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RAAC MKA-1919 12 Gauge 2 3/4" 3" 10 Round Black Magazine

Russian American Armory Co.
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If you own a MKA-1919, now you can purchase a factory, 10 round magazine for 2 3/4" and 3" 12 gauge shells. Metal construction, steel feed lips, tested with a zero failure rate.

Specifications and Features
Factory MKA 1919 magazine
Bolt hold open
Steel feed lips
2-3/4 or 3" shells
Solid lightweight construction
Made in Turkey

Total number of Reviews: 27

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1.0 5
"First five were OK. After that, every round shot the mag released. I wouldn't recommend the 10 round until problem is fixed."
– alex
2.0 5
"Bought this item a couple weeks ago and received it earlier than expected. Upon inspection, it seemed to be really well made but when I took it out to shoot, it fell out every shot. Hope when I return this item my replacement stays in the gun."
– Full load
1.0 5
"Magazine fits loosely in receiver and shells will not cycle. Holds them just slightly too low."
– jboutlander
5.0 5
"No problems, good fit, not sloppy. Never fell out on their own, never failed to hold bolt open on last shot. Expensive, but not junk. I think most problems stem from use of wimpy ammo. I will be buying more as the budget allows."
– FatRat's
4.0 5
"The magazines arrived within a few days and I've run at least 60 rounds through each of them without any issues. My only complaint is loading the 10th shell is very tight, which is why I gave four bullets instead of five."
– Johnny
1.0 5
"Received the mag prior to receiving the MKA. Found that the retractable catch was very sticky. Loaded some rounds and the catch did not protrude again after emptying mag. Mag will not stay seated. Returning for a replacement."
– Mickey
1.0 5
"Bought just one due to the questionable reviews and the price tag. It arrived in a plastic shipping bag with no padding to protect it. Took it out and immediately saw that the last round bolt lock button was jammed in and would not come out. Then tried to fit it in my gun and it would not seat (lock in place). Seems I got a double bad mag. Then called to return it and was asked to ship it back to CTD in a box so it would not get damaged in shipment. Puzzling to say the least. For this kind of money one should expect better quality control. Seems to work for some buyers but I wonder how lucky you have to be too get one that actually works?"
– Steve
5.0 5
"i only ordered 2 of these mags because the reviews were not good to say the least. when i got them i took them completly apart filled off any extra polymer from the molding process, lubed and cleaned them and put back together. when i put them into my gun the mag lach did not click so i removed the mag and filled the metal opening on the mag to enlarge it a bit( the area where the mag latch locks in place on the mag.) once i fine tuned these mags they work flawlessly. feed and function well. hope this review helps"
– mattk215
4.0 5
"I bought 4 of these, they arrived today. They arrived in a timely fashion, five days, in a padded shipping carton. They arrived in an unblemished condition, no detectable cosmetic flaws. Seats in weapon perfectly but haven\uFFFDt test fired yet so can\uFFFDt attest to functionality. I will post updated review if they fail to function without failure."
– J D
2.0 5
"After recieving it was loaded up and taken to the range. First few rounds went fine, but then every time it was fired it would fall out. I trimed the molding slag but still would not hold in. At home I investigated and the locking slot was to spec and in the right location from the top of the magazine. I found that the molding flange was to high to allow a good positive lock in of the keepr. After filing of the flange about a 1/16\" I re-installed the magazine and now it holds in fine. For the price I should not have to work on it to make it a reliable magazine. I will wait a while so they can get the manufacturing better before I buy another."
– r.lighter
5.0 5
"So after receiving the magazine in the mail, i went straight outside, Loaded 10 rounds, Installed into gun and it fit snug(honestly fits beter than the factory mags) I must have fired 400 rounds through it without a single problem, Maybe i got lucky. Plan on buying another one."
– Dalton B
1.0 5
"purchased along with multiple 5 round mags. 5 round mags worked great, 10 round jammed, failed to load 8 of 10 tries."
– Gdaddy
4.0 5
"Have not gotten the chance to actually use it, but saw enough good reviews decided to purchase. Mine will also hold 3 inch shells, not mentioned in the details on here. It is picky about loading shells, and inserting and particularly removing the magazine from the gun, very tight fit. The added weight isnt very noticeable, it does stick down quite a bit, wouldnt be very easy to crawl with in a worst case scenario. Will review further once actually fired."
– JR P
1.0 5
"I purchased one of these this week. I had to force into the mag well for it to lock. After locking the shells would not feed. I tried several different shell manufactures with the same outcome. The ribs on the back of the mag are different than the 5 round mag that came with the rifle. This will go back. to bad the Turks can't replicate a good product."
– Conan the Civil
5.0 5
"Mag works great once you learn how to properly load the shells and after firing a few rounds. I had trouble at first because I was trying to push the shells too deep into the mag. Now, after firing a few rounds, it works great. I plan to buy another one."
– Steemroller
1.0 5
"I bought two of these on the same order to go with the MKA 1919 shotgun I just bought. I received the gun and the magazines and when I tried to fit the mags into the gun, they will fit, but they don't go deep enough into the mag well to lock in. They just pull right out if they are not loaded and fall out if they are loaded. I'm sending them back for a refund."
– Eric
5.0 5
"I bought 2 of the 10 rd. black mags. A little tight fit at first, but they work great. Every time I load them up and turn them loose, they work. Slight adjustment needed on the fit, but you can shoot'em out in a heart beat. Plan on getting 2 more."
– Dirty Dog
1.0 5
"Like most people who have reviewed this with negative ratings the magazine wouldn't lock into place and would fall out. Still waiting on the new one to be shipped to me and with any luck will actually lock into place."
– Andrew
1.0 5
"Well i got a new one in today from CTD for the replacement for the same mag i ordered a few weeks back now. Same damn problem with it not fitting all the way into the mag well to lock. This time i said screw it and i used a file to grind down the plastic so it could lock into place, only problem now is that the mag still doesnt sit high enough for the bolt carrier group to get a solid hit to push the new round into the chamber. First mag sucked, seconded mag sucked, and the company raac is only open 4 days a week monday through thursday........ awesome......"
– Andrew
1.0 5
"I wish I would have read the other reviews before I purchased this. It does not lock in to the magazine slot. IF you can get it to stay for a moment, when you fire, it drops out. Disappointed"
– SemiAutoSam
4.0 5
"I bought two RAAC MKA-1919 12 Gauge 2 3/4\" 3\" 10 Round Black Magazine a few week ago. As with the rest of you, they don't lock up. After a lot's a thought and a close inspection of the mags, I decided a little file work was needed. I removed a little metal from the upper part of the mag catch. Works great now."
– Trigger man
3.0 5
"Bought 3 of these. One locked into mag well properly,2of them wouldn't seat.The upper metal part of the mag was setting 1/8\" to deep into the plastic lower housing. I sanded the plastic flange where they join until the mag holding mechanism would drop into the detent notch on the mags. No problems since then. Didn't buy them to work on,bought them to run shells through my weapon."
– Wild Bill
1.0 5
"The mags are garbage. They drop out of the weapon after every shot. Very unhappy considering the money I spent."
– Gar
2.0 5
"Same as the other guys -- mag will not lock in and falls out on recoil"
– mf7lakes
1.0 5
"Both fell out of the shotgun when every shot is fired.Should have been recalled."
– ninja
1.0 5
"Doesn't fit correctly. For the money spent it should fit!"
– Amanda
1.0 5
"I figured for the price of one VEPR I could get two of these shotguns...but after getting two ten round magazines and both of them ejecting themselves after the first round this is not a viable options. Niether mag functioned correctly and I'm stuck using the five round factory magazines."
– Whiskeytango