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ProMag Saiga Drum Magazine 12 Gauge 20 Rounds Polymer Black SAIA6

Pro Mag
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These magazines were designed for professional shooters and law enforcement personnel whose lives depend on a perfect shot every time. Expertly machined for exceptional quality and guaranteed to feed and function for every shot.

Uses 2 3/4" Shells Only.


Item#: MAG-561,6-1024669,77647,2-MGPMSAI-A6,3-1024669
Total number of Reviews: 6

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4.0 5
"This drum is good and works fine, but you need to follow the instructions on how to fit it to your shotgun. It requires shaving of material so it will sit on the magazine release. I recommend using a chisel (no hammer) or the sharp end of a pry bar and use it to scrape away, little by little, until it securely fits. Take off too much and it won't sit securely in there, and you will have more FTFs. Loading is easier than it looks, thanks to the tension relief crank on the back. I have heard a lot about ProMag's products being cheap crap, but this is not one of them."
– Joe
5.0 5
"It didn't fit out of the box, but that's a Saiga manufacturing issue, not ProMag. Took about 2 minutes to file it to a perfect fit. Cycled a full load of shells through twice to get everything loosened up. I cut loose on some paper with some Remington Express 00 Buck with five full loads without a single jam. My only complaint is that the shells have a bit too much room to rattle around in the drum. It's not bad, just more annoying than anything else. It's not insanely loud; I'm just picky. When loading this bad boy, sit down with the drum resting on your left leg with the clear (it's actually smoke colored, but I like that better honestly) part facing up. Push the shells into the slots fully and push with the lever and on the shell at the same time. Use the level like a jack, but the spring is way too stiff to only use the lever. Push until the next slot is open and hold with your fingers on the shell while you bring the lever back to reset it to push the next shell over. Hold with the lever while you're inserting the next shell. Repeat. The last shell is tight the first time cycling through but it gets better after a few cycles and you'll get faster at it. I hope that helps you. I bought two with this purchase, but I'm getting three more while we're still allowed to."
– saiga-guy
5.0 5
"Have 3 of these all jumped out of the pack and into the gunNo fitting needed. Loads easier with one to hold mag and lever andone to press in shells.Add a Tapco stock set,no need to move trigger group. Installs solid as a rock!Front pistol grip and flashlight/laser combo and you have Hell to pay!"
– nathan
2.0 5
"Haven't got around to using the item because it is virtually impossible to load. At 6'3\" and 250, and considered quite strong, I was no match for the spring in this dude. Unless you're an especially strong gorilla, weight lifter, or strong man, holding down on the dinky loading lever is nearly impossible, making loading impossible. Having worked in mechanical design, I consider this item horribly maldesigned. There are scores of ways to give the loader a mechanical advantage over the stout spring. ProMag hasn't found one. I will for mine because I cannot afford to throw $80 in the trash can. In the meantime, like in Vietnam, I'll tape two 10-round straight magazines together back to back in the unlikely event I might need that second 10 rounds. At less than half the cost of this thing. Easy to load; quick to respond. The fact is if you can't get the job done with 10 rounds with a shotgun, you're wise to run like hell and get a 155 howitzer for the job anyway. Sorry, ProMag, but that's the way I see your product. Over priced for its useability. Good construction techniques and materials: very, very bad design."
– Ken White
3.0 5
"Didn't fit at first, but after 5-10 minutes with a file, it fit great. Also, didn't feed until I oiled it. After that, no problems at all. Worth the money"
– Brian
1.0 5
"Bought two of these and neither would fit. Don't bother!"
– LibertyHubb