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ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock Synthetic Black

Pro Mag
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Next generation, fully adjustable stock for Springfield M1A and M14 rifles. Drop-in fit. Built entirely of our lightweight, carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Impervious to weather, and will withstand all standard gun solvents and oils. The Archangel M1A Precision Stock is tough as nails, and will deliver outstanding accuracy shot after shot, year after year.

Specifications and Features:
Extremely durable construction, yet weighs only 4.2 lbs.
Precision fit inlet provides excellent accuracy.
Length of pull is thumbwheel click adjustable from 13-5/8" to 14-13/16"
Cheek riser is thumbwheel click adjustable in .05" increments.
Equipped with two standard sling swivel studs.
Incorporates 4 integral steel inserts for standard quick detach sling swivels.
Grip storage compartment
Integrated hand guard picatinny rail with extended rail cover 

Item#: 82750,2-PMAAM1A
Total number of Reviews: 12

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5.0 5
"I was saving for a SAGE, but the economic realities made me search for a cost effective alternative. 5 Stars when you factor cost.So I, Got it, fitted it (needs some file and dremel work, that if I could do it a drunk ape can do it) and shot it. No noticeable increase in accuracy, but better ergonomics. I shot better than the old stock while standing and supported. Bonus with the stock is the preinstalled sling points, 4 QD and 2 sling studs. Old stock was the SA poly with bipod and cheek rest. The archangel is more rigid, sturdier and \"meater\", thus a little heavier. I'm very happy with it."
– AimHigh 91
5.0 5
"I purchased this stock because I was wanting a better shooting and more agressive looking M1A. I have not been disappointed. The stock arrived as scheduled and I had the conversion done after about 30 min of tweeking. The action and trigger assembly fit in tight and you will probably need to do some minor sanding/grinding so that the trigger group seats properly. As stated in the other review, it's not hard at all. After it was said and done I took the rifle out and bagged a nice doe at 180yds, the bullet hit right where I was holding the front sight post. To say I am pleased is an understatement."
– Derek
5.0 5
"Was also saving for a Sage EBR. Couldn't justify spending that much money on a stock right now. Ordered the Archangel, and with the easy instructions, a small file, and about 30 min. of my time, my rifle was done. Fits nice, looks GREAT and feels wonderful!! well worth the money!!"
4.0 5
"I have been looking around for a decent stock to replace the \"stock\" stock on my M1A. I read the reviews and decided to bite, I mean most stocks I found for sale were pretty much out of my price range and this one was almost a deal too good to be true. I ordered it and to my suprise it actully arrived in 2 days, two day shipping to Alaska is almost non-existent. It did require a little bit of time with a dremel, some sandpaper and files, but when it went together it fit tight. The cheek rest is a bit wobbly when its close to being fully extended, but not enough to make me displeased. I sadly will not be headed to the range for another few months (Do enough training or running the firing line at -40 and your motivation to play in the snow goes away rather quickly.) When I do go to the range I will post my results and views of this stock. At the moment it makes my M1A look much nicer than it did an hour ago. I'm giving this item 4 Bullets because of the mandatory 2 day express air shipping that tacked on almost $70 in shipping, I would have been happy with the normal 10 dollar ground delivery. Anyway, this item is one I would recommend to the shotter on a budget."
1.0 5
"After having spent the last four days behind a Dremmel with this POS on the workbench, it dawned on me that the time I wasted trying to get the upper receiver to fit correctly had exceeded the value of the stock. The upper receiver sits about 1/8\" high and the rear of the bolt.I spent HOURS on the Dremmel trying to get this crappy stock to cooperate, but finally just gave up. The stock is BENT (down near the back of the receiver), so it will never accept a flush upper receiver. I guess just chalk this one up to \"you get what you pay for.\" I'll just save my bottlecaps for a McMillan stock.Avoid this... well, unless you're a masochist with $$ to waste."
– Ted
4.0 5
"The stock is exactly what they said , it's built well and sturdy ! I would recommend this for anyone that has Springfield Armory M1A!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
– Don Ohio
5.0 5
"It arrived amazingly fast! Now, it should be a given that with so many manufacturers of M1As, that the specs will vary a little, so don't be surprised if you have to do some Dremel work. I had to do a pretty good bit! But once it was done, it was a rock-solid fit and the stock itself is VERY well made. This set up really makes my M1A look sharp and it shoots every bit as well as the synthetic military stock (with the cut-out for the selector) I had on it. I really love the quality of the cheek riser, too. An excellent option for those of us not rich enough for a SAGE EBR stock."
– Jeremy
3.0 5
"First the Good:I like the overall ergonomics. The almost pistol grip, the wide forearm so you don't grab the action, the built in mount points (both swivel and quick-release). Good setup.I also like the look of it. Having a SOCOM 16, I had a lot of guys at the range asking me what the heck it was, because the muzzle brake is unique on the SOCOM.Now the Bad:I understand all M1A rifles are built a little different with all the different models, but having to file down the risers around the trigger... looks bad and I was trying to be careful. Would rather have fitment pieces inside to lift the action up slightly.The cheek riser doesn't fit well for me. I have to stretch my neck forward to sit on it comfortably and after 120 rounds, it didn't feel great. For the money, it's not bad. But for me, I'm chalking this up as a \"not so great\" and putting money aside for a Sage EBR."
– Paddy
5.0 5
"Anyone who compares this to a Sage or a McMillan stock needs to get a clue!! IT'S $200!! If you have mediocre skills with a file, you can get this custom fitted to your M1A in a short amount of time. Isn't that why we do this, anyway?? For the shear enjoyment of being a firearm enthusiast? I also put a UTG tactical tri-rail on it. It looks AWESOME! I have the match barrel, so be prepared to spend time with the Dremel on the rail. From across the room, it looks like a Troy stock system. Don't shy away from this product when you can get some time working the stock and your gun like never before. DEFINITELY A BUY FOR THE PRICE!!"
– dzeased
5.0 5
"Honestly, though it is a tight fit (I believe it's suppose to be a bit tighter than the factory stock), I didn't have to make any modifications. CTD got it here fast as usual, I put it on the rifle that day. Looks and feels great. I've not been to the Range yet, but I'm looking forward to it..."
– rogerwtaylor@hotmail.com
4.0 5
"Good stock, feels good had to do a little bit of custom fitting. mag well doesn't allow x-products x-14 mag to seat, will probably have to do some Dremil work for it to fit."
– kurt
4.0 5
"Can be made to work. Be prepared to spend some quality time fitting this. You must follow directions to the letter. Having said that, you will be rewarded for your labor, My M14s never was this accurate before. A true bargain. Recommend."
– mssa