Fiberforce Dragunov stock may be used with either open sight or scoped rifles. Easy installation means that no gunsmithing is required. Will fit all Ruger 10/22s with standard barrels, will not work with bull barreled rifles. Made in USA. Overall length 29.5", length of pull 13.5".

Lightweight Dragunov .22 Design. Use with Open Sights or Scope

Specifications and Features:
Weighs only 26 oz!
Ventilated Forearm and Handguard
Built-In Cheek Rest
Sling Swivel Studs & Dowel Sling Mount
Easy Drop-In Installation
DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer
Fits all Ruger 10/22s with standard barrels

For Specific Warranty Information or Technical Assistance, Contact the Manufacturer Direct
Advanced Technology, Inc.
102 Fieldview Drive
Suite 400
Versailles, KY. 40383

Item#: RGR-260,7-RUG3000,2-ADVRUG3000,11647
Total number of Reviews: 63

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4.0 5
"Occasionally the handguard pops off a little bit, and must be pushed back into place. The overall length is much better than the factory stock, and the pistol grip fits my hand nicely."
– Zerstorer1ss
5.0 5
"I love my stock. The pistol grip is very comfortable. The weight savings are the best as I carry mine a couple miles in the woods almost every day. It looks prety cool too. I have had no problems with mine, very sturdy."
– John
5.0 5
"If you own this rifle, you owe it to yourself to get this stock.I could continue to write about this stock, but just get it and see for yourself."
– Austin
4.0 5
"I like this stock for my purposes, but it may not be for everyone. The two things most important to me with this stock are: 1. Lightweight 2. Pistol grip. It is a cheap stock as one reviewer pointed out, and for my 10-22, that\uFFFDs what I wanted, but I\uFFFDd refer to it as inexpensive. The factory stock looks better, but for plinking and fun, I enjoy this stock more. I also put a velcro camo wrap I bought from CTD, wraped it from the front top cheek piece back to the butt and can put an extra mag or two on the right side. Wrap it tight, it works. I wouldn't do that with the factory stock."
– JSteve
5.0 5
5.0 5
"Awesome stock its alittle smaller than i thought, but its actually pretty sweet. i love it."
– Rusty shackleford
5.0 5
"This most be the best gun related 40 or so dollars spent buy it now it looks great on my 10/22...puts the original stock to shame easy install"
– chrmm19
5.0 5
"This stock is a MUST for the serious 10/22 target shooter. Before you judge, the stock will appear to be cheap out of the box... but install the action and you will truly be impressed!!! The 100% floating barrel will allow you to shoot brick upon brick of .22, heat the barrel, and avoid warping from the factory stock. HIGHLY recommend getting a 3x9 scope with it too. The stock is a bit too raised to keep a tight bead on the iron sights. Besides, it was made for a scope. Go with Simmons. Just like the stock, you get a lot of bang for your buck. (I swear I was not paid to write this, just think credit should be given when due)"
– Lt. Barbour
1.0 5
"The only good thing good about this stock was that it was light weight! The was made cheaply. It was to flimsy for shooting any good groups. Its worth paying an extra $20 or $30 Hogue or other. But before you buy this stock, stick with the factory stock."
– William from Indiana
5.0 5
"First off, this stock is not cheaply made william, you must be a gun snob and you too ben. Flimsy? you act like its a wet noodle. Im getting great groups at 100 yards. Operator Error is my guest. The next stock up from this one would be the tapco or the C&C Enterprises, but they are 80 bucks plus. If you are willing to spend 100 bucks on your 10/22 this stock gives you 60 to spend on other stuff. Your on the money JSteve, its lightweight and pistol grips are really cool. If you want to shot great, buy more ammo or take class. If you want to have a fun day on the range, the is a purchase you will enjoy and if not its only 40 bucks. I think it looks the best out of the other pistol grip stock out there. Most of the others look too much like shot guns. This stock is really cool. You will have fun with it. Enjoy"
– PA pat
4.0 5
"If you are looking for a good stock at a cheap price, this is it. It is easy to install and my gun fits snugly inside. I can shoot 1/2 inch groups with this stock at 75 Yards. It is oviously not top of the line materal so I would not abuse it too much, but what do you expect for $40. It is not quite as cool looking as a real Dragunov, but I added a scope, muzzle brake and bipod and it made my firends jelous. The only other problem is that the cheek rest needs some work, it is a little too small. I am giving this stock 4 bullets because for the money it is a great stock"
– Inferno
5.0 5
"Does not look cheap at all. It seems to be lighter than the stock stock, being a .22 you really do not need a sturdy stock as most know. I did have one problem with my Weaver see through mounts. The one closest to the muzzle over extended the receiver a bit requiring me to cut a bit of the stock away but barely noticeable. Otherwise it looks great would definitely recommend it."
– b
4.0 5
"This is a very nice stock. It's made from what appears to be a high-grade polycarbonate with a fiberglass insert in the handle. It fits extremely well to the 10/22 action, almost better than the factory stock. I'm shooting ragged holes at 50 yards prone with this, so if you're having accuracy problems, it's not the stock, it's you."
– Harper
5.0 5
"My Rifle dropped right in no problem.Really cool looking too.Great stock for the price."
– Jeff T
4.0 5
"My receiver dropped in easier than on the original stock and it looks fantastic. The stock is sturdy enough where I don't think I could ever imagine breaking it. Only flaw is rough edges at the seems otherwise this would be a five bullet product."
– Miel
5.0 5
"best 40 bucks ever spent on a gun ,shoulders great ,gets your firearm and eye in sync fast, much better than some of the more costly stocks that I have tried."
– Dale DE
5.0 5
"Ok here is the real deal on this stock. It is light weight, Strong, and very scope friendly. You can still use iron sights, but, it lines up better with a scope or a halo sight from the cheek rest. I am very very pleased with this stock. Even if i had money to throw away on the more exspensive stocks i would buy this one again. The vent guard on top snaps on but it is a very strong hold. If your sick of the heavy wood stock that came with your 10/22 when you first bought it, like i was. This is your way to go. Hope this helps.It is better to have an Army of sheep lead by lions than an Army of lions lead by sheep. . ."
– Bad Karma
4.0 5
"this is a very strong stock it could have a higher cheek peice but other than that i could never even get it to get a scratch on it"
– Impulse
5.0 5
"I've had mine for around a year and it's the most comfortable stock. It did sit a little low towards the butt so I shimmed in between the trigger assy and the ridge it sits on with an 1/8 inch piece of rubber. You will never want to shoot from another kind of stock again. THIS IS MY 10-22. THERE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE!"
– jason from nor-cal
4.0 5
"stock is great, worth every penny. it is sturdy and it fits right, plus it looks great. however, after about a year of use the snaps on the end of the top cover sometimes come loose with lots of shooting, no problem though, they snap right back in. THE PITFALL, however, is the cheek rest raises my eye to the point of uselessness, in order to line up the sights properly i need to move my face way up of way back, either way is uncomfortable. however if using a scope, i would imagine the cheek rest would work well with it"
– Mad Mike
5.0 5
"this stock is great and you can put a match barrel on it. the green mountain running boar match barrel i have get dime size 10 shot groups at 50 yards . its light and tough its one of the best stocks i have ever owend. happy shooting"
– nunu
5.0 5
"This stock is great for the money! I always thought the factory stock was kind of clubby. This one is sleek. I think its the best looking combat stock for tthe 10/22 anailable, and also the least expensive. Its also rugged and comfortable to shoot. Its free float design seems to enhance accuracy as well. I get .80 inch groups at 50 yards with factory bbl. I'm getting another one for my brother. Money well spent!"
– moaman
5.0 5
"I bought one of these used for $15 from a guy who simple didn't need it anymore. At first I was a little skeptical of its durability and rigidity, but it turns out it is even more rigid than my Butler Creek folding stock that was twice as much! I bought it because I wanted something that had a pistol grip (I find standard grip stocks very uncomfortable), but was actually a thumbhole stock because they tend to look less \"scary\" or \"para-military\" than pistol-grip stocks. This is going on my \"outdoor\" gun and I like the idea of the light weight, but was worried about the durability, especially in the stock area. However, after mounting it and feeling it up, I am confident that it will be plenty durable for what I need to do."
– JMcDonald
5.0 5
"This stock is very nice installs easly and dont need any tools exsept for a flat head screw driver. and its very light weight extreamly monuverable. but i think the only thing that i dont like about this stock is that it does have a little space between the recever and the stock its self but thats no biggy bc it still shoots the same"
– brandon 66
4.0 5
"This was very easy to put together. It has a small grip, so for people like me with big mitts, the weight is hard to support comfortably holding it one-handed. The overall fit and finish of the stock makes for a very usefull rifle. The wood stock is about 30 percent heavier than this one is, and the weight is tranferred much further forward, thus only 4 bullets in my review. It shoots about the same as the wood stock does, so all in all, it is $40.00 well spent."
5.0 5
"I bought this stock just to change the looks of my 10/22.Install was a breeze and it doesn't look to bad either.The cheek rest could be bigger like the SKS version but it gets the job done.It is a bit lighter than the wood stock and i do like the pistol grip.Shot it a couple weeks ago and it was great.All in all i give it a 5 bullet for the money."
– chev12olet
5.0 5
"This is a great stock and is very worth the money! I've used it in rugged rocky varmint shoots and also at an indoor/outdoor range. I slapped this stock on my 10/22 and made a little sniper rifle out of it. You should also check out the universal Bipod that snaps on the barrel from CTD. Together its a perfect match!"
– ArmyDUDE1/148 INF
3.0 5
"Ordered this stock for my 10/22 Carbine the day after i bought the rifle. The installation is pretty straight forward. As everyone else said, it looks like the stock came form a .50 cent machine. BUT since the material is so strong what i did is cut out all the extra material where the 2 halves of the molds meet with a Xacto blade and sanded down some of these sections with a knife sharpening diamond stick to make it even and the stock looks much better. If youre willing to some some handiwork the stock CAN be great looking. Oh and when they say that its virtually indestructible, they aint kiddin. This thing feels solid. The only thing that looks questionable is the top handguard cover that snaps into place. It would seem that after a while it could come loose and start rattling/falling off. Well see what happens. Time to go shoot, GODSPEED"
– Will
5.0 5
"ok i got this stock i seen all the reviews and so i bought it about the 1st hour i fell in love with this stock.this stock is VERY good for beginer shooters and just add a clip-on universal bipod and you got yourself an awesome gun!!!"
– stockman
2.0 5
"The ATI Dragunov stocks i received were decent, but I wasn't satisfied, so I googled around and took my chance with the Choate stocks. They have a sturdier feel, whereas the ATI stocks are more toylike."
– Allan
4.0 5
"Very satisfied with quick assembly. Gave it a 4 due to having to smooth out lower section from rough molding process. A razor knife and a few minutes fixed it right. Also, the upper piece over the barrel was a little hard to get to lock in place."
– Dave
5.0 5
"Bought this stock for my son. It was a little tricky to get the safety to fit properly but a little cutting and it fits great. I don't mind having to trim a little here or there, it is a $40 stock. My son loves this stock, it is easy for him to hold and being left handed has had no problem. I would recommend this stock to anyone who just wants to have fun shooting at the range who doesn't want to spend a ton on ammo. Great stock for 1st shooters."
– jon
5.0 5
"I just got this in the mail a few days ago, and I have to say it was money well Spent. It is very comfortable, looks great, and I noticed I have better accuracy with it, and it adapted well to my Tactical Vest. Installing it took literally a minute, taking longer to remove the Barrel band and teardown screw on the old stock than putting the new stock on. Great buy and I would recommend this product to anyone with a 10/22"
– Dave
5.0 5
"Stock fit perfectly. No modification required. If you have a red-dot scope on your rifle, you will have no problem assembling. If you have a regular long scope on your rifle, you will have to take it off in order to be able to put on the top cover. I have a red-dot scope, so it goes together in a snap. This stock plus the adapter to hold three standard magazines together makes the rifle look pretty cool."
– Trin Tragula
5.0 5
"This stock is definitely better than the factory one, I was able to shoot more accurately with it, and it makes your ruger look twice as good. Highly recommnd"
– Bob
5.0 5
"This stock is awsome. Take like a minute to install. Makes it looks awsome and for the price it is a really great buy. It just pops right in and you are good to go. Its tough and is sturdy. I got improved acurracy bullseye every time."
– The Gun Guy
5.0 5
"I bought this awhile back and I think I'll just burn the factory stock. Best price I saw also."
– Link
5.0 5
"I simply agree with everybody's comment here. This stock is great and it looks swell. You can't beat it for the price. Nice and sturdy. Fits perfectly too. I recommend it to anybody who wants to make their ruger look neat-o. Forget about the old stock."
– The Bear
4.0 5
"This beats the crap out of the cheap plastic stock that came with my Ruger stainless. I know this stock is plastic but is a much heavier durable plastic than the one that comes with the gun. Looks are awesome! Took me under 5 mins to change stocks. Very comfortable."
– Rambo
5.0 5
"I bought this product about a year ago. This stock is a must buy for any Ruger 10/22. Fits pretty good. Very easy to assemble and disassemble. Extremely light and durable. Best bang for the buck, literally. 5/5!"
– Nick
5.0 5
"This looks great and seems sturdy. I did have trouble attaching the top part of the handgrip, it just snaps on instead of using a screw like I thought it did. I eventually got it on. This was more of the consumers fault instead of the product."
– assulting sniper
5.0 5
"This is a must have for every 10 22 owner! It makes the gun lighter and gives a great tactical feel and appearence. Ad a scope and bipod and you have a rifle to deal with most anything."
– ak man
5.0 5
"Mad accolades for this beauty. Easy drop in, light, comfortable, rugged, and gives a really nice vertical hand-grip. Best price on the market as well. Buy one now!"
– hanumen
5.0 5
"I wanted a stock to do three things. Make my 10/22 lighter, give it a more tactical look, and have pre-installed sling studs. This stock had it and and was the cheapest one around. I put a red-dot scope, 25 round clip, and rifle sling on my gun and it looks like something straight from the military. I was expecting this stock to be a little flimsy for the price but its extremely sturdy. Pick one up, you won't be disappointed."
– Croz
5.0 5
"this stock is one bad mother and is super cheap. it is rock solid and very comfortable. took 2 min to install. a must have for the ruger. love it"
– run n gun
4.0 5
"The stock shoulders good and is a lot lighter than the factory one which evens things out with a bipod, scope and 50 round loaded mag. the quality is good and its made in the USA. The only thing I didn't like is the snap on top piece was a little flimsily attached to my liking. a little adhesive fixed that. This is a Great product for the money. Cheap, high quality, looks and feels great."
– shooter
3.0 5
"I read the reviews and almost didn't buy this stock, but Im glad I did. Its light weight, sturdy, and was easy to install (about ten min.). I didn't have any problems or have to trim anything. For the price ya cant beat it. Dont be scared to buy this stock."
5.0 5
"-I bought this stock to replace the real wood one that came with my R 10-22. After using it several times now I know I made a good choice. It took me about 5 minutes to swap out the stocks and rebuild the rifle, and I haven't looked back since then.-An easy way to add padding (for needs or looks) is to just wrap sections of the stock with para chord for a \"survivor\" look.** Be aware of your trigger assembly pieces and safety trigger when installing so that all of the parts are lining up properly."
– FL Chris
4.0 5
"I was impressed with the easy installion and fit of this stock. My only issue was with the trigger guard area of the stock. I had to shave off some rough spots and file a small notch on each side for the saftey button to move. (my 10/22 is an early model, this may not be a problem on current models) No big deal considering the price.Like the looks and handling of the rife with the stock, expecially with the muzzelbreak added on."
– lda
5.0 5
"It does give the Rifle a toyish feel...but it's a much better grip than the factory stock in my opinion. Sturdy stock...worth buying."
– 10/22 Owner
4.0 5
"I brougt this stock a few weeks ago when i got my rifle. It took less tha 5 min to install and went in very nicely. But it didnt sit a squarely in the stock and shot abit high. I put a $60 wall-mart scope on it and it shoots just fine. All and all its not bad at all for the price."
– Roadkill
2.0 5
"Sure, this stock looks good. It even feels good once on the rifle. But, the biggest problem I've had with it is that it snaps together, the upper half securing to the lower, larger part. It fastens less securely that it has come undone twice, when I've slung the rifle onto my shoulder. Thus, dropping my barrel/receiver onto the ground! I've resorted to using electrical tape to keep it fastened, but that looks like crap. I'm shopping for another stock."
– Robert
5.0 5
"I, like many others, was afraid to buy this stock. It fit great, went together easily, and looks great on the gun. I haven't had any of the problems of unsnapping that several others had but I added a bead of super glue to the snaps and resnapped the top part anyways just for added security. Great stock. My fear was misplaced."
– Sparticus
5.0 5
"I could not be happier. It went together in less then 5 minutes. Plus, it fits great."
– Dave
5.0 5
"This is by far the best 10/22 stock out there. It went together in less then five minutes. I used it yesterday squirrel hunting. I would reccomend this stock to anyone."
– crazedshorebilly
3.0 5
"Just bought this stock. I'm happy with it but its so plain. BUT it looks better then my old stock. I am going hunting tomorrow to try it out."
– Gory666
5.0 5
"I was very suprised when I finally got this stock but very happy because it was more black than grey and its very sturdy ."
– robby
5.0 5
"i recently purchased a stock of this kind and i am very pleased. i bought the muzzle flash hider along with this stock to give my ruger a more tactical look. it worked! lightweight, sturdy, reliable. i recomend it"
– 1022 nut
5.0 5
"Awesome on my Ruger-cant beat the price and the look. It fits great. Wth a bipod -youve got a great combo."
– Average Joe
5.0 5
"After reading some of the bad reviews I almost didn't buy it. Thank God I did. The stock was a perfect fit and made the gun way liter. The stock is not a gray like in the picture it is black. If you have the black barrel on your 10/22 the stock will match it perfectly."
– TheGreatDSB
4.0 5
"Dumped the factory stock. Little bit of gap on left side of rifle. Also, has some slight edges from the molding (slice off with razor blade). Much better to grip."
– Glock 22
5.0 5
"I was looking for a nice upgrade for my 10/22. I FOUND IT!! This stock shaves a lot of the weight from the factory stock. It has a sleek tactical look and feel. If you are looking for a nice aftermarket stock click \"ADD TO CART\". You won't be disappointed I promise you that.."
– Dustin O.
2.0 5
"Put this on my .22 and it looked great. The first time I took it to the range, I found it was way too front heavy and the cheek rest was way too narrow. Replaced this with an AR style stock. Definitely light and would probably work well on a pack gun."
– Mekanikwill