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ProMag SKS 7.62x39 40 Round Detachable Magazine Polymer Black

Pro Mag
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Go 40 shots without reloading with this high capacity lightweight polymer magazine from ProMag. Backed by ProMag's Lifetime Warranty.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

ProMag Industries
10654 So. Garfield Ave
South Gate, CA 90280

Item#: MAG-600,82730,3-1024513,6-1024513,2-MGPMSKS-A3,7-SKSA3,9-58103
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5.0 5
"I put 120 rounds through this magazine, not a single jam, or feed issue whatsoever. I did have a problem with a single round of Wolf HP, that didn't burn hardly any of the powder. It seems to be very durable. This is in a Chinese SKS. It worked perfectly with the original wooden stock, one problem of note though. My gun would not feed soft point Bear ammo with this magazine. I did use some Wolf Military Classic HP, Wolf Performance HP, and Remington FMJ without any issues. The last couple rounds were kinda hard to feed into the mag, but it functioned flawlessly with everything, but the soft points, which still do feed correctly in my original 10 round MAG. I can't wait to get the Tapco composite stock and a tri-rail system. I will be buying another one of these mags. I have a Matco steel mag on order from a different company, however it unlike this mag does not come with a lifetime warranty. So if this mag does ever malfunction, you can just get it replaced under warranty."
– Tavish
5.0 5
"I got 4 of these mags a few months ago and finally tested them recently to see if they would live up to my standards. These mags are very durable, and reliable in all 3 of my SKS's (Yugoslav & 2 Norincos all with Tapco stocks). Tapco makes the best SKS mags, but these are as good of quality. Get them while you can! Thanks again Cheaper Than Dirt!"
– Arron
5.0 5
"i remember the days when finding a decent hi-capacity magazine for the SKS was just for the birds and it was pointless to even try. then tapco started making really good 20 rounders (i have 2) but if you wanted more you were still out of luck. now promag came out of nowhere with this quality 40 round mag. i was skeptical at first but after testing it earlier this week it is up to my standards. i put nearly 500 rounds of brown bear HP and FMJ through this mag and never had a failure to chamber or clear a spent casing. i fired through the whole clip slowly a few times, as fast as i could pull the trigger a few times, and then several times more bump firing just for fun and never had a jam. so long as i can avoid burning myself afterwards i could never be happier. i give this mag 5 bullets and i may even buy another two or three. just as a side note the mag fits very VERY tight and required a little application of strength to get it to snap into place in the gun. it is also quite difficult to load using stripper clips if you use them and if you load them one at a time it is very difficult to get them into the mag when you close in on the final 10 rounds to load but they all fit."
– gun fan
5.0 5
"I quite easily loaded and unloaded all 40 rounds into both magazines quickly and effortlessly."
– Dude
5.0 5
"I have the Norinco Chinese SKS model. It fits a little tight in the gun and is a little hard to remove and get in. Over all looks amazing and very durable for the gun. It will make the gun look 10 times better with the magazine. I had no issues with the shooting either."
– aifwhat
5.0 5
"This is the first mag I have ever bought for my SKS. I have only used it a couple of times and no jams so far."
– Jonathan
1.0 5
"This mag does not feed well for my Norinco SKS! Every 2 rounds it will lock up! Tried a few different types of ammo and still no success, fist problem ever with a cheaper than dirt product. If you are an SKS owner and want a detachable mag, get the Tapco 20 rounder! Awesome mag! Functions flawlessly!"
– alex
4.0 5
"Fit really tight in my Yugo with just a tiny side to side wobble but overall sturdy. Mag cycled brown bear ammo just fine.*NOTE this mag will not fit if you have a TAPCO kit with the forward vertical grip. I had to remove the grip in order to insert/remove the mag that\uFFFDs why it only gets a 4/5."
– Greg
5.0 5
"Used for Yugo, fantastic in all forms. Perfectly snaps into place, and have not had one misfire yet. I purchased a few of these and buy the time I am done firing my gun is to hot to handle."
– Prepper
5.0 5
"I Was Really Surprized At How Well This Clip Feed The Round's From The Clip To The Gun No Jam's,I Shot 200 Round's At 100 Yard's & Had A Nice 2 Inch Pattern,I Only Bought 1 Of These To See How It Performed & It Passed With Flying Color's,I Will Buy A Few More Of These Now That I Know That They Will Feed The Gun With No Jam's,Easy To Load & Easy To Insert To Your Weapon,Buy All You Can So You Can Shoot More Than Load!!!"
– Two-tone
5.0 5
"Used it on my Yugo SKS, looks great hanging there. Snaps into place, and have not had one misfire yet. I purchased a 2 pack of these and I think I will buy some more, fast shipping to."
– Sal
5.0 5
"I Bought One Of These & A Friend Of Mine Bought One & We Hit The Rang. He Had Some Problem's With His Getting Jammed but I Did Not Have That Proble and The Clip Did Not Miss A Round! We Then Cleaned His Rifle & Wala, No Jam'. We Also Put A Few Drop's Of Oil On The Spring & Loaded Them To Get The Oil To The Bottom Of The Clip. It Is Nice To Fire 40 Round's Without Changing A Clip Or Reloading!! As Usual Fast Shipping, If You Have a Problem Clean Your Weapon & See What That Does For You, I Will Be Buying More Of These That Is For Sure!!!"
– Two Tone
3.0 5
"It took an effort getting 40 rounds into this thing the first couple of times. It also had the \"sticking\" problem while shooting the first couple of times. I didn't give it 3 bullets just because it didn't feed good for the first few loads. I gave it 3 bullets because the top of the mag cracked after the 4th time loading it. Not sure how long it will take for it to actually break, but I guess it'll do for now. Definitely go with the Tapco 20 rounder! 40 round mags are not really necessary. I think you'll have just as much fun if not more with 20 rounds per mag!"
– SKSshooter
4.0 5
"I bought this thinking there was a chance it wasn't going to feed properly. took it to the range the day i got it (out my back door). i unloaded the clip 5 times.....no jams and worked great! only reason i gave this a 4 instead of a 5 is because when i set my bi-pod up and put this mag on...i fully extend my bi-pod and the mag still hits the ground a inch or so. i wanted a drum but settled for this."
5.0 5
"This magazine was amazing. Haven't had any problems with it yet. Shot about 300 rounds out of it today and the only thing that went wrong was my sholder strap melted off my sks cause the gun got so hot... lol. Besides that, this mag fed perfect loaded nice... well the first couple times I tried to drop the bolt closed on a full mag it didn't want to feed but a couple drops of 3 in 1 oil fixed that. Will be buying more in the near future."
– delsol860
4.0 5
"This clip needs to be metal and go in the gun easier but other than that the clip is awesome"
– corn bread
5.0 5
"Promag finally got it right. These forty rounders are much better than their 30rd predecessors. I even got it to fit in my bullpup kit."
– gorgeousgeorge
1.0 5
"This mag looks cool but performs not so great. Had to do some trimming to get to fit properly, spring is on the weak side wont feed more than 25-30 rounds. Bought mag because it looks good and cheap price, cant expect too much I guess."
– guest
5.0 5
"40 rounds of rock n roll!!!way to go pro mag.i loaded 40 rds in mag.I rattled of 40 rds with no gams.it kicks but in my norinco -sks. thanks again pro mag. and as always thank you ctd for all of your kick butt products. RUSS"
– russ
4.0 5
"A little snug and a little hard to remove from my Norinco, but it works great. Thanks to the review about 3 in 1 oil. Makes loading a lot easier."
– Sideburner
5.0 5
"Fitted after a little shaping. Snug fit. I prefer not to fully load so I use with about 35 in it, no issues with misfeeding. Works also as a monopod for range shooting. Nice not to have to change magazines so often :)"
– Brian
5.0 5
"Slipped right into place into my yugo SKS. Perfect mag for this type of rifle...just got it today always fast shipping from CTD...I really recommend this mag. Buy a few if u can.....u won't regret it! Fired 200 rounds...works awesome."
– Yugo sks
4.0 5
"I only gave it 4 because I had to break it in like someone below me mentioned. I could only get 35 rounds in and after a little use it fit 40 and never jammed .Buy more then one. I wish I did..... o ya after unloading this clip my barrel was smoken and extremely hot."
– wayne from tucson
4.0 5
"Fed 500 rds through and not one jam. It did however take 30 minutes to modify it to fit. I love the polymer. I'll be buyin a few more of these."
– stupidpsycho87
5.0 5
"I bought two of these to use in a Chinese SKS,they fit the gun very tight and are well made. They worked flawlessly with 39 rounds. When loaded with 40 rounds, they failed to feed the second round. In other words, the first round fed when the bolt was released, after firing the first round, the second did not feed. But, when loaded with 39 rounds, they worked every time."
– OLD 3/5 Cav Scout
5.0 5
"I like this better then my tapco mag. I don\uFFFDt know how it would hold up loaded all day everyday, but I have had zero problems with mine and wish I had bought more. I\uFFFDve fired around 500 rounds through my norinco with this mag and 50 rounds with a completely stock yugo sks that my buddy owns which I have to mention to those guys with wood stocks this FITS! My tapco mag scrapped up the wood on the inside of the magwell but worked fine in the gun. Ps bayonet won\uFFFDt open with mag in haha!!"
– wayne from tucson
4.0 5
"This mag worked perfectly after the first round jam was cleared. If you have a Tapco Infusion T^ stock with a foregrip, you'll have to remove the foregrip to install this mag. Great value! Thaks, CTD!"
– charles2010
3.0 5
"Not to bad of a mag. I purchased four of these for my chinese norinco sks with a wood stock. Some aftermarket SKS mags had bad reviews so I was kinda leery at first. It needs to be broken in some because at first it has some failure to feed issues with the first few rounds, but after it has been broken in some it seems to function nicely. It is pretty hard to fit it in at first, but as you do it more and more the lips kinda wear down and it adapts to the gun then fits pretty good. All in all not a bad mag in my opinion."
– Z28West
1.0 5
"I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase this product or any other product for the sheer fact that it does not work well. It does not load the rounds properly. TAPCO from here on out for me. I go with what works properly."
– JAV76