Primos Power Buck and Doe Built-In Compass

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Many times when you think that a buck won't respond to your grunt, it's because he can't hear you. If you bleat at him first to get his attention then grunt at him, most of the time he will respond. This call allows you to bleat and grunt using just one call. Simply exhale and inhale on the Power Buck & Doe to grunt and bleat. This is the perfect grunt call for any type of calling situation.

Specifications and Features:
Inhale/exhale for bleat and grunt
Dual-reed assembly
Throaty grunts and clicking tones
Aggressive bucks, estrous doe bleats and cries
Use as single or double reed
Built-in compass

Dual-reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation
Throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks to Estrus Bleats and cries of does
Single and double-reed options, all-in-one call
Includes built-in compass 

Item#: 79062