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Mag Ruger Mini-14 .223 Rem. 20 Round Magazine Polymer

Pro Mag
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Only the finest polymers go into ProMag magazine bodies. The springs are precision wound using heat treated chrome silicon wire. Bases and followers are injection molded from polymers selected for their durability.
Each and every ProMag is made right here in the U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty. 

Item#: MAG-391,7-RUGA11
Total number of Reviews: 24

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5.0 5
"Best after market mag. that I have found for my Mini 14. Nice, tight fit. Feeds perfectly. I'm buy more right now!"
– wleague2
1.0 5
"This is the worst product I have ever purchased for anything. I purchased two of these based off the first good review and neither of them will even feed the first round without jamming. Do not buy this!"
– EM
1.0 5
"Peice of crap, does not fit, does not feed, for some reason only ruger factory mags and a few aftermarket work correctly. If you are depending on your Mini-14 for protection spend the money on CTD's factory MAG-390 your life is worth the few extra bucks!"
– CTD shopper
5.0 5
"i only buy ruger mags. but i had to try this one out. it works fine had no jams no feeding probs nice tight fit. i got to get 3 more of em and there cool looking."
– cornwallis
5.0 5
"These mags work better than any other non factory mag I have ever bought for my Mini-14. They are alittle loose once they are in the gun, but no worse than any high capacity mag I have ever used. I will definitely buy more soon."
– Only1najeep
4.0 5
"I give the 4 star review with some resevation. Generally I've found Pro Mag mags for the mini to be complete junk. However, this particular mag worked well in my tests. Other reviewers said they've had problems but these are worth a try if you aren't ready to pony up the cash for the factory mags. I shot 80 rds through two different mini's with no problems. The story is not the same for the 30 rd version!"
– Chris
1.0 5
"these mags really suck. bought 2 mags- both failed to feed properly.every 2 shots it would jam rifle. every 4 shots- 2 rounds would come out at a time. fired over 300 rounds that day. not one time didthese mags work without jamming rifle. finally got ruger 20 rd mags.and shot the fool out of the promag ones. buy ruger or john masen mags."
– kq
5.0 5
"there is nothing wrong with these mags, i shot 1000's rounds with out a jam, i have ruger factory mags, u still can have problems with them to and you pay alot of money for them. The bottom line is these mags are 10 dollars buy them the aussalt weapon ban is returning stock up on mags and 223 ammo."
– goog good good
1.0 5
"Piece of junk. Very difficult to insert in the gun. Won't hold the bolt back. I haven't even tried to use it since it fits so poorly."
– scott from dallas
1.0 5
"They did not work. If I could give them less than one star I would. Pro-mag should be ashamed of themselves for selling this crap. You might as well try using a peice of fruit or a dirt clod instead. It will work just as well. NOT AT ALL."
– mini14
5.0 5
"I shoot approximately 100-200 rounds a week, and once you get the magazine seated it will function flawlessly. If you are holly wooding and want to speed change mags constantly than you may have problems as they are a tight fit. However, I never had a mis feed and versus my metal magazines (factory) which I did have a few dent and begin mis feeding these have never done this. I will continue to purchase these mags for my Mini -14 (on my second gun-in ten years) I usually carry 10-20 of these magazines fully loaded and again none have ever caused me the slightest bit of a problem."
– Painkiller
5.0 5
"In the last several years I have shot 1000's of rounds from my Mini-14 over the life of the gun I have had several FACTORY mags fail. Either through dents, etc or just didn't work any longer, the lips on the metal ones have to be readjusted over time AND I have kept fully loaded METAL FACTORY mags in my shooters bag and they sometimes stopped feeding well. So as an experiment I decided to purchase some polymer mags from this company. THEY WORK GREAT. Never a feeding problem, they are tight fitting. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. I dont usually have to swap mags every 2 seconds. Besides once I learned to USE my gun the magazines being tight were not a problem. I kept the first two loaded (max cap- 20 rnd mgs. I dont shoot 30's) for over 6 months BEFORE shooting it. Guess what- THEY WORKED AWESOME!"
– Real Shooter
5.0 5
"Like with most guns and mags some work and some don't its a gamble every time! But be assured these will not dent, bend, or rust! A great tight fit, another CTD great deal!! PRO MAG ALL THE WAY!!!"
– The Gun Collector...
1.0 5
"I tried these as well as the metal clips. these clips jammed every third shot, and do not hold the bolt open when empty. Of the two I ordered both did not work. also they fit very tight so if you are trying to go thru clips fast good luck, however the metal clips work good with no jamming"
– pat
5.0 5
"I just read this review- \"I tried these as well as the metal clips. these clips jammed every third shot, and do not hold the bolt open when empty. Of the two I ordered both did not work. also they fit very tight so if you are trying to go thru clips fast good luck, however the metal clips work good with no jamming\" Really sad that some people cannot clean their guns, nor fire GOOD ammunition. I have 20 of these currently and NEVER have had a single issue, I mean of course if I need to drop and load because I am in an intense firefight with my mini 14 than by all means I will use the metal factory mags I have. However these mags are awesome."
– Mini 14 fan
4.0 5
"Bought this mag with some reservations after reading the reviews. I got it loaded it with 20 and sent 20 down range no problems. It fits real snug but I find that reassuring. Plan on bying more"
– Grunt71
5.0 5
"First off i bought 2 30rd promags that work perfect! So i see these 20rd promags for 10 bucks,gambled and bought 10 lifetime warranty right.Let me just say that right out of the bag these mags would not work.I would load up 20rds and manualy cycle the action,even first round would not chamber without pushing bolt home.Upon further inspec I could see that right side feed lip was making contact with bolt.Every mini is different,1st step took six mags(becouse thats what my old school l.b.e.m16 mag holders would hold)and numbered them 1-6.step 2 take apart mags so only body remains.step 3 insert mag body try to cycle bolt no dice so began to file a small amount at time off the feed lip until bolt will cycle freely.Step 4 put mag back together, I used a small amount rem oil on spring load 20rds and manualy cycle bolt if it feeds and ejects all 20 bingo all done.If not repeat steps 2-4 until it will.Went to the range to try my fix and was pleasently rewarded with 100% reliable mags and a good shooting mini14 more accurrate than any ak.shot 200rds from mags 1-6 without a single jam and at 10 bucks a pop for shizzle i will be buying more hope this rerview helps someone else"
– Dirty DEE
2.0 5
"Like most have said tight fit etc......Although the construction seems to be reasonable they don't work with out some modification. If you got the cash buy the Ruger factory one's otherwise be prepared to do some modification work to make them functional.I got 5 of them and not one worked out of the bag.........."
– Ranger_1
1.0 5
"They were correct when they said that they will not rust or dent. Unfortunaly they will not feed or hold the bolt back on an empty magazine. Then I could not return them because I was 2 days over the return policy. I don't get to the range everyday or even every week. Anyway if you like to buy crap that to be worked on in order to work properly, by all means, these are for you."
– eddyb
4.0 5
"These mags work great in my mini-14. Bought several two weeks ago. Today I get on the site and the price is doubled!"
– Puzzled
1.0 5
"Magazine seats well in rifle, but rounds will not chamber. Pro-Mag's steel 20 round magazines work very well, get those instead."
– David
5.0 5
"My girl bought me three of these as a gift (although I picked them out). I was skeptical with all the reviews but couldn't resist. My mini is a 181 model ranch rifle. They are a snug fit, no movement. Solid polymer, nice color. Fits great in battery, no movement. Feeds flawlessly and also locks the bolt back after last round. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more of these. GREAT MAGS!!!!"
– PAgunner
1.0 5
"Bought one of these several months ago to use with my Mini 14. Finally got around to loading it up and placed it in my dry box for the trip to the range. Not long afterwards I started hearing strange noises coming from the box. This magazine was ejecting the cartridges! I reloaded it and sat it a table and a few minutes later, it started again. It's not sturdy enough to hold the cartridges in place.I won't buy anymore polymer!"
– BMyers
1.0 5
"This mag will not feed! I tried numerous things but nothing worked to get this magazine to feed."
– brp