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Remington 870 Tactical Stock Set Six Position Stock Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock Tri Rail Forearm

Pro Mag
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ProMag Remington 870 12 Gauge Collapsible 6 Position Stock with Pistol Grip and Fore End

This kit from ProMag Industries equips the Remington 870 12 gauge pump shotgun with an M4 six position collapsible stock and pistol grip. This set also includes a polymer forearm with three Picatinny rails, a removable vertical foregrip, two removable three round shotshell holders a rubber buttpad and all the necessary hardware and tools for installation. Constructed from injection molded black polymer this system from ProMag is perfect for any defensive shotgun application.

The collapsible AR-15 style buttstock includes an integrated sling loop and rubber buttpad. The tactical pistol grip features finger groves and palm swell for increased control while firing the hardest hitting magnum loads. The two removable shotshell holders mount on either side of the stock and allow for carrying up to six additional shells at your fingertips for a rapid reload. The kit includes mounting hardware, a forend wrench, and a hex stock wrench for easy installation. 

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5.0 5
"This is a great product, it really transformed my 870 form the ugly faux wooden stock into something that is the evny of all my friends. It took less than 20 mins to install. It has held up well for over 100 rounds so far. A great upgrade to any 870, it is so much more fun to shoot that the traditional style."
– DJ form MD
3.0 5
"I bought this because the Knoxx Spec ops stock I wanted was not available at the time. This set is ok ,but not great. The forward pistol grip is flimsy so I just did away with it. The forend then is just plain uncomfortable. The stock is sort of slanted at and akward angle,so I've been using it closed all the way. Still it's pretty solid. For the cost it's a good buy. My shotgun is no longer a duck gun,instead it's a pretty good defense gun that's a very intimidating sight."
– Survivalist23
2.0 5
"Wow, what a bloody disaster this thing turned out to be. First off, it's a Pro-Mag piece of hardware. That should be included in the item description. Putting Remington as the first word suckered me into thinking this was genuine Remington hardware. Guess again. Second, who ever put mine together clearly bypassed what little quality control this company has. The allen screw hole was drilled 1/2\" shallow of the threads. This was not noted until after cross threading began. And the cap holding the stock position rod was not even tightened down, so the lever rattles like a chain. After an hour of drilling, and multiple failed screw attempts, the stock finally went on. Then I proceeded to chunk the other 80% of the parts. There was never any intention of changing fore ends, so those two parts were out. And the two not pictured shell holders that bracket the stock were tossed as well. Rather than hold shells, they clamped them, making extraction rather difficult. However, the weapon does look sick with the stock, and despite the odd downward angle, it fits nicely."
– Kyle
5.0 5
"Bought this for my Remington870 Express. The stock went on with no problems and the bolt that secures the stock to the gun went on with no problems as well. The angle on the stock makes holding the gun far more comfortable and I have no problems seeing the sights. I highly recomend this product."
– The Brewer
5.0 5
"I bought this stock set for my 870 wingmaster and it was worth every penny, the slanted stock is a great design it puts you directly behind the barrel instead of on top like most rifles. it went together in probly 10 minutes with no problems. the only down fall is the pistol foregrip its designed to push itself off the rail instead of holding itself on. a quick bolt through the side like you would attach a scope fixed that problem."
5.0 5
"I ordered this stock with the idea of making my 870 look better than when it came... I got a little scared about my order decision after reading some of the older reviews. Here's the fact... IT IS WORTH ORDERING THIS STOCK FROM CHEAPERTHANDIRT.COM. It was quick and easy to install; it fits snug as if it came from the factory. The down side... no instructions but there are plenty of videos on the internet on \"how to\". I got my stock 3 days after ordering too and will always consider Cheaper Than Dirt first!"
– coop
5.0 5
"I ordered this for my fiance, she is into shooting for fun, but she is only 5'2\". The standard 870 stock was a little long for her, she loves this thing. It was easy to install, it does not come with instructions, but there are only three screws to remove for the install! It took me about 20 minutes after I looked up instructions on the internet. The fit is great, and it looks awesome. The best of all it makes my fiance want to go shooting!"
– John
5.0 5
"Great tactical stock kit for the Rem 870, and at a great price too!"
– Cottersay
4.0 5
"This is a great looking product once installed, did it in about 20 minutes. I ordered another forend from Takstar that goes great with this stock, the two shotshell holders that aren't mentioned in the ad look really mean, too. If you are just a little mechanically inclined, you can install this kit, even without instructions. I just got the kit today, so I haven't fired the gun as yet, but I like the feel of the slanted stock as it puts me on top of the barrel, you won't be disappointed."
– shotgun steve
3.0 5
"Easy to install. Stock is good but pistol grip forearm that a goes on pump sucks. 8 rounds and it snapped. Good news is Pro Mag will send you a new one. Bad news have fun trying to have them send the right piece. Either way I'm happy with the rest of the kit and will be getting a better forearm anyway."
– Blaze
4.0 5
"For the money this is a great set up easy to install using included tools. The six position collapsible stock and pistol grip is great - the forearm with three Picatinny rails give plenty of spots for added accessories the included vertical foregrip is cheap feeling but does the job. The reason I am only giving it four bullets instead of five is the included three round shot shell holders have got to be the tightest holders ever made, you REALLY have to fight to put in a shell and to take one out. Overall for the price I can't complain though - it is a good deal for the low cost."
– Rattler
5.0 5
"Just ordered the tac kit, hope it looks good with some durability. Read the reviews and sounds like a good buy. For the price I don't think anyone could complain, comparing to the other stocks and forearms the price is unbeatable. Have a T6 adjustable stock for my AK and love it so I imagine this kit will be what I'm looking for. I would refer CTD to everyone, glad my buddy told me about them. Also, if u order anything DONATE THE DOLLAR to conserve our right to bear arms."
– Remy-870
3.0 5
"Well, after having this stock for about a year, I'm finally ready to put in my review. First, the fore-stock. I think it's a quality control issue... it's obviously designed to fit the 870, however I have no idea what the tolerances between stocks are. It's great that plenty of people got theirs on no problems, but mine was a little off. If I tightened the forestock nut all the way down tightly, it wouldn't allow me to completely rack the shotgun. If I loosened it up a bit, the forestock would rotate about 10 degrees either way. A bit of filing and Dremel work was required to make it usable. Second, the 'adjustable' rear-stock. Terrible. Don't get me wrong, worked great while I was screwing around in my room, but I recently took my 870 to some training in the desert. During the training I had to lay it against a building for a moment and it fell into the dirt. This is a GUN. A little dirt shouldn't hurt it. I'm assuming some dust got where it shouldn't have, and ever since, I haven't been able to move the rear stock at all. All in all, if you're going to need to be able to rely on your weapon for anything other than looking cool, I'd say pay the money and get something of better quality."
– Fell
5.0 5
"For the money you can't beat this stock. Was easy to intall, and appears to be very durable. Shell holders are tight as others have mentioned, but not a big deal to me. Would buy again!"
– Chad
5.0 5
"I bought this kit for my Remington 870 express and it fits great. Pretty easy to install and really upgrades the gun to a tactical looking shotgun. The forend grip shown in the picture is not what I got. I got a pretty crappy cylinder that I dont use, but everything else was great and good price."
– prmccarthy
2.0 5
"I bought this, thinking it made my Rem 870 tactical look mean, it did. I shot 300gr slugs and the vert grip broke. the stock is okay but not for me. I put the factory stock back on, keep the cheap foregrip on until I buy a Surefire one. I learned to not buy cheap add-on for my guns with the purchase of this."
– Joe
5.0 5
"This kit helped turn my regular 870 into one of the coolest looking tactical shotguns around. Everyone I showed the gun to started to drool and want to hold it. The kit went on easy, so easily that anyone could install it on their 870."
– boomstick1
4.0 5
"All and all, stock works pretty good so far. I put a single point sling mount between the grip and the gun and the supplied screw wasn't long enough. Went to ACE hardware to get a longer one. The pistol grip is designed to fit around the trigger guard, but with the extra cm spacer in there, doesn't reach. didn't matter to me. Only issue I had was the fore grip stuck back past the bolt connector just far enough that it won't allow the gun to feed a round from the magazine. Was literally 2 mm to big to allow the magazine to drop the round. After some dremmel work I shaved the end off the fore grip even to the metal tube that slides over the magazine and it now works like a charm.Also, the vertical grip that is supplied is not the one in the picture.At the same I got this I picked up a rail mount. To use a red dot or scope, you will need to purchase a cheek rest of some sort to get your face high enough.With the foregrip, tactical stock, rail mount and red dot, the gun did pick up some significant weight."
– Giland