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PMC Bronze 9 mm 50 Rounds, FMJ , 115 Grains, 9A

PMC Ammunition
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Reliable performance shot after shot, PMC Bronze bridges the gap between range ammo costs and premium ammo precision!

The commercial ammunition Poongsan Corporation produces for hunting and competition shooting under the brand name "PMC" (precision-made cartridges), is gaining a solid reputation for excellent quality in the global market. To meet the growing demand for sporting ammunition, the company develops and exports over 100 different types of ammunition.

Taking pride in the large number of types and zero-defect performance of its ammunition, Poongsan uses carefully selected high quality raw materials and ensures the high performance of sporting ammunition by carrying out stringent quality inspections and target tests.

The Bronze family of products offers reliable performance at an affordable price. The lead core is enclosed by a strong metal jacket on this non-expanding, deep penetrating bullet. Provides smooth, reliable feeding in all types of semi-auto handguns.

50 Round Box

Specifications: 9A
Caliber: 9 mm
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Bullet Weight: 115 Grains
Rounds: 50 Rounds per Box
Muzzle Velocity: 1150 fps
Muzzle Energy: 338 ft/lbs
Bullet Diameter: not available
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: not available
Casing: Brass
* Boxer Primed
* Reloadable Brass Case
* Extremely Reliable
Uses: Range, Target, Personal Protection


Item#: AMM-426
Total number of Reviews: 34

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5.0 5
"Fired hundreds of these through my Glock 26 and never had a problem. Will continue to purchase this brand."
– Pacerlink
5.0 5
"Not a single problem yet. I fired several hundred rounds through a Glock 26 (Gen3), FNP-9, and a Kahr CM9."
– JB
5.0 5
"Overall, great ammo! I have fired almost 1,000 rounds out of my P226 with no issues."
– JD
3.0 5
"Bought 100 rounds to use at the range in a Smith and Wesson SD9. Out of those, had eight stove pipes and the rounds would drop six to eight inches at 20 feet. Seems like it was a load issue. Noticed the drop with other PMC ammunition as well."
– Scott
5.0 5
"It's cheap and good quality ammo. A few double feeds but after adjusting my mag spring I had zero problems. So it was a fault on my part. The ammo shoots great."
– Adam
4.0 5
"Fires well in p226, p226 tacops, and p250f, pretty clean, won't use this ammo for shorter barrels like p250c and p229. I do like this ammo and buy it when in stock, and shipping from CTD can't be beat, you guys are the best!"
– Chophouse
4.0 5
"I ran more than 300 rounds through my Glock 19 in 7 hours of tactical pistol training including rapid fire exercises without any problems. Great ammunition for the money."
– JA
5.0 5
"Always have used the PMC Bronze in my Hi-Point with no problems."
– Derby
5.0 5
"Like the title says, goes bang every time. Great buy!"
– Bill
5.0 5
"Went with PMC because we have used it in the past and have never had a problem of any sort."
– PD Firearms trainer
5.0 5
"Of the 100 I sent downrange,they all clocked consistently and never felt \"hot\".Gel penetration was very acceptable too."
– From the hip
5.0 5
"We have used this ammo a long time and find it very clean and reliable. In five years I have had no problems. I recommend trying it."
– RG
5.0 5
"Shot hundreds of rounds in my Sig 9mm with no problem. Bought some Tulammo because it was a little cheaper and gun started jamming after less than 50 rounds and left gun filthier than after shooting 100's of rounds of PMC. Glad I was just playing at the time. Will only use PMC for my IDPA competitions from here on out."
– SauerCreme
5.0 5
"Great, clean, and so far dependable ammo. No issues with 150 rounds going through my full sized 9mm for the first time. Love the price too, as most ammunition prices have increased thanks to Obozo the Clown. Will stock up on more soon. Thanks, Cheaper Than Dirt and PMC!"
– Dan
5.0 5
"I was lucky enough to get PMC ammo on sale here. I order 1500 rounds and received them in 4 days. Ammo looks good. Shoots good have not had any problems out of my Sig P226 TacOps. As soon as it comes on sale again I will order another 1500-2000 rounds. Ya gotta get em while you can..."
– Chuck Bradley
5.0 5
"Great price and ammo. Good for plinking and range use."
– firephil12
5.0 5
"Great deal form Cheaper Than Dirt and fast shipping... Price of shipping was just ok...but ran 50 rounds of the PMC through my 9M yesterday at the range and it was just fine.... no problems and it seemed very clean. I would definitely buy this again."
– OldManDave
4.0 5
"This product is affordable and always seems to be available. I am shooting a glock 19 and this ammo runs perfectly through my gun. After 500 rounds of no malfunctions I am ready to buy another 500 rounds today."
– Brandon
5.0 5
"Excellent ammo at a great price. Has never failed to feed or fire in my M&P in the past year that I've been shooting it."
– Rob
5.0 5
"Bought 1000 rounds- shot 400 rounds with no problems...need to get the 380 ammo down to this price!"
– Steve B.
5.0 5
"Great value for the money. No misfeeds, no FTF... squeeze the trigger and it goes \"bang\" every time."
– Old Sheepdog
5.0 5
"100 rounds through my G19 with 1 ftf. Does not seem dirtier than anything else I have tried. Just ordered 3 more boxes. Good price and great shipping from CTD."
– flatsix
5.0 5
"Great ammo for the price. No misfires. Hope it stays available."
– Buzz
5.0 5
"Needed rounds for range was happy with the prefomac as I HAD no ftr or ftf in 1st. box and 1/2 will buy again a little more next time"
– florida pa pa
5.0 5
"Just broke in a Ruger SR9C. Put 250 rds. through in 1 session and worked flawlessly. First pistol I've owned. Cleaned and lubed pistol before going to range. Ran clean. Every round fired with no feed issues. 3in groups at 20 ft. 4in at 30ft. and 6in. at 40ft. Will be ordering more soon."
– Walter
5.0 5
"250 rounds when no one else had it. No issues feeding or firing. Good all around product"
– shane
5.0 5
"Hard to get a box anywhere these guys had it and I needed target Ammo"
– Joe Gunn
5.0 5
"Maybe its just that my Glock 17 is a great gun that can shoot bargain ammo flawlessly. Or maybe its that PMC makes great ammo at a great price. Either way, I want to report that I have sent hundreds of these rounds down range the result has always been well placed holes in my pistol targets."
– Win anyway.
5.0 5
"I've put over 800 rounds of this ammo through my S&W Shield 9 and I haven't had any problem at all. Every round has fed, fired, and ejected without any hiccups.Definitely would recommend this to anyone for target shooting."
– S&W Shield 9mm
5.0 5
"Purchased 400 rounds for use in target practice. Rounds fired clean in both the handgun and my carbine. No jams or mis-feeds. No excessive residue when I cleaned both guns. Met my expectations in every respect."
– Old Scout
5.0 5
"Great price, no issues in either both M&P, and Beretta."
– MiguelAcero
5.0 5
"Ran 250 rounds of this through my Glock G34 gen four without a single issue. Good range ammo for a fair price!"
– Jason
1.0 5
"One star because when I tried them in my Beretta 92FS, it wouldn't cycle. I had to manually cycle the gun to eject the casing and load the next round. Winchester's ran fine and this is the first time I have experienced such a problem. But, seeing as I have the only negative review, I'll have to check the pistol to find out if there is a problem. If found, I'll change the rating. Has anyone had a similar experience with any other ammo."
5.0 5
"Good affordable ammo, you can't go wrong."