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RIO Ammunition .410 Bore #12 Lead Shot, 2 1/2", 1/2 Ounce 1650 Pellets, 1200 fps, 25 Round Box, RC3612

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Rio ammunition is a high quality Sporting Ammunition made in Spain. Rio is the largest manufacturer of shotshells in the world, they produce well over 500 million cartridges per year for law enforcement, hunting, and target competition. Their reputation spans over 200 years of service.

#12 Shot, 1650 pellets per 1/2 ounce load yields extremely dense patterns and is a favorite for varmint and pest control in urban areas at short to medium ranges. Due to the light weight of the individual pellets, these loads do not carry long range. Not for skeet use.

Caliber: .410 Bore
2 1/2" shells for use in all .410 shotguns and handguns.
Load: #12 Lead Shot
1/2 Oz. 1650 Pellets per Shell
Muzzle velocity: 1200 fps
25 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 20

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5.0 5
"I have been quite impressed with this ammo. The large number of very small #12 shot do the job on unwanted European Starlings and English Sparrows out to 20 or so yards, and I do not have to worry about doing a lot of damage to trees or plants that might be in the line of fire. At 50 yards the pellets only slightly dent cardboard. In a only a week or so I cut the starling and sparrow population down to almost zero and also cut the cost of buying bird feed for the many species of birds I do wish to have around the house. I almost miss the challenge now that the unwanted pests are gone. For a while it was a lot like sporting clays in my back yard."
5.0 5
"I used this in a new Mossberg HS410 today. All shells feed and ejected without a problem. Shooting cardboard backed, paper targets at about 20 feet the shot would leave a fist sized hole at the center of impact and disperse shot over about an 8 to 9 inch diameter. I was shooting this at a friend's range. He is an FFL and certified gunsmith. He was impressesd enough with the performance of this shell that he asked me to order him two boxes on my next order."
1.0 5
"Do not try to use these shells in the Taurus Judge. They were tight going into the gun, and had to be drove out with a dowel."
3.0 5
"used these in my winchester 9410 lever action .410 they work great for small pest control but dont take them hunting they wound dove,quail and rabbits"
5.0 5
"Have not had a lot of time to test, and two of the four gun loads I shot did stick; the other two ejected fine. With no ten yard shot inside my home and the absolutely wicked spread with this stuff out of my judge if I cannot remedy the situation in 5 rounds I will grab one of my other weapons! I would have to grab something else to make a hostage shot anyway. But this definitely adequately turns anyones judge into a modern day \"duckfoot\"(an old school three barreled multi-target engaging pirate gun). Personally this is MY CLOSE RANGE ESPECIALLY INSIDE SELF-DEFENSE ROUND! If the price can stay where it is I do not think it gets much better! I do have to say a BIG thanks to the previous reviewer because I was prepared for the sticking rounds."
5.0 5
"This #12 shot is more like dust. It works well on snakes and tarantulas. If you are looking for defense from larger animals, you might consider something bigger. It works well on those larger animals, when close up. Just don't expect it to do the job of a larger shot size. Just be sure that you have selected it for the right purpose.For home defense use, I would go with a larger shot size. #4 bird shot would be my minimum. Since I don't miss, I would use the 000 Buckshot load. My favorite is the 2 1/2 inch in my Mossberg .410 Cruiser. It gives me an additional round in the tube magazine. About 150% of the energy of my .40 S&W Glock."
5.0 5
"Bought one box of RIO .410 ammo for my Springfield M6 Scout and my Snake Charmer. Great ammo for snake defense. Will be ordering more as well as #12 shot in 12 gauge."
5.0 5
"I use these in my Bond Arms Derringer and they work great for snakes and other pests. I load these in my first barrel when walking; for turning away attacting dogs. It will turn them away without fatal results. I would imagine they would work fine for close up self defense also. I've read some of the reviews that mention not good for small game hunting. That's not what they're made for; read the description..."
5.0 5
"I Love these rounds. I live in an urban area and don't like the idea of raining #8 shot on my neighbors house but have a definite need to reduce the tree rat population due to the damage they have caused to my home and vehicles. These shells are perfect for kills out to 10 yards or so. Tried them at the range and at 50 yards they have a huge spread out of my Mossberg 500 .410 and will barely penetrate target paper, perfect for where I am. So far, 7 shots, 7 kills. Will buy more if what I have doesn't reduce the population enough. Feed great, holds 5 rounds."
5.0 5
"I have been using these rounds for several years now. I used to reload my own .410 #12 rounds, but when these became available I had to try them. They perform almost as well as my reloads, especially out of a Savage model 24 (.410/.22 over under). Great for clearing the yard of starlings and sparrows. The optimal range is less than 25 yards. After that the pellets start losing too much energy to make clean kills. You can't break a beer bottle at 16 yards, but it'll rip the label.I hope CTD continues to keep these loads in stock!!"
2.0 5
"I was poking around looking for some cheaper ammo to put through my Judge and I found it. Unfortunately these shells are a little tight going in and have to be smacked out with a hammer and screwdriver after firing through the judge. They expand ALOT upon firing. Alot more than any other shotgun shell I've ever fired through the Judge and are the only brand of shells I've had to beat out with a hammer and screwdriver. Hoping it was just the Judge, I busted out the trusty old single shot .410 shotty and had the exact same problem. I had to pilfer some threaded rod from next door to stick down the barrel of the shotgun to knock the spent shell out. The only reason I give it 2 bullets instead of 1 is because they all fired and worked well for shooting skeet when they are no more than 20 feet away, in the Judge that is. Any further and the small shot looses too much energy to pop the clay. This means hand tossing the skeet which really takes all the fun out of it. So in otherwords this ammo is useless for shooting at anything unless you are just shooting at nothing in which case it is perfect because I doubt it would break skin from more than 25 feet away and if you are shooting at nothing then you have plenty of time to knock the spent shells out with screwdriver so you can reload. Needless to say I was displeased with this crap ammo. Federal has a 20 round box specifically for the judge for only $3.50 more per box and it is 000 buck with 4 pellets. I'ts cheap enough to plink with and you dont have to knock those loose after firing."
2.0 5
"This ammo hates the Taurus Judge. Couldn't give this stuff away after everybody I was shooting with watched me spend 15 minutes trying to pry these things out of my Judge from extreme expansion after firing. I rated this at two bullets because it was cheap and it fired. Maybe it works better in a different firearm, but I don't recommend. Won't be buying it again though."
5.0 5
"Still love these rounds, tree rat count 63 and have definitely reduced the damage they were causing around here. No more chewed wires, etc. Limited range, past 10 yards requires a direct hit or no kill, pattern spreads out quick. Feed perfect every time in my Mossberg, seems like a lot of people are having trouble with them in their Judge pistols, guess i will avoid the Judge because the problem ain't the shells."
5.0 5
"Work great in my Mossberg 500 for shooting tree rats in and on barn and sheds. At 15 yards is lethal to tree rat but won't penetrate siding. Did not work well in Judge, had hoped they would be a good snake load in the Judge. But have had problems with lots of different brands of ammo in the Judge."
5.0 5
"Just bought a new supply of these rounds, tree rat count now 136. No way I am going to win this war but at least I have minimized the damage they were causing around here. These shells are fantastic for squirrels and work fine in my Mossberg. Never a misfire or feed problem. Great thing around here is the #12 shot doesn't carry far, basically harmless past 50 yards. Got tree rats? This is your shell for the .410."
1.0 5
"First shot fired in my new Smith & Wesson Governor locked up the cylinder. When I got the cylinder finally open (I am a S&W Armorer) I had to use a brass rod and small hammer to tape out the shell. Don't tap on the ejector rod. Shot two rounds in my M-6 Scout; the first came out, the second shot stuck in the chamber and had to be removed by tapping hard with cleaning rod. I guess if you want to go through this, it's OK, but I wish I hadn't bought five boxes of the junk."
4.0 5
"I bought a few boxes for my Rossi single shot .410 and so far have been absolutely great. Obviously light recoil and decent grouping from a cylinder bore. From 5 yards and closer, it is fairly damaging for what it's meant for. At 30 yards, it will just barely flake paint off soft steel. Great plinking shells."
4.0 5
"Excellent ammo will purchase from this manufacturer in the future..."
5.0 5
"This ammo and my Mossberg 500 work the best for birds in the barn. They do no damage to the roof or siding... load and eject fine"
1.0 5
"Don't work in public defender poly they jam up."