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Ranger Field Bag Black Leapers UTG 36x17x12" Heavy Duty PVC Waterproof Lining Backpack Straps

Leapers UTG
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Specifications and features:
UTG Ranger field bag
Waterproof polyester construction
Locked tight top
Inside document/ map pouch
Velcro protected clear ID pocket
Side pockets on both ends with Velcro close
Airtight storm flap
Two zippered end pockets
Adjustable ergonomic backpack straps
Extra wide 2" heavy duty wraparound carry handle
Two reinforced wraparound end cap carry handles
#10 heavy duty zipper with three sets of buckles
Velcro lock down zip flap
Fully padded
Army digital

The UTG Ranger field bag keeps your hands free while carrying your gear in the field. Constructed of heavy duty material with waterproof inner lining. Designed to be battle field friendly with hideaway well padded and adjustable ergonomic backpack straps. Provides a light/ tool keeper. Has a properly sealed all around storm flap and Velcro lock down zip flap. Additional padding on the top of the bag allows for comfortable carry on the back. Protects your gear while in the field, hunting, or camping.

Ranger Field Bag or Pack, Army Digital. This bag is large enough to pack all your gear and stout enough to hold it all. Constructed of PVC with a waterproof lining. Measures 36x17x12." Reinforced at all major stress points. 2" woven wrap around handle and two heavy end handles for carrying. Two zippered end pockets. Two side pockets with hook & loop fastener. Interior map pocket, secure clear ID pocket, zipper closure with storm flap and three snap lock buckles to secure your gear. Heavy duty, adjustable padded shoulder straps allow you to convert the bag to a backpack and comfortably carry the pack on your back. Imported. Available in Black (BAG-186) and Army Digital (BAG-178). 

Item#: BAG-186,9-263374,16-PVC-P807B
Total number of Reviews: 58

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5.0 5
"My husband says this is one of the best bags he's ever had. He used to carry his gear to the range in a plain, large duffle, but when that gave out I got him this bag as a present and he loves it. It's big, sturdy and the pockets are great for keeping his gear organized and accessible. He was worried that it would be a little too short, but the length is fine (any longer would probably be unwieldly). We are in a rainy area and the rain flap and waterproof lining keep his gear nice and dry. The one surprise is the shoulder straps. He didn't think he would bother with them, but finds that he uses them all the time. He says he doesn't have to convert the bag to a backpack, the straps are just there and make the bag easy to sling on his shoulder. He carries 40lbs. of stuff and the bag is quite comfortable when he wears it on his shoulder.He likes it so much that he's having me get him another one he can use as a suitcase when he travels."
– Joy
5.0 5
"This is an awesome pack. Well made, with lots of pockets and several different ways to carry it. In fact they might have gone a little over board with all the straps, but what the heck. It also has little feet on the bottom side so you can set the bag down and not dirty the nylon. I'm not sure how it holds up as far as water proofing, but for a big guy it's a good size pack. Good price too. Recommended."
– NA in CA
5.0 5
"Have not used this bag in the field yet, just got it, but packing it is very nice....so much room, and a very well built bag. Very sturdy materials and construction. The pack straps do not come off....an issue when i think about sending it on a plane, maybe I will add some buckles so they can come off. Other then that, great big bag, because who can ever have enough bags?Made by the same people who make the Patrol Bag that CTD has, I have both, and they make a great 'grab and go' pair for quick deployments."
– ~KJ
5.0 5
"This bag is well worth more than the asking price. The both the carrying straps and the backpack straps can be stowed in the velcro pockets when not using them."
– Chris
4.0 5
"I bought a ACU and Black one of these, there kinda spendy with the shipping but well worth it. Tons of space and comfortable with a load on the back. I think these count as a Large shipping Item. Put in enough stuff to last 2 weeks camping."
– Matthew
5.0 5
"This bag is excellent. It is absolutely huge and can be either carried as a duffel bag or worn like a backpack. High quality zippers, quality stitching. A great deal and you won't find any better for even twice this price."
– Mark
5.0 5
"I have been working on the water for 12 years and this is the best bag I have found. I carry all the cloths and gear I will need for two weeks in it. I did not think the wheels would be used much, but they are nice when carrying 50 lbs of gear up the deck. It has handled 2 years of traveling. From one boat to another all over the Gulf. I highly recommend this one for the traveler who has to pack heavy."
– Chad
5.0 5
"Like many of you I've purchased bags that looked great in pictures but were of poor quality. This bag is not one of those. It's large and well made and worth the price. The waterproof lining is a real plus. If your looking for a large range bag or utility bag, this is it."
– MikeD
5.0 5
"First off i cant believe the service that Cheaper Than Dirt provided. I ordered this bag around 1pm yesterday. I woke up today and it was on my porch. I didn't pay any extra for shipping and this bag was here overnight. THANKS Cheaper Than Dirt.Now on the the bag, its made of a great, sturdy material. All the seams look like they will hold up fine when i take this on my deployment. Its bigger than i expected, definatally bigger than my military issued bag. Can beat the price, I know that most luggage companies would charge an arm and a leg for this. If you need a big, sturdy bag.... get this one."
5.0 5
"Heavy duty bag. I can fit my duty belt, duty vest, hydration pack, jacket, and numerous items of clothing inside with room to spare. And the shoulder straps are awesome for freeing up my hands so I can carry my ammo and range bags. I may buy a second one just for traveling purposes. Excellent product."
– Jayson
5.0 5
"We packed everything we could think of in this bag. It hold all the camping/hunting supplies for 2(minus the rifle). Spotting scopes, tent, sleeping bags, clothes, ghille suit, night-vision, camo-netting, cameras are no match for it. Everything fits securely, gets tightened down, and can be carried on the back. Awesome buy."
– Ghille-Mouse
5.0 5
"I'm a Deputy Sheriff that has a long commute from where I live to where I work. In order to save gas and money I often find myself staying at friends or relatives houses in between shifts. I used to carry two or three smaller bags around with me for all my gear and personal effects. I bought one of these bags in February and now I couldn't imagine how I got along with out it. With careful packing I can lay my M-4 duty rifle at a slight angle along the bottom and still fit my complete Tac vest, Tac Holster, personal effects and enough clothing for a 3 day stretch of 12 hour shifts with room to spare for other incidental items I may have to bring. It gets a bit heavy when packing all of this, so I really appreciate the back pack straps. Even with the weight I'm lugging around, I have yet to notice any signs of strain on the pack. Its very durable and versatile. I cant imagine using any other bag for a trip away from home. I'm sure if I planned a trip where I didn't need my work gear, I could easily get enough clothing and personal items in there to see me through 2 weeks. If I could improve the bag in anyway, I would put some Molle webbing on it so I could add a few extra pouches to the outside so I could quickly access frequently needed items."
– Nate Dawg
5.0 5
"Bought this bag for the purpose of using it as a \"bug out bag\" and boy does it get the job done. I dont think I could fill this thing if I tried. One main compartment, inside of that you got your documents compartment. On the sides you got two very generous compartments. The first thing I did was cut off the shoulder straps using my KA-BAR, the top of the bag seemed cluttered. But overall, awesome bag, anything bigger would be to big."
– Mike
5.0 5
"This bag well exceeded my expectations. I normally use Blackhawk equipment exclusively; however, with rising cost I have to find a more cost effective solution and this is it. The bag is well designed and has a lot of room. I would highly recommend this for anyone."
– T.M.76
5.0 5
"I bought this back as a bugout bag, and I was pleased with this purchase. One thing the description doesn't mention is that there are velcro panels on the top of the bag that let you store the shoulder straps and three cross straps underneath them. Although Mike's suggestion works also."
– Rob
5.0 5
"I just got this bag, and what a Great Bag it is, I am going over seas and needed a good bag to pack all of my uniforms and stuff in. I had read the reviews and took a chance. I was very pleased. A ton of room, strong seams, good construction. I'm thinking about getting another one when I get back for my gun gear. Thanks so much CTD!"
– Mark M
5.0 5
"This is an excellent bag that is very well made. I'm a civilian military aviation photographer. I travel up and down the east cost throughout the air show season.This bag is not only big enough but tuff enough to hold all my clothing,camera gear, and laptop. Even with all that I still have some room left over.I give this bag an A++"
– Bill
4.0 5
"I got this for multiple use. A range bag, camping bag, and bug out bag.It can hold a lot of weight, and while it is on your back, it feels a lot lighter. Plenty of space, and buckles to keep everything where it is. The stitching seems very high quality, and even with 50 pounds in the bag, it hasnt quit yet.The not so good things. It needs a waist belt for when you use it as a backpack. The smallest pockets on the side are a bit too small, and I wouldnt trust them.Above all, this is a great bag."
– Matt
5.0 5
"I have a vest, boots 2 bdu's and tactical holster and there it TONS of room to spare!!! The back-pack straps are really comfy and for the price I'll be ordering some more for me and friends!"
– Jake
5.0 5
"Only used it twice but it has been very helpful. The shoulder straps are the best. When I travel from Maryland (where I live) to New York it is so handy. I can't think of any other thing to say."
– Jerry
4.0 5
"I work off shore on and off of boats lots of abuse and its lasted two years, no complaints."
– Rusty
5.0 5
"Just purchased this bag on the 30th on June. A giant box was sitting on my door step on the 2nd of July! Outstanding shipping CTD. Although shipping is expensive.Bag seems to be very heavy duty. Seems to fit me very well. I am 6-4\" and 300LBS. Straps are plenty big. bag has lots of room. If you buy, you will like!"
– Hambone
4.0 5
"From all the reviews I read I thought I could practically curl up and sleep in this thing. It holds most of my gear but I have to squeeze it in. On the plus side this thing is tougher than my moms pork chops. I'm fairly certain this bag will be around after I'm long gone. It is incredibly comfortable to carry around with the shoulder straps even for a little guy like me (5'5\" 160 lbs). Also the \"tie down\" straps hold stuff real solid, all I had to so was get rid of the metal zipper tabs for some paracord and it can be whisper quiet for its size."
– Priest
5.0 5
"I don't see how anyone can write small complaints for this item. For the price even with the shipping, this item far exceeds in quality compaired to simular/smaller more expensive duffle bags or back packs, it's made for bugout bags and any style of camping. When you require a large open bag to hold your stuff while on the go, in or around the elements, even if your not tight on your budget. This is the best bag for it's size, and quality."
– Dustin
5.0 5
"Love this bag, holds everything I need wether I'm traveling, or going camping. The ample space in the main compartment ensures I dont have to leave anything out when I go camping. It holds enough for me and at least one other person (two if I'm taking the stepsons). The shoulder straps ensure I can carry my rifle or shotgun tooand doesn't impede my holster."
– Steve
4.0 5
"Overall quality is great. Nice large Main compartment that will hold all your needs, And then some. I like the clear plastic inner Pouch, It has a velcro flap and holds everything from cell phones to spare change. Outside the two side pockets in between the straps are fairly small and tight when the bag is full. But the 2 Big pockets on the ends of the bag have zippers and will hold aplenty. I use the bookbag style shoulder straps and they work great for a big bag, Even when Its stuffed with 40+ pounds.The only Problem I've had is the little plactic feet under the bag that It's supposed to rest on popped off, Leaving the sharp metal shanks sticking out. Probably from the airport baggage handling systems. All in all I'd but another one for the price."
– Wjones351
5.0 5
"I loaded it to the point where it was all most too heavy to carry on my back with no problems. It also rode in the back of my pick up for 600 miles & two rain showers with books in it & all came out well. Tons of space. Glad I bought It !"
– John M.
1.0 5
"I've owned this bag for 6 weeks and used it 5 times. Three of the zippers have broken and the straps are coming loose from the bag body. My use has been light, packed for 5 days and driving 150 miles to the hotel I've been staying in for work. I really expected to get more than 5 uses out of this product and UTG has let me down. I'm very disappointed and am looking for another duffle now."
– OctoberRanger
5.0 5
"I was amazed at the shear internal capacity of this bag, let alone the great quality of its construction. Wish I had a bag like this one when I was still serving in the Army. Its like a foot locker!, but you can carry it much easier with the nicely padded shoulder straps, I am a big guy at 5' 10\" and 250lbs. You can fit alot in this bag, I was able to fit my bed roll, air mattress, 4 changes of B.D.U. clothing, and a couple of AR-15's + ammo still had room left over!"
– Kainus Darkwolf
4.0 5
"Very good bag, with tons of room and easy to carry even fully packed. The only problem that I've encountered is that the plastic covered cardboard liner started to tear and shred up after a few months of use. And, I was storing or toting \"sharps\" in the bag."
– Il Capo
4.0 5
"I bought one in ACU digital Camo. You can load this thing up with enough to last you for a 6 month deployment. It holds more than the military style duffle bag. It could use some wheels as it gets heavy when you load in your body armor. Otherwise, it's a great gear bag."
– More Ammo
5.0 5
"Awesome bag. Tough, dependable, huge. Everything you would want in a bag this size. Only thing I would add is a long over the shoulder duffel bag strap just because it gives you every other option on carrying preference. Back pack style shoulder straps are great though and the zippered side pockets are good for anything from ammo to mags to random junk for weekend trips. Hell I use this thing for regular travel also and it packs everything I've got plus my wife's crap too!"
– scott65
5.0 5
"I'm a Merchant Marine by trade, so being around the water is a must. With traveling from vessel to vessel things are going to get wet, and this bag holds up very well, I've had over 80lbs of gear in and not a drop on hundreds of occasions, even got submerged once and all I did was shake it off, and it was good to go. Very great choice for a long term Bugout bag, Kudos UTG!"
– Soloclone
4.0 5
"I got this bag about two years ago, I use it as my Second bag, which carries all of my long term needs. I am part of a Disaster Team and have deployed to many events over the last few years, Haiti being the last one I was at. I over pack this bag at times, I don't think there has been a time the airlines don't charge me for being over weight. The bag has taken every thing the airlines can do to it without any problems.... It is nice to have the back pack ability, the pack rides nice in backpack mode. The two end pockets are just the right size to hold an MRE in one end and my personal care kit in the other end. The zipper has held up with my overpack issues, without any problems...I find it is a good price for the pack, the only thing I would improve on this pack is the addition of wheels...If they added wheels this would be the best big bag ever....Great bag for the price...."
– M Johnson
5.0 5
"I've had one of these bags for over four years. I have taken it in my truck or in my Jeep several times for a week or longer trips. I could not fill it completely. The back pack straps are great, and I'm glad the tie strap across the chest is there. Other than some loose threads on the main zipper, this bag is fine. It's my main travel bag now. I was going to use my old canvas GI issue duffel bag for bug outs, but for the money, I could have another one. I got a second one for bug outs. I have placed MREs, heavy duty first aid, sleeping bag, tent, etc., it's all there. I added one strap to hold the tent poles outside the bag. It is the best thing I could ask for in a bug out bag."
4.0 5
"Awesome bag for the money. I love the hidden Velcro compartment to stow the shoulder straps, very nice addition. You might want to note that the description of the bag is a little misleading... the main compartment is only 30 inches in length, the whole bag (including side pockets) come out to about 36 inches. Very rugged heavy-duty construction, I could not find any problems with the stitching. The only thing that would make this bag any better would be to have MOLLE webbing on the INSIDE of the bag walls to attach other smaller bags for easier organization and storage. Because the bag is so large and can hold so much stuff, wearing it like a backpack causes everything to sink to the bottom. It can get very disorganized when loaded with heavy gear. Other than that, I love everything about this bag."
– Kev-O
4.0 5
"Bought this one for my Tae Kwon Do equipment, thinking that it would be cheap in quality based on the price. I was quite surprised when it arrived, and I found that this bag is well built, with rugged materials. The only recommendation I have is that it needs velcro organizers ad MOLLE in the min compartment. Other than that, it's awesome!"
– KH
5.0 5
"This is a nice BIG BAG.... Lots of room in it. Bigger than my Military SeaBag. Plus lots of pockets for even more storage."
– Todd
5.0 5
"Skeptical when I made the purchase and when it arrived I was extremely excited. I have everything in this bag for SHTF BOB. I regularly use it to go survival camping to test my gear and this bag has passed the test. I love the fact once loaded, you can turn this thing into a backpack. Straps are strong and overall this bag is well-made. My only complaint... I should have bought this bag sooner."
– Cdub
5.0 5
"After receiving my order (after 3 business days) I was VERY pleased to find everything as described.... This may be the best carry all bag I own, including more exsensive bags! It's a great duffle OR backpack in one. Definately recommend this Bag!!!"
– Anthony C
5.0 5
"This bag is awesome. I have yet to fill this thing up. The backpack straps arent very comfortable, but this makes a great B.O.B. for a car or ATV. 5 bullets. Very nice bag."
– George
4.0 5
"For the money it is a good bag. The straps are comfortable. However, if you fill the bag up just with essentials, it exceeds the weight limit for most air lines. The only big negative is the material is subject to holes. I flew from the US to Afghanistan. Upon arrival the bag had three holes in it."
– Dave
5.0 5
"I received my order promptly (3 days) in great shape and was very satisfied with initial inspection. It seems well-made and very durable. I can't wait to pack all the gear I have planned for it and test it!"
– CountryMom
4.0 5
"I have this bag and one in the Army Digital pattern. Both bags are excellent. But I traveled down the Amazon River in Brazil with the black one, and between the plane and boat I lost 4 of the plastic feet on the bottom of the bag exposing very pointed screws. To remove the screws I had to make some small cuts in the bottom of the bag. Other than that, I'm happy with the bags."
– Yeti
1.0 5
"The first time I used the bag in the rain it leaked. I could have used a normal bag and got my stuff as wet. Even had water in the map case. Good thing I didn't need a map."
– Mike
5.0 5
"Even though I read and understood the dimensions, it seems bigger than I was expecting, which is good. I got this as \"bug-out bag\" and have filled it with all sorts of survival gear and had room for my little 12ga too (top fold stock). Still room for more stuff. The shoulder straps are a nice option to the handle straps. Heavy duty double end zipper and top fold over flap to keep the rain out. Certainly recommend if you have a bunch of stuff to haul."
– loydering
5.0 5
"Same as loydering, got this as a B.O.B. This bag is huge, seriously, go get a tape measure to get a feel for it if you're only looking for something medium sized.The backpack straps are nice, however, an option for a single sling strap would also be a welcome addition to future iterations, so I rounded up to a 5 bullet rating from what should be a 4.5 bullet rating.Very solid feel, but have not done any sort of field testing, it just arrived today. Will be taking it out this weekend while marking property lines on some nasty & unforgiving terrain to put it thru its paces."
– Grifter007x
4.0 5
"As soon as I received this bag I knew I was going to love it! The size and space is excellent. The thickness of the material is top-notch and the zippers run very smooth which is ultra important. The pockets and straps are great and each one has it's zipper covered with nice thick material keeping it water proof (with in reason). I took this bag camping and packed it with so much stuff you would would not believe it. Put it on my back with the backpack straps and had no problem and I'm a 5'7 kinda guy.*Flaw*As mentioned in other reviews one of the four plastic feet on the bottom fell off with NO warning. Almost ripped a hole in the floor of my tent. Having read the reviews (everyone should) as soon as I heard the noise while pulling the bag toward me I stopped, looked at the bottom and sure enough a NAIL was poking out of the bag!It's a great bag and one you should buy. When you receive just remove feet and repair holes or pull off and gorilla glue the feet back on so they never come off. Find a quality solution for this problem and you have a great bag."
– SilverWood
5.0 5
"As an Army Ranger these bags are duralble, solid and can stand up to anything. This is an awsome bag."
– (Ranger)Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
5.0 5
"This bag is better than I ever imagined. It\uFFFDs the perfect \"Red Dawn\" scenario bug out bag...Durable, waterproof material, heavy duty zippers. Its taller than I expected, you can probably stuff a small person inside. The backpack straps are in the perfect position to distribute the weight comfortably. A good buy any day, can\uFFFDt beat the price and quality."
– Nick2Sick
5.0 5
"I\uFFFDm over 6' tall and over 200lbs, I haven't tried it, but I think I could fit inside this thing. It\uFFFDs absolutely enormous. You could put a hitch on the front and an axel under it and you\uFFFDve got yourself a fifth wheel trailer capable of accommodating a family of 4 on a camping trip. Now that\uFFFDs obviously an exaggeration but that\uFFFDs how big this thing is. It\uFFFDs rugged, well made, and huge. What more could you ask for out of a bag like this. I\uFFFDd buy it again."
– California Kid
5.0 5
"This bag is very big and has room for everything. I am storing emergency supplies in this bag and I almost ordered two but one is plenty big for my needs. There are many compartments and the backpack straps are very handy. Overall I think this is a great bag. I also think this bag will be able to stand up to a lot of damage and use."
– T.C.
5.0 5
"I bought this with the intention of building a very complete BOB set up for 3 people for 3 days. While I have only just begun acquiring contents I think this will be a great size with maybe a little room to spare when all done. This is very well made and seems very durable. Based on the reviews I've read, I'm going to take off the plastic feet and sew the holes shut so they don't come off themselves. The backpack straps are a great touch and seem like they'd be comfortable with 80-120 lbs if you had to hike with your BOB. While I could fathom a better bag, I have never seen or handled one, nor can I imagine a better one for so little money."
– Zach B.
5.0 5
"This bag is great!! It's the perfect size. If it was any bigger, it would be too hard to carry. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but it has exceeded my expectations!! This bag looks like it will last for many years. As soon as I get paid, I'm going to buy at least two more. CTD is awesome. I ordered this on a Friday at 5pm, with standard shipping, and received it the next day at 5pm!!!!!!"
– Mike B
5.0 5
"Very impressed with the quality of this bag. As others have stated, it is BIG. I put a folding stock on my Mossberg 535, and with the stock folded, this bag swallows the 535, without breaking it down, and still has tons of room. The extra exterior pockets are great for items you might want quick access to. The straps and buckles are rugged. I have yet to experience the issues with the feet on the bottom that others mentioned, but am going to look into heading off any problems with those. Overall, great bag for the price, even factoring in shipping cost. It's HUGE, with TONS of room to pack everything the wife and I need for a weekend canoe trip, yet it still fits in the bottom of the canoe and is easy to carry, even when fully packed."
– 603 for life
4.0 5
"Nice big bag with more pockets, shoulder straps and handles than a standard no frills duffle bag for about twice the price. If they were the same price, then 5 Bullets! Appears to be very durable, good quality. I am pleased on the initial impression scale."
– Steve in KC
5.0 5
"Can't complain for the price. Durable and got a lot of rooms for your travel."
– mabz
4.0 5
"I lead groups overseas for a month each summer (China, Africa, etc), so I know these bags well and they have seen a lot of use. The bag is tough...it's a survivor. It has good strong zippers, nice straps and it keeps water out. I like it. But it has a flaw...The pack has rubber feet on the bottom which frequently rip off (especially by airline baggage handlers). When they do, the pointed part of the screw that secures the foot is exposed and easily tears things (like a tent floor or your leg!). When that happens I just yank the whole screw out with a pliers. It leaves a tear in the fabric at the bottom, but there is another layer of fabric so it doesn't seem to affect the integrity of the pack. The feet are overkill on a good bag and they should just leave them off."
– travlintom