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ProMag AK-47 Magazine 7.62x39mm 30 Round Polymer Clear AK-A7

Pro Mag
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Designed and engineered for the AK-47, the Pro-Mag magazine provides fast, reliable ammo delivery. Self lubricating, polycarbonate follower with precision wound, heat treated, chrome silicon spring ensures reliable feeding you can count on for defensive maneuvers and tactical competitions. Removable base plate allows easy disassembly for cleaning. All ProMag Industries magazines are 100% warranted against manufacturer's defects.

Specifications and Features:
AK-47 Magazine
30 Rounds

Item#: MAG-022,9-58078
Total number of Reviews: 41

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4.0 5
"This is overall a decent clip. Feels a little cheap but the lifetime warranty makes up for that and your friends will never ask the dumb question \"is it loaded\""
– Wasr 10
5.0 5
"I have a Century Arms ak-47 7.62X39 and these mags work flawless. I put about 240 rounds through the mag. I had no jamming, or feed problems. They do not hold the bolt open when empty, my factory mag does. They fit tight with no modifications. You can hear the mag spring rattle when firing, probaly because its plastic. It's awesome to look at the mag and know how many rounds are it it. Highly recommended! Overall excellent quality. I will buy again!"
– Andrew
5.0 5
"These clear mags are great! I prefer them to the metal mags. It's nice to be able to view the load at a glance. Great price and value. I will buy more. Thanks CTD, Deckman59"
– Deckman59
5.0 5
"I am most pleased and surprised with this product. I bought it as a novelty, to be honest, but I really like the see-through design. It is great for the range and target shooting. I've had no problems at all with feeding from the single taps to letting 'er rip. The mag feeds very smooth. I was reading about others hearing the spring rattle around a little and when it is empty it does so a little, but that is to be expected from a polymer magizine with a steel pring inside. The look on the AK is mean, too! I have a Romanian and I'll buy more of these mags just for the great feeding and looks."
– Ike
1.0 5
"i bought two... both will not feed in my AK. Don't have any problem with the old type metal mags, so i'll stick with those."
– etxd
1.0 5
"I got some of these mags & they don't feed well in some ak's & I droped a mag that had rounds in it & the damn thing broke like a tooth pick. Yeah I could send it back to promag & what get another mag that will break? These mags SUCK & Stick with the factorysteel mags!!"
– akforty7
3.0 5
"i just got these in the mail and tried them out. it looks cool as hell however i had to keep taking it on and off till it was a good fit. i am pleased now and i would recommend them to other people. they are worth the money but only buy one to see how they work for you. i think they are a hit or miss product depending on our ak mine is a wasr-10 and these mags work good for me!"
– Dan
2.0 5
"they look cool but thats about it, i bought two and they both jam every few shots if not every other shot after comparing it to the steel mag that came with my rifle i can see the the back of the mag on these poly mags is shorter and doesnt allow the bolt to catch as much of the round as the steel ones do, small design flaw that ruins the mag for me, like i said its great for show, it definately looks cool but jams like crazy."
– Yugo Ak-47
3.0 5
"Got some of these for my son to use with his AK - so I can know at a glance whether mags are loaded, etc. They are good for that purpose and have had no problems, but the plastic feed lips and engaging and locking surfaces make the Bulgarian Waffle mags they replicate look a whole lot better for my use - and that's the mag I prefer."
– DocHoliday
5.0 5
"I love this product. I have read the other reviews and i suppose for some they dont work. But in my rifle i have had nothin but unhindered fun. I now have three 30 round mags. And with a lifetime warrenty this is a dream come true. Now dont be fooled it is a plastic mag, but it is anything but cheap. And for the price i have found the mag i trust."
– Mak 90
5.0 5
"at first i didnt know if i would like this mag or not but, overall i think its great. i use it on an INTER-ORDNANCE STG-2000 and i havent had any problems at all with it and it looks good on the gun"
– stg-2000
2.0 5
"I purchased the clear proMag and the first thing it did was break the clip off the back, so i shipped it back and received another one. so far so good."
– Lee
5.0 5
"This is a cool mag to add to my collection. It is actually very durable and fits the AK very well and tight."
– Jesse Da Hammer
4.0 5
"These clear mags are nice but they take a while to \"break in\", I had to work it in and out of the reciever to make it go in smoothly. but after that they work great. they never have failed to feed. very nice overall and the price is great."
– wasr10 ak
2.0 5
"I bought 7 of these for my Century Arms Yugo AK47, it has the under-folding stock. The clip jams every 1 in 3 shots, it appears the clip doesnt sit close enough to the bolt/receiver assembly and when it tries to load in a new shell into the chamber it misses because the shells sit too far down. I manually cycled through 500 rounds but it does not appear to \"work in\" or help the feeding any. I tested out 3 of my 7 clips, thought maybe I just had a bad egg, no luck. They are very sturdy, look nice, easier to load by hand than a metal clip, and are plastic so they wont rust...but unfortunately they jam in my AK47. :("
– Jim
5.0 5
"Romanian AK from J&G Sales. This mag works flawless. have run off about 600rds and not one jam or misfeed."
– Heretic
4.0 5
"I just purchased one to see if the reviews where right before buying more. The mag fits snug and sturdy in my romanian and cycled through 60rds with ease. I will order more as these seem to be a great buy and don't let the look fool you, they are tough!! Thank you CTD!! I ordered on friday and my items where here on Saturday..........GREAT!!!"
– redeyedape
4.0 5
"i've had these for about 3 months now and i love them. i did have to mod my siaga mag catcher buy grinding it down just a little. i've never had a jam and they always turn heads at 3 gun shoots."
3.0 5
"i was excited, then let down. these sre pretty cheap. they feel like you can break them in half with your hands. i dont eben want to think about if i drop a loaded one. the are also bulky. alot larger than the used steel ones im used to.they are pretty cool for the price. im not going to buy any more of them. sticking to steel"
– andrew
2.0 5
"I tried these on my Century Arms AK47 Yugo, and they kept jamming. I went on to find that MAG-029 is the exact same metal mag that came with my gun and a lot cheaper than ordering it off of century arms. I also found that MAG-024 is a nice metal mag coated with a polymer that also works nice with the Century Arms AK47. Both the MAG-024 and MAG-029 will not jam up. I would recomend either of these over the promags when it comes to using the Century Arms AK47 models."
– Jim
5.0 5
"Very nice mag I like the fact you can see how many rounds you have left mag seems to be just as durable as any other polymer mag & for the price you can't beat it. Loads real easy and fits perfect in my BLACK RIVER INC. pro built american made romanian style AK-47 ,and it looks awsome. THANKS CTD."
– Scotts AK47
5.0 5
"A wonderful item to have. The only issue is that the edges are sharp. I recommend using a mag loader or wearing gloves. the magazines are very durable and I have not had a reloading issue. N"
– Maze1914
1.0 5
"bought two of these as a novelty item. Broke the tab off one first time using it. The tab snapped during firing and the mag dropped from the gun."
– Ak shooter
4.0 5
"The general appearance is good. The polymer seems to be more than just cheap plastic, although it doesn't seem to be top of the line either. The tension on the follower is good. I disassembled it to compare the parts to a metallic surplus magazine I bought with it. The spring of this mag has a few less coils. I also bent it slightly putting it back in, although it appears not to have effected the performance at all. Because of the thickness of the plastic, it is a little large than the metallic magazine, but weighs less. The thick plastic also makes it a little more difficult to disassemble than steel, although both are relatively easy. The spring is interchangeable with the other mags I have. I wouldn't trust my life to this device.... but it is certainly a fun range toy."
– Colt.
5.0 5
"Look guys I have used these and they work better then the metal ones. They are lighter also. The metal ones are so heavy that your arms will tire fast but not with these. It makes a HUGE difference. You can use these on the range or the battle field with confidence. Also the clear ones are the only way to go. I don't see any reason to get anything else. The ability to see how many rounds are left is priceless! Its deffinately worth it to have the ability to change mags when your down to 10 rounds. You can easily see this with a quick glance. If I had it my way I would have only bought these with the exception of a few 40 round metal mags which I like to use with a BI-POD."
– Brent
4.0 5
"Bought two of these because they were cheap. Usually HATE ProMag's jam inducing products, and I don't like the follower in these, however, they have yet to cause one single malfunction."
– bhoover
4.0 5
"When i recieved the mag i tried to put it into my wasr-10 and it wouldnt fit. After i took off the dust cover and took out the bolt and gas tube i noticed that it was too wide and was stuck under neath some bar in the gun. After a few min of filing it fit in great and i havent had any problems since."
– alex
3.0 5
"Had to file it down and it jams left and right"
– akshoota
4.0 5
"My order just came in today. It looks cheap but its very durable. Fits perfect and it doesnt waddle like the steel version. My only problem is that I can only load 26 rounds in it."
– protennclipAK47
4.0 5
"I purchased 2 of these mags from CTD. At first I was a bit frustrated because it didn't feed too well in my wasr 10/63. After about 5 minutes worth of dermeling some edges, they fed fine without a problem. The upper edges of mags were just a bit too thick and would not allow the rounds to sit high enough for bolt to catch & feed them into the chamber. 5 minute fix. Much lighter than steel mags, fraction of the cost, yet still very sturdy & durable. I marked the back of the magazine every 10rnds with sharpie. Now I know exactly how many rnds are left with a split second glance. I am happy with this product."
– Jason
1.0 5
"i got it 2day i put it in the gun and i shot ounce and it came out of the gun and broke."
– cool but weak
1.0 5
1.0 5
"I am extremely perturbed that this magazine is feces. At first it wouldn\uFFFDt fit in my WASR 10. So I had to shove it in and out of the magwell at least 50 times (the plastic scraped down in the process). This magazine would not feed at all. I took out the mag and saw a big scratch on the bullet. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAG WITH YOUR LIFE, it\uFFFDs only good for show"
– Victor
1.0 5
"PURE GARBAGE!!! RUBBISH!!! would NOT fit my Romanian AK!!! traded them in for the metal ones... I tried to shave one down but after 1 hour threw my hands in the air and quit... it's not worth it..."
1.0 5
"CRAP! Misfeeds in one of my AKs and doesn't even fit my other."
1.0 5
"Bought two of these mags for novelty, both broke under light use (60 rounds). The recoil of the gun cracked the catch lip on both of these mags, and they dropped from the gun during firing. I was even extra careful during mag changes to not damage the brittle plastic. Bottom line, these are junk.Buy the 40 round steel mags, much better investment."
– AKShooter
4.0 5
"I bought one of these about a year ago, and after putting many rounds through it, it still works flawlessly. It may look a little cheap, but it is very rugged and dependable. Feeds properly every time. These mags are great and affordable!"
– aKa JoE
1.0 5
"You'd think that this mag would be great as you can see how many rounds you have left at a glance, but this is one of the cheesiest, ill-fitting mags I've ever had. It's noisy as hell due to all the wobbling around it does in your mag well and it shakes like a democrat at a gun show. In fairness, \"Pro mag\" does make some good magazines, but this one isn\uFFFDt it. I tried the mag in all 6 AK variants that I own. The closest it came to a proper fit was in my Arsenal/Bulgarian SLR-95 milled receiver AK. The lack of sturdiness in the mag makes it feel as if it were actually made for a toy air soft rifle. I've been a gun-nut for years and I've seen and tested just about everything. I've yet to get a review that I've submitted used yet, so I'll be surprised if this gets posted, but this is the honest to goodness truth...this mag is utterly disappointing."
– Bill A.
4.0 5
"A lot of people have said bad things about this clip, but I found simply trimming off the flash on the back of the clip works just fine. I have a Romanian AK, and it felt funny going on until I did this, now it is A OK!"
– Jim!
4.0 5
"Bought one the other day. Put 100 some rounds through it and it worked with no flaws. I have a Arsenal AK, was tight fitted. I recommend it to any Arsenal AK owner."
– Oierin
3.0 5
"These mags look really cool and work fine once you do a little work to them. I would recommend sticking to other promags though, as they are lower quality. that means you have to (1) file down the back of the feed lips considerably, and (2) take out the spring and cut roughly 1/3 off it. Compare the spring to any other promag spring and you will see this one is much too long. If you dont cut the spring it will only hold about 16 rounds."