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Ammo .45 ACP Remington Golden Saber JHP 230 Grain 25 Round Box 875 fps Self Defense Ammunition GS45APB

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25 Round Box of .45 ACP Remington Auto, JHP, 230 Grain Golden Saber.

At the heart of Golden Saber HPJ is a high-performance hollow point bullet with a jacket made entirely of cartridge brass - not copper gilding metal. Thicker and stiffer than other bullet jackets, Golden Saber HPJ releases energy over a longer distance.
And, unlike conventional hollow point bullets, the jacket is nose cut completely through, promoting controlled expansion to well over 1.5 times the bullet's original diameter. The nose cuts, configured in a new, patented spiral pattern, produce larger petals and reduce the nose cavity for optimized mush performance.

Over a wide range of velocities, Golden Saber delivers virtual 100% weight retention. The precise hollow point cavity design also maximizes penetration by minimizing lead core deformation. Non-returnable item. Muzzle velocity: 875 fps. Velocity at 25 yards: 853 fps. Velocity at 50 yards: 833 fps. Muzzle energy: 391 ft/lbs. Energy at 25 yards: 372 ft/lbs. Energy at 50 yards: 355 ft/lbs. Uses: Duty, Personal Protection 
Total number of Reviews: 32

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5.0 5
"i carry golden saber 230gr hp in my colt 45 80 series and on my charles daly 45 efst 1911 a1 the best ammo for self protection i trust this ammo with my life just look at the bullet shape curves pattern"
– the best GS 230gr
5.0 5
"Remington GS is what I carry as a stopper round in all my handguns. I have personally tested nearly every big name ammo defense round and GS is bar far the best. It out performed Federal hydra shock, hornady tap, winchester, corbon, everything. I shot wood, sheets of metal, auto glass, thick clothing, giant phonebooks and GS kicked butt. The expansion and weight retention is unmatched. In my opinion it is the best bullet that is readily available. The only bullet that is equal or better is the 'Black Talon' and they are virtually impossible to get, very expensive if you do and I think illegal in most states, not that that would stop us gun owners!"
– Jason, WA
5.0 5
"Performance you can trust with your life. They ain't cheap- but what is your life worh to you?"
5.0 5
"This is my SD round so I could not believe the price on it. I bought 10 boxes in Dec. of '06 . It was less expensive than most practice ammo I buy. The ballistics are great with deep penetration and expansion in all the gelatin tests I've seen from a 5\" barrel. The round shape of the JHP bullet they use enhances feeding as an extra bonus. Try it, you'll like it."
– C-3
5.0 5
"If you own a 1911 - this is the round you should buy. I agree with the person who reviewed this ammunition two posts below me, that Black Talons are the top tier rounds for your .45 -- but, since those aren't easily available, this is your next choice. I carry a Thompson 1911 - and even though the round is a hollow-point, its rounded head makes for extremely smooth feeding and accurate shooting. With as many rounds as I've fired of the GS trademark, I can vouch for both its quality and accuracy. Quality ammunition by Remington - I would reccomend nothing else."
– Nix
5.0 5
"This has plenty of punch to defend your self when you need a leathal capabilty. the you dont need a hot + p round, this is more than you need really. groups good and is weatherproofed. load them up and they will always be ready to defend your family,home,property."
– cal-gunner
5.0 5
"Good ammo, good price. I like it for my concealed carry ammo"
– Matt
5.0 5
"I'm a retired police officer in Maryland. There were numerous restrictions on the ammo that we could carry. I retired and had a little time on my hands. I conducted tests on about 12 different manufacturers and types of .45 cal. rounds. This, was by far, the best. I wish I could show you the pics on the expansion, as they are impressive. This is what I would carry. (Probably would have carried them on duty if I knew how good they were)."
– Wick1144retired
5.0 5
"Feeds smooth as butter through my M&P .45s. No failures or issues in 250 rounds. 230gr. bonded hollowpoint bullet. At this price, a no-brainer for my everyday carry round. Stock up now, I am!"
– JT
5.0 5
"The rounded shape of the Golden Saber bullet allows for flawless feeding through my Glock 30. Excellent round!!"
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"I carry these in my Kimber 1911's. They feed perfectly and I have never had any issues. I carry a 45 when I am hunting due to almost being run over by hogs a few times. I shot about 150lb sow behind the shoulder with one of these golden sabers at approx. 30 yds. Hog dropped like a ton of bricks. The wound channel was amazing and the bullet did not exit the other side. Bullet had great expansio, which is what I would expect from a self defense round like this."
– Davis
5.0 5
"Carry this on duty as an Officer with the Department of Public Safety and in my Kimber Off Duty Gun. As a Range Instructor see alot of bullets and this one is by far the best out there. Great ballistics and no over penetration. Not a bad price either."
– JJ
5.0 5
"Great Rounds! Functioned great in my Sig P220. Will be buying more."
– Willis
5.0 5
"This is one of Remington's best efforts in many years. Highly recommended as a \"carry\" cartridge, due to consistent feeding in every gun we tested. The full 230 grains in a JHP is not common, and helps ensure proper pistol functioning and cartridge performance, especially in the areas of reliability, freedom from target (perp?) over-penetration, glass penetration, and resistance to fragmentation of the bullet. Well done, Remngton!"
– Glenn
5.0 5
"I would not compromise on my ammo. This is the round I count on to defend my family and myself."
– so others may live
5.0 5
"Yes this is the best hollow point I have ever seen for the public to purchase. I have my Glock 21 that absolutly loves this ammo and with a laser sight.....very effective for the home and personel protection. I have seen what they do after they hit, yes this round is the best and at a fair price.Think twice bad guy, the laser dot is on your heart...."
– easy59
5.0 5
"OH Yes! I have this round in both .45 and .9mm and I really wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of this bullet. Enginered for knock down power even with the 9mm, the bad guys might want to think twice when civillians have this ammo. With this ammo one hit and it is over, the bad guy will be down and in nedd of a EMT or the the \"meat locker.\" This is the best ammo for home protection so get some before Feruary 11, 2011. (Claifornia Residents)"
– Hayden
4.0 5
"gaolden sabers are my department issue rounds and they are my choice ammo for my .38, 9mm, and my .40 but unfortunatly, they do not work well with my 1911 kimber. They feed flawlessly, but on 4 occasions (over 2 years) while loading/unloading I would rack the slide to chamber a round only to find later that projectile was being slowly pushed back further into the shell case. I guess that must just be the old \"wear and tear\" but Id rather not buy new carry ammo every couple months."
– AJ
5.0 5
"I have a RIA 45 and the instructions said to use Hardball (FMJ) only. That would be a bad choice for self defense. I Got one box of 230GR Golden Sabers, and now It's the only self defense round I use."
– ARMS 45
5.0 5
"This round lives up to it's reputation for being a smooth-feeding hollow point. It feeds 100% through my Springer Mil Spec 1911, and all of it's mags (four different brands)."
– GunBugBit
5.0 5
"Great ammo. No problems through my 1911 TRP. I will buy more!"
– Jimbo
5.0 5
".45 Ammo. Bought this not expecting much, but it is great Ammo. Worth 6 Stars."
– olecowboy64
5.0 5
"My STI loves this stuff. My first time at the range I shot eight rounds in a two-inch circle at 25 yards. I was impressed.This is my home protection ammo. I highly recommend the Remington Golden Saber."
– Dozer
5.0 5
"Use it in my Remington R1 and its literally banging! Shot about 200 rounds of it, so far no jams or anything. Runs great. would def. buy it again and recommend it."
– Kai
5.0 5
"I use this ammo primarily for home defense in my Springfield 1911 GI. But like any good defender, I put this ammo through its paces to ensure it feeds and functions properly. This ammo shoots and feeds like a dream. I haven't had any jams or hiccups in all the rounds I've fired and the knock down power of this full 230 grain bullet is not something you want to be on the receiving end of. I put my trust into this ammo."
– Surfin Seven
5.0 5
"This ammo functions flawlessly. Not one FTF and all racked perfectly in my Kimber CDP, Glock 21 and my Witness. If I was ever to have a problem with any ammo it would be in the Witness. She's a Very Tempermental gal. Therefore, this ammo is the BEST. I now carry it for ALL my defensive needs. And, at a Great price and fast delivery. As close to custom ordered ammo you can get \"Off the shelf\". Buy some. You, too, will be Back For More!!!"
– Tideman
5.0 5
"Just received my order of GS 230 grain ammo and I'm here to say they are very good and accurate ammo. Had picked up some of the 185 gr first to try them out and loved them. So, I picked these up to use as my defensive rds. Thanks CTD for fast delivery, 3 days !"
– Mike
5.0 5
"These are my top pick for my EDC gun. The expansion on these is sick. The price is pretty good too."
– Travis33
5.0 5
"Feeds great in all my of three 1911's (Para Ord; Taurus PT1911; and a Colt) and my Glock 30."
– Bohica
4.0 5
"The box of these I received was very old. It was worn and there were aged spots on the casings. The primers looked fine, other than that aging. I put the whole thing through my Glock 21. They functioned perfectly, not much recoil. The hollow point was large and threatening. Overall, they seemed great. It's really a testament to Remington that the rounds work so well after so long. However, when I buy a new box of ammunition, I kind of expect it to be NEW."
– Jeff M
3.0 5
"I ordered two boxes of this ammo and when I received it, the ammo was aged and looked to be tarnished. When I buy something, I don't expect the product to be old and look damaged. Not happy about this at all."
– Rrandolph
5.0 5
"Great load. Brass jacket performs great and stands up to daily carry. More durable, not as prone to damage as copper jacketed stuff. Nickel plated cases also hold up without corrosion problems of brass cases. Performance is excellent."
– L.B.