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Mag Ruger Mini-30 ProMag 30 Round Black Polymer 7.62x39 Made in the USA

Pro Mag
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Polymer 7.62x39 magazine will not dent or rust, and is made in the USA by ProMag, with a lifetime warranty. Holds 30 rounds for Mini-30 rifles. 
Item#: 3-1030159,MAG-404,6-1030159,83721
Total number of Reviews: 26

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1.0 5
"I had purchased 2 - 30 round Pro Mag magazines for my Mini 30. When the magazine is fitted to the gun there is not enough clearance for the bolt to slide. The bolt hit the back side of the top ears when trying to slide forward.After comparing the ProMag to Ruger clip, it seemed that I could get the clearance required by filing the ears to the dimensions of the Ruger clip. THIS DID NOT WORK !!!My recommendation - Don't waste your money on this junk."
– Mini 30 Guy
2.0 5
"This was made wrong although it was built well with good plastic. Someone didn\uFFFDt measure these worth a damn! I had to shave the lips back to finally get it to work. The first 10 rounds were good and then it started to jam. Towards the front of the clip right with the point of the bullet sits there are two kickers on each side, they stick out and actually push the bullet towards the center to load. If they are not there it won\uFFFDt load. The left one wore off just enough to stop working in 5 rounds or so. It is ridiculous that I as an amateur was able to discover this. Pro Mag Research and Development obvious must have known this, so they must chose not to address this issue. It\uFFFDs sad that the mag feels good and has many good qualities but falls short from such a small factor of deficient attention to detail."
– needs works
5.0 5
"Just received 4 mags and they fit my mini 30 perfectly. Feed great. One thing about ProMag - if the mags don't work - Call ProMag they send you and envelope (postage paid) to return the mags and then send you new ones."
– how
1.0 5
"Same as mentioned above, I had the same exact problems. ProMag failed to make these right. Good looking, made well, they just don't work."
– CApt. mag
2.0 5
"I have to say that I am very bummed at the performance of the ProMag magazines I purchaed for my Mini 30. I bought two of them because they appeared to be really well made. Unfortunately, the darn things don't fit properely. What a bummer!"
– BT
1.0 5
"After trying a few after market mags for my mini 30, (because hi cap mags for the 30 seem to be rare) I thought these would be good as they were made by Promag. WRONG, they dont fit all that well and the ears are too big?in the way, and guess what, JAMS.Shame on you Promag. I have other mags for my other guns made by you and they are great.....But these, heading for the trash can like the other junk...."
– Bob
1.0 5
"Same as everyone else, bought one, fit nice in the gun but the bolt would not operate properly, the ears on the mags are to thick. I tried to file them down it made it better but when I tried to shoot it at the range it would jam on the clip. I have not found a high cap mad that works in the mini-30. Junk don't waste your time or money!"
– mini-30
1.0 5
"Looks good,feels good, but another ProMag POC. Doesn't fit the gun and after trimming to make it fit it jams! Don't waste your time and money! I would give it 0 bullets if I had the option!"
– 7.62X39shooter
4.0 5
"I just got two of these for my new Mini-30 and they fit great unloaded but didn't fit when I loaded them. I found that if you squeeze them at the top you can hear the rounds seat. Once I did this they fit perfect. I let them sit for a few weeks loaded and they still go right in. They also feed just fine."
– JP
1.0 5
"Same as above, just no good. I put hours of work on it trying to get it to work. Wish I would of just sent it back. Don't waist your time!!!!!"
– mini30owner
5.0 5
"The first time I loaded one of my new ProMags the thing started to bulge like crazy after about 20 rounds and would not seat in the rifle. I messed around with it and found that he follower did not seem to compress the spring well just from loading the rounds but I found a simple solution. Hold the mag with the feed lips in the palm of your right hand. Smack the base of the mag into you left palm and let the weight of the ammo and inertia compress the follower and spring. This aligns the rounds in the proper double stack spacing and allowed the mag to return to normal shape. Reseating the rounds after adding another 2 or 3 let me take it to the full 30 rounds without deforming the mag. It seats just fine and feeds reliably. Best hi-cap mags I have found for the Mini-30."
– Hunter Curt
1.0 5
"WARNING TO ALL: Pro-mag does not manufacture anything worth having! My dad was lured by the low price on these and got burned for it. If you buy them, I promise you a lifetime of headaches.... Don't waste your time or money."
– sleepy_steve
1.0 5
"I have had one hell of a time finding mags that work in a mini 30 . As everyone on this page I got ripped . These DO NOT WORK , they dont feed dont waste your money !USA brand is the only ones that work for me. And not all will work so you are screwed anyway. Try USA if all else fails may get lucky."
– G.Opp.
5.0 5
"I ordered 4 of these for my mini30 all worked perfectly"
– mark
4.0 5
"Read what \"Hunter Curt\" and \"JP\" says, they\uFFFDre right!!!! I had bought 2 of these a while back and never used them because they were junk. I saw the aforementioned reviews and tried tapping the mag as I was loading and squeezing the feedlips and wow, they were right!!!! I have not had one misfeed, not one since then! I would still not stake my life on them of course but they do work great for the 30!"
1.0 5
"As with virtually all victims here... tried filing ears, lubed with silicon-spray, frigged around for hours and mag still jammed, gave up in disgust. Finally I burned it. Curse you promag!"
– lego
2.0 5
"I suppose the very few good reviews swayed me. The price was right, at least, but I was not very optomistic. Filled the mag, and with the safety on cycled the bolt. Nothing. Would not feed. Started removing cartidges and at about 20 it started feeding. In the field, it will feed with maybe 10 to 13 in the mag."
– oldgungeezer
1.0 5
"Straight up no good, tried the JP solution and left it like that for a few weeks came back and the mag had freaking come all the way undone as in its intrails became its extrails dont waste your money!!!"
– Micah
1.0 5
"I bought 3 of these new. Pure junk. I sent them to ProMag for replacement under their lifetime warranty. I received more junk back. I Called ProMag technical 1-800-438-2547 and I was informed that there is a new Mini 30 mag (likely to be metal) in development. I was advised to keep these and they would be exchanged for free when new model is available."
– RDW24
4.0 5
"I can't say that I have had any problems with the Mini-30 promag. I purchased three of them and they all work good but I do wish someone would make some magazines as good as AK mags."
– mike
2.0 5
"The follower doesn't go up enough, therefore the bullets get stuck (had to dremel the front a little so they slide a bit better into the chamber), the locking hole is too low (had to dremel this one too so it can lock) and after all that it still jams every tenth shot, don't depend your life on it, I won't! Since I modified my mini for rapid fire i've been looking for good hi-cap mag, but you can forget about it. Too much politics involve, I'm gonna trade my mini for an AK."
– dixie
1.0 5
"These mags are the worst. I spent hours just getting the bolt carrier assembly to clear the feed lips of the magazine. When you load more than ten rounds in it the whole mag swells and you can\uFFFDt even get the magazine in the gun. DON\uFFFDT BUY. If you have a Mini-30 then stock up on factory mags. Maybe you could hunt a deer with it in a pinch."
– Desert Rat
1.0 5
"These are absolute junk. To use the lifetime warranty you must first send them your bad magazines and then wait for them to decide if they are going to cover them. The exchange for steel magazines to the polymer magazines is a two for one swap. Two polymers for one steel!"
– jim
1.0 5
"I purchased three of these. Wish I had not. They are cheap plastic. They expand when loaded. They will not fit or feed into the Mini-30 when loaded. They should be sent back to the manufacturer with a hearty \"no thank you\" attached."
– Cliff
2.0 5
"I have bought this magazine and was terribly dissatisfied! With the mag full it bulges and will not fit in the rifle. I realized that the mag could not be adapted for fit. Even with 15 rounds it would not fit in the rifle. The Ruger 20 Round Mag is by far the best mag for the Mini 30 since I have two and they both fit and function very well."
– Bob in Mobile
1.0 5
"Not Happy. purchased two ProMag 30 for a mini-30 both do not fit well in magazine well and do not feed well either. Removed for rifle and unloaded magazines and the follower plate did dragged and did not keep the rounds feeding to the top."