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Replica 18" Inch Throwing Tomahawk Super Rugged! Hardwood Handle and Steel Head

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Features a hardwood handle and a steel head, balanced for throwing. Measures 18" overall and is super rugged with a sharpened edge. 
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5.0 5
"I have been throwing knives and hawks for years. Yes distance is important to get the rotation correct. This will ensure a good solid stick. When having to throw a weapon in a life saving senario a few things become evident. My favorite throwing hawk is 440 stainless, heavy and throws perfect. At seven steps from my target about 20 ft, holding the hawk upright, blade facing target with a straight armed release that hawk will make one revolution to stick the target. As I have taught many people to throw one question is often asked \" Okay what if I am throwing in protection mode and the distance is not a perfect 20 ft, what will I do then, I won't be able to stop the guy\" My answer is the same everytime. I demonstrate the answer. I walk away from the target 10 steps or whatever you will turn and throw that heavy assed hawk as hard as I can chest high. And as you hear it thump I just put him down and it did not have to stick.Learn to throw it is alot of fun and a great stress reliever."
4.0 5
"I have never had to throw any weapon in a \"life saving\" situation, and I don't know that I would want to front someone off with an ax, but this is definitely a quality tool for the price. I have been hand forging knives, swords, and hatchets for almost 30 years, and this item has a good feel, and a relatively good head for throwing. It also makes a handy tool for camping, and hiking, and would be good in a survival situation to fend off an animal if it became absolutely necessary. I am a retired Detroit police lieutenant, and in my 26 years on the street, I don't think I have ever seen, or heard of anyone actually being injured with a throwing knife, or an ax, so I suggest that if you are looking for a self defense weapon, that you learn how to shoot, obtain a legal concealed pistol permit, and leave the axes to history as far as a self defense weapon. American Indians were smart, and traded in their tomahawks and knives for guns if given the chance, so if you are going to practice something for self defense, I suggest you do it at a gun range! No offense to other posters, but this is for hobby and recreation, as I find that tomahawks are hard to conceal, don't wear well on your belt at the local grocery store, and if you were to pull it on someone in a \"life saving\" situation, yuu might get killed, or end up with the handle protruding from a very uncomfortable place. Lizzy Borden was the only person that I have ever heard of in an urban area to ever use a hatchet!! For camping, hunting, playful amateur contest, sport, and exercise, this is a great tool. The wood is well crafted hardwood, the steel is tempered and holds a good edge, and it is well attached for serious abuse. The hatchet has a good shape for throwing, and it sharpens well. A great buy for the money as always with CTD. Have fun people!!"
5.0 5
"GREAT tomahawk. I've been looking for one for a longgggg time and I finally found one. People out there who aren't sure that they should buy this for use because it says it's the replica, IT IS FOR USE! great hickory handle, and really well balanced for throwing. You can tell that they hand made it also. You could also use it for self defense if you needed to."
4.0 5
"I just got this tomahawk in the mail. It came a few days earlier than the estimated shipping time. When I took it out of the box, the head of the hawk was a little lower than I was comfortable with (there was a whole two inches of shaft sticking past the top of the head) I removed the head and redid the edge on a sander. I also sanded the handle, starting with 80 grit sandpaper, then went to 120, then to 400. I finished the handle with regular old machine oil. I then reattached the head and gave it a few good whacks with a rubber mallet to seat it properly. Now there is only about 3/4 of an inch of shaft sticking past the head. All in all a good deal for the price. But put 20 min. of work into it and it'll be worth twice as much. Thank you CTD! Looks so pretty, I don't wanna' throw it! :P"
5.0 5
"A well balanced hawk. Nice hard handle. Solid well built."
5.0 5
"This hatchet had a great head, and the perfect weight for Highland Games. The handles do break but are certainly replacable"
5.0 5
"Long as my forearm. Stained wood. Great weight with the potential for many uses. Definately the real deal."
2.0 5
"It was cool for about six throws, then the handle broke. Wasn't Too impressed for spending thirty bucks but oh well .I won't buy again. It was a lesson learned."
3.0 5
"Like others have said- broke after a couple throws (actually misthrows- PANG!). Took the separated handle and just hammered it back in- nice and tight (it comes with the handle glued to the head), and haven't separated it since. Cmon, for 30 bucks, it's at least worth it just for the \"holy $#!+ you have what?,\" you'll hear from your friends."
4.0 5
"i got two of these in the mail the next day and went straight outside to take a throw. for the price you cant find aything like it. yes one of them broke after a few throws but the other one is still in the tree after muliple throws with some sticks and some misses. a great hawk all in all"
4.0 5
"Bough this tomahawk to throw, not as a replica. The head kept sliding upwards almost coming off the handle, fixed the problem by soking the fat end of the handle in water for a few days to swell the wood. I think it could also use a stop of some sorts on the fat end of the handle to keep the head on, maybe drilling a hole through fat end and lace it with some cord. Otherwise the hawk kicks ass and makes me look like I know what I'm doing with how easy it is to throw at 13 and 25 feet. Will buy another soon."