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Remington.22 LR Thunderbolt Lead Round Nose, 40 Grain, 1255 fps, 50 Round Box, 21238

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.22 Long Rifle, Remington Thunderbolt, 40 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet, 50 Rounds.

Prairie dogs. Tin cans. Or a bulls eye. No matter what you put in your sights, Remington offers the perfect 22 rimfire ammunition for any occasion. Remington rimfire ammunition delivers the quality you expect. Thats because we put the same level of care into making our rimfire ammunition as we do our centerfire ammunition, so youll get the maximum performance from every shot. Whether it's getting young shooters started, practice plinking, small game hunting or keeping match shooters scoring high, Remington's rimfire quality stands tall. As in our centerfire ammo, we put the maximum level of quality into our .22s so you can get the maximum performance out of them.

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1255 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1113 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 1017 fps.
Muzzle energy: 140 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 110 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 92 ft/lbs.
Uses: Plinking, Target Shooting, Small Game, Varmits.

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 100 boxes.

Ammo price is per box
Total number of Reviews: 41

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4.0 5
"I shot a couple of boxes of these through my 10/22 that was 5 years old and only had a dozen or so shot fired from it. They functioned great and the only problems I had were due to the gun itself, not the ammo. It seemed to be accurate also, I was really pleased with the offhand groups I was able to get using this ammo."
– Dave10/22
3.0 5
"Wall-Mart prices @ .97 Real happy with it as plinking ammo untill Aprox 9% did not fire. I gave some to a fellow shooter to use in a different firearm. Same problem. So it wasen't the shooter or the firearm... Once it made it out of the barrel it was ok, all we wanted to do was knock over metal silouttes at 50yds."
– Greg
5.0 5
"acutal the wal-mart price has gone up significantly to over 2.00 a box so its cheaper here."
– consumer
5.0 5
"These Thunderbolts (which are high-velocity) perform perfectly in my Ruger 10/22 rifle and Browning Buck Mark pistol. I've found that standard velocity ammo doesn't have the power to properly function in autoloading firearms, they're meant for revolver and single shot guns. These T-Bolts have ample power, shoot clean and have coated bullets (not just plain lead).Most problems with .22 guns is with cheap, underpowered ammo not providing ample power. These have plently of kick and it's noticeable if you compare it to numerous other brands. You'll feel the extra snap and notice the spent cases get ejected with power. Full powered ammo like these Remington Thunderbolts is why. If your ammo's spent cases are just dribbling out of the ejection port or just barely making it out, switch to this high-velocity ammuntion. Feed & function will improve right away."
– Jim (Chicago, IL)
4.0 5
"These are great high velocity rounds and work almost perfectly in my brand new Ruger 10/22. Hate to say it but almost 1 out of 20 of these round don't go off. Sometimes al that you have to do is turn the bullet for a new strikng point and other times it just plain won't go off no matter what you do. I would give it 4.5 stars for accuracy, 5 stars for cheapness, 5stars for feeding in every time, and 3 stars for it's reliability. Quite good ammo except for the misfires. Thank You, Mike A."
– Mike A.
4.0 5
"I have used thunderbolt over the years mainly because it is cheap. That being said it still functions fine in my bolt 22. I can usually find a brick of 500 for 8-10 bucks."
– CH
5.0 5
"i have fired 100 of these through a 4x scoped remington model 77 nylon. aka mohawk 10c . not 1 misfire or jam. deadly accurate to 30 yards. surprsingly from what i read about the rifle accuracy is not too good. at 50 yards i get a 6 inch group. at 30 i was getting a 2 inch group. lookout groundhogs."
– bill
4.0 5
"Fired about 200 of these today. Great groups at 30yrds with cheap $6.00 2x scope. For the price you can't go wrong"
– Jay
2.0 5
"Not at all what I would expect from a company such as Remington. Packing cartridges in a box 25 pointed up and 25 down. 1 misfire per 9 rounds = an average of 5 misfires per box. This is O K if your shooting cans but dont load this in a weapon you wish for small game use. I have had better luck with Federal Champion 40 gr LRN. Keep Shooting ... JJ"
– John John
1.0 5
"I was getting a lot of misfires with the Remington Thunderbolt compared to Federal and CCI 22LR ammo.I decided to removed the bullets and powder from at least 10 rounds each from these bullet manufactuers to test the primers in my rifle. The Remington primers were consistently weak. Needless to say I wil avoid Remington ammo period, at work they never purchased Remington ammo for duty weapons, I know why now!"
3.0 5
"Well this ammo is ok click then boom. what more do you want from a .22. One bad thing is that the lead is very loose. had the lead fall right out on a few of the rounds."
– kris
1.0 5
"Do you know what can happen when a round misfires? If you're shooting a semi-automatic pistol rapid-fire, a partially fired load can get stuck in the barrel, and the next rapid-fire round back blows in the chamber as it wants to blast the obstruction out. It happened to me, and blew the handgrips off my pistol! The other problem with these rounds is that they're notorious for lead-fouling. There's no economy in buying this crap!"
– SleazyRider
1.0 5
"The most unreliable 22lr I ever bought. 2 or 3 from every box do not ignite."
4.0 5
"I've shot thousands of these with miss fires and fairly good accurate"
– Bubba
1.0 5
"This is the WORST AMMO EVER!! They shouldn't even sell this stuff. It's SUPER dirty, the heads are loose, and the soft lead fouled my barrel so bad after only shooting 500 rounds in my NEW gun, that I had to take it to a gunsmith to clean it all out."
– GSG-5 Shooter
5.0 5
"Use this in my 2 10/22s. Works great. Once in a while a misfire, but ejects perfectly and shoots true. Tried CCI, but my Rugers seem to prefer this round. Cheap, accurate and reliable. Don't understand why everybody else has problems. Even loose heads shoot fine."
– Rich H
2.0 5
"I bought a brick of this to shoot thru my Rem. 597 & Browning Buckmark pistol. Many, many jams both FTF and FTE. I've shot about 250 rounds and I've switched back to CCI ammo. Problems went away. I'll give the rest away for free if anyone wants it."
– lee
5.0 5
"These are easaly the best shells I've ever shot. Once and a while I'll have a misfire 6 at most and I\"ve been shooting these for 3 months solid. BUY THEM!!!!"
– B.T.E
5.0 5
"I have been shooting this ammo for ten years or better, from the moment I found it available. 1,000's of rounds. It shoots better than any of the \"milk carton\" ammo you can buy. For my Ruger Mark II, and Erma Luger, it is the only ammo that they eat up flawlessly."
– Ojohnsten
5.0 5
"Over the years I have fired thousands of these through various rifles and revolvers. They seem not work well in a semi-auto firearm, so I don't use them in one and just buy more expensive ammo. For the occasional squirrel, rabbit, tin can or paper target, these are inexpensive and fun. If you know how to clean your firearm, and you should, these are no problem. If you are shooting 500 or more rounds without cleaning your weapon, then yes, these will lead up your barrel...duh....I ahve no complaints with them and while I certainly would not use them for competition (they are not 100% reliable) most of the time they go \"bang\". Things fall over and neat little holes appear in the paper, so, I am happy."
– Steven
1.0 5
"this ammo is really dangerous but fairly accurate when it does work. i've had many problems with this ammo in my Buckmark. bullets are loose in case, doesn't always eject, casings get pinched between slide and new round being chambered, doesn't always chamber next round, very dirty and so on. but when i do get a good round it's an accurate shot. this ammo seems to work fine in my brothers single shot Rossi though, but it's a rifle and not semi-auto so i doubt it would ever have problems with this ammo. i know the Buckmarks are picky with ammo and cleanliness though. however, i recommend using CCI Blazer or Federal .22 ammo."
– Dave
1.0 5
"I bought this ammo a few weeks ago, and I must say, I'm not very impressed with it at all. I own a savage 64f rifle and on a few rounds from my ten round clip would feed. My rifle is very fussy with the ammo I shoot through it. Ive found that shooting CCI Mini-Mag has worked the best with this particular rifle."
– JEbinger
3.0 5
"Ok for shooting target's cans and such, lead was loose on most of the rounds, that does'nt matter in a single shot rifle, but it can cause problems in a repeating firearm. I used this ammo in a 40+ yr. old single shot bolt rifle, 4.3 in the accraucy dept. (at least for single shot's) great for your little youngster who has a youth single .22. if you want a really reliable load, i reccomend CCI's mini mag 40 grain. it is SUPER ACCURATE AND CYCLE'S FLAWLESSLY IN SEMI-AUTO'S."
– Marine
3.0 5
"Just attempted to shoot 100 rounds thru clean, new semi-automatic .22 rifle. This ammo is cheap enough, accurate enough...but misfires/james about 8% of the time. Frustrating...will try another brand before buying more of this."
– Ron
5.0 5
"I use this ammo to put squirrels in the frying pan.It takes them out of the trees or off the stumps.Ive tried all kinds of ammo and never had any problems taking my share of game.I dont shoot tin cans or such cause ya cant eat cans. I shoot an old single shot winchester iron sights."
– ridgerunner
1.0 5
"I've shot a bunch of these through my Taurus .22 revolver. (Great little gun except the wicked DA trigger pull). Never again. My accuracy started off great and then went to hell completely, keyholeing rounds at 25 feet! Thunderbolts fouled my barrel like crazy, and in not many shots. I'm a novice pistol shooter, but when I switched to some copper jacketed Federal rounds it was really clear that the bore stays clean -- no comparison.I also noticed lots of unburned powder with the Tbolts. You end up with pretty dirty hands, more fouling around the cylinder, etc. No more Thunderbolts for me. Even at my newbie skill level I can see I'll never get anywhere with my revolver shooting accuracy fighting these rounds.Next I'd like to try some match grade Federals, just to see if I can notice any difference between them and the standard copper jacketed Federals."
– Valshnar
3.0 5
"I've been averaging about 3 duds per box in my revolver. However the price helps to offset that fact. They seem to work best in singleshots."
– John D
4.0 5
2.0 5
"This has around 4% to 8% dud rate, and it is cheap that the tolerances that they expect for that prices. Again dud rates vary by manufactured batch, but on average it seems that this ammo does a moderate job, but again you get what you pay for, I don't get to bother by duds because I am not using it for hunting !"
– Brian
5.0 5
"Put 100 rounds through my remington 597, never had 1 single problem with this ammo, the remington golden bullets gave me all kinds of crap but, the thunderbolt performed flawlessly, and at $1.67 per box at wally world, cant beat it IMO."
– SecondNature
5.0 5
"I have owned a Savage Mark 2 for over a year now, and I have shot four different kinds of ammunition through it. My last trip to the range was good, with all four different kinds of ammo patterning with about the same accuracy, the size of a quarter at 75 yards with a 3-9X32 Powerline scope. My trip to the field followed the next day, and the thunderbolt shot above the rest. I was shooting the noses of of rabbbits at 25-40 yards, and had three squirrels about 70 yards. To all the critics who say they are having accuracy problems..... CLEAN YOUR FIREARM. Even if you only shoot one round, clean it or else pitting with occur within 20-30 days, and your screwed... Remington went above and beyond my expectations with Thunderbolt, and the only thing I would change would be to have copper plated bullets, the lead shattered in my rabbits, and that was a mess cleaning out for eating. Besides, the exit wound looked like a hand grenade hit it, making the hide useless."
– GoldenSh0t
4.0 5
"I know this is cheap dirty stuff and I know .22 semi-autos are picky. My friend and I found out just how picky with this stuff. His Walther P22 loves this stuff. We can put 200-300 rounds through his Walther with this stuff without a hiccup. I put about 32 rounds through my Charter Arms AR-7 and it starts to foul up. I've shot this out of my Marlin bolt action for years without a hitch either. It's good for plinking and I'm sure it good for the occasional squirrel or other small game. You just gotta find the right type for your gun, especially if it's a .22lr semi."
– AR-7 shooter
1.0 5
"I own a mossberg 702 plinkster. I went to the range to try the gun out and out of 50 rounds 35 jamed. I was so frustrated. I though it was the gun or the mag, but I purchased some cci mini-mags at the range and shot all of the 100 rounds and not a single one failed. I don't know if it the soft bullet on the thunderbolt or if it has something to do with the groves on the bulled just above the cartrige but like I said before nearly all failed to load. Even when I would put only one or two rounds in the mag I still had the same amount of jams."
– michidude
1.0 5
"The worst round possible in Ruger 10-22 or Remm. 597s. Jam and missfires a lot. CCI, Winchesters, all work good."
– kel
1.0 5
"Not worth my time trying to make this stuff work, too many duds and jams."
– whatsgnu
1.0 5
"Just how many shots must you fire before you have a solid three shot group w/out a fizzler or dud? I bought a brick recently for my 10/22. Never again, whatever the cost. For those small cals bolts that these DO run through okay, stock up on the hand cleaner. Every time I pull the trigger, I expect a bang. Not too much to ask."
– Steve
1.0 5
"You get what you pay for, this Ammo is cheap and dirty.The powder burns unevenly and the projectile wobbles in the casing. I Shot 100 Rounds of this through my Ruger 10/22. About 10 Jammed my gun another 10 didn\uFFFDt cycle the bolt, 20 did not fire at all. The others showed inconsistent accuracy. I have shot a total of 750 rounds of this stuff through different kinds of .22LR Guns. They never work as well as Federal or Winchester. Spend a little extra money and get some better ammo."
– Dave
2.0 5
"In my youth, Remington 22 ammo was reliable and cheap, a favorite of mine. Sorry to say no longer. I get 2 or 3 failures to fire per box (of 50). Accuracy is still decent, and a good value for the price if you don't mind the misfires. Plinking ammo only and for training since you never know if the next bullet will fire or not."
– dft
1.0 5
"Ive use Remington Gold Bullet, Viper, and Yellow Jacket. But the THUDERBOLT is the worst ever, tons of duds and misfires. The powder doesnt burn evenly and/or fully burns, ejecting powder along with brass."
– E Smith CA
1.0 5
"This ammo jams in every gun I've tried it in! I have a Marlin 795 and i will get 4 to 10 jams every 100 rounds. With another brand of ammo, I can't make this gun jam! lol's"
– ty
4.0 5
"Not Bad ammo. I use a .22 LR conversion for my sig P-229 (.357 Sig. Probably 1 in 50 requires a double strike to get it to fire. Misfeed is about 1 in 100. So far I have fired about 1000 rounds and have had no duds. For the price, I can live with those numbers in practice fire."
– LB