Pro Tool Industries Woodman's Pal Nostalgia Set Fixed Blade Machete Plain Edge Hook Tip Black Blade Canvas Sheath 284-NC

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Now you can own a true piece of history; this faithful Woodman's Pal Nostalgia Set is perfect for the practical outdoorsman or the military history collector.

Our 284 Premium Model Woodmans Pal did not and still does not go unnoticed by the U.S. Military. The LC-14-B engraved on the knuckle guard was the official designation of a complete unit consisting of the 284 tool, the military spec. olive green canvas sheath, the two-grit round honing stone, and reprinted 1942 manuals.

This set was standard issued from the early part of World War II through Desert Storm. G.I.s and the U.S. Army Signal Corp relied heavily on the Woodmans Pal for land clearing operations. At the time of the Vietnam War, the Woodmans Pal was designated the Survival Tool, Type IV and was issued in air crew survival kits.


Woodman's Pal with Green Canvas Sheath
True vintage military design
Standard issue for the Signal Corps during World War II
Heavyweight canvas with a zippered closure and two interior pockets

Field Manuals
Original 1942 manual reprints
Accompanied each Woodmans Pal 284 during the 1940s in combat
Each manual provides valuable information on a variety of topics with original wording
Care, Use & Sharpening
Living in the Jungle
Airman's Survival Tool Kit
Fighting with USA Knife LC-14-B

Round two-grit honing stone
Electro-Silicon carbide, designed to put a sharp edge to the Woodmans Pal quickly
Furnace fused, it cuts fastest when dripping wet with water, smoothest when used with light oil
Use the one side to grind and shape damaged edges, and the other to hone and finish the edges