RCBS Powder Bushing #390

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RCBS Powder bushings are identified by numbers that correspond to the size of their inside diameter. (For instance, the inside diameter of the #456 bushing is .456 inches.) Bushings for powder charges in half grain increments.

Charges By Powder: DuPont PB 16 Grains, DuPont SR 7625 18 Grains, DuPont 800-X 16 Grains, DuPont 4227 25 Grains, Alliant Green Dot 14 Grains, Alliant Blue Dot 21 Grains, Hodgdon International 15 Grains, Hodgdon Universal 18 Grains, Hodgdon HS-7 28 Grains, Hodgdon Longshot 24 Grains, Winchester 571 28 Grains, and Winchester Super Lite 22 Grains

NOTE:All charges listed are an average of several loads weighed following the complete reloading cycle. Powders used in establishing these loads were from ballistic samples supplied by the manufacturer or sealed tins of recent manufacture. Charges may vary slightly due to operators technique and/or powder variables. Always check actual charge weight against recommended charges and adjust bushing size as necessary.