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Phoenix HP22A Semi Auto Pistol Compact .22 LR 3" Barrel 10 Round Adjustable Sights Alloy Nickel 22ANB

Phoenix Arms
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This highly dependable Phoenix Arms Compact Pistol is small but gives you the result you want. Comfortable in your hand the Phoenix Arms Pistol is compact, lightweight and has adjustable sights. Perfect for self defense, target shooting and small game hunting too. Great for female shooters and small statured individuals the Phoenix Arms Compact Pistol is a great choice for concealed carry.

Specifications & Features:
Phoenix HP22A Semi Auto Pistol Compact .22 LR 3" Barrel 10 Round Adjustable Sights Alloy Nickel 22ANB
Action: Single Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber: 22 LR (Long Rifle)
Capacity: 10 Round
Barrel Length: 3 Inch
Grips: Plastic
Sights: Adjustable
Frame: Alloy
Weight: 20 Ounces
Finish: Nickel


Item#: 2-RA22ANB
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4.0 5
"For the price it is a overall good deal, I just about it and only shot about 100 rounds and had no jams or problems at all very pleased with it, the only thing it does have a lot of safety features but I took some of them out, not hard, other than that I about it to play around the yard, it\uFFFDs also easy to take apart and clean but definitely would recommend to a friend."
2.0 5
"I have heard mixed reviews about this firearm, but for the price I could not resist giving it a try. When I received it, it felt like a sturdy little gun.....then I took it home and broke it down. First, it is very annoying to field strip and reassemble due to the very odd spring placement. Second, I took it to the range after a thorough cleaning, and the gun failed to eject every single round for 40 straight rounds and with 3 different brands of factory ammo. The company has a lifetime warranty and I have heard that they have pretty decent customer service, but for the value of the gun it is just not worth taking the time or money for me to ship it, so I will be selling it soon."
5.0 5
"I picked up the Phoenix 22LR yesterday. I took it out this morning and tried it. It seems pretty accurate. (I will run some more defined accuracy shooting later.) I ran 80 rounds through it right out of the box---no cleaning or anything. Some slow shots and some as fast as trigger could be pulled. Gun worked perfectly every shot. Absolutely no issues. Fun to shoot and gun acted like it was designed to be trouble-free. Cleaned light powder residue out with Q-tips and \"Barricade\" after finished shooting. Gun was still very clean after the 80 shots. Used Federal bulk 36-gr plated hollow points. (Not the 40-gr target ammo I bought last week.) Has a 10-shot mag plus can be loaded with one in chamber to give 11-shot total. This gun is fairly heavy for size and appears well made, (in USA). Fun to shoot. Would make a good, inexpensive, gun small enough to have available in pocketbook/ holster/ or in car. Great, inexpensive, gun to use for fun shooting to polish skills for larger caliber defensive gun. This one can be shot frequently, (without emptying the bank account), to gain familiarity and accuracy. No issue with recoil, so would be especially good primary gun for someone recoil-sensitive. (A hit from a .22 is far superior to flinch-miss from a .357) It might be a .22 but it would work much better than a stick (or hand) in any defensive situation and the price is low enough to be affordable for someone not interested in more expensive firearms or for someone not wanting to use their nicer guns for general defensive carry. Reviews on YouTube indicate this .22 is far more reliable than the more expensive Taurus .22 CCW's. The lighter Taurus would be easier to carry but it seems to have major malfunction issues and costs more. Gun has several, well thought out safeties but no need to keep them on when carrying the gun as the exposed hammer provides effective safety. \uFFFDFiring-pin block safety is good to use as a check during cocking/de-cocking i"
4.0 5
"I bought this .22 for my wife to use while she learned to shoot. The main reason why I picked this pistol and brand is because it has a very light trigger pull. My wife has weak fingers. When comparing this pistol to other .22 pistols that I've shot (S&W, Walther, Taurus, and Beretta), it is my opinion that this one is the most reliable, in terms of jamming. Yes, it is :) My wife shot hundreds of rounds in one session, and had not one misfire! To this day, it hasn't misfired. We use CCI Mini Mags. This pistol is heavier, clunkier, and not as smooth and sleek as the other brands (that's why I gave it only 4 bullets), but it shoots every time. That's what matters to me. For the price, you can't go wrong. I will buy another one for my mom."
4.0 5
"This gun is accurate, smooth, and a joy to shoot. The best .22 I own!"
5.0 5
"This review is based on my first time to the range with this little .22 caliber pistol. Given the low cost, I was not expecting much, but man was I surprised. I fed 500 rounds through this thing; a combination of CCI Mini Mags and Winchester Golden Bullets. Not one single failure to feed nor eject! This thing is rock solid compared to my Taurus PT-22, which has a failure every single mag. I am pretty impressed. But be warned, this thing is quite difficult to put back together after cleaning. First attempt took me 30 minutes to get the recoil spring to compress correctly. Check the videos about it on YouTube for help. The safeties are annoying, but easily fixed. I am keeping this one and ditching the PT-22 first chance I get."
5.0 5
"This is a great gun, and if you use the ammunition the manufacturer tells you to use, you won't have problems like some people say on the internet. I use CCI standard 1070 fps and it works great."
5.0 5
"I reviewed this firearm a lot before buying it and I have no bad things to say about it. I did the mods before I even shot it. I have shot 550 rounds through it in the past two days and haven't had one error. I knew it was going to be heavy before I got it and it's not even that bad. Love this little gun and would recommend for anyone looking for a small, fun pistol."
5.0 5
"I knew this gun was going to be heavy before I bought it. This gun shoots good I have put over 1,000 rounds through it and it still shoots fine. If you are looking for a cheap gun to shoot, this one is it."
5.0 5
"Bought this for my wife to have fun with and as her first registered gun...shoots very accurate for such a shirt barrel,not a bad trigger pull,fits her hands perfect,no recoil(duh its a .22 with a full metal body)and fed 4 different types of ammo through it with no problems at all. (remington golden bullet,winchester 36 gr,the blue box with the ar15 on it,and shot shells). for being the most affordable and lowest price gun with such reliability and versatility you cant go wrong! why spend >$300 on a fancy name brand of a .22 when this is actually better (researched the walther and mosquito and found feeding problem reports plus parts for those were more pricy than this pheonix) the parts such as barrels,springs and magazines are SO affordable and come from CA. job well done Pheonix Arms!"
5.0 5
"This was just what I needed, very pocket friendly. Took it out back ran 100rd no problem, and good for the price."
4.0 5
"Great little gun, took it down to the range today and put 50-60 rounds through it. Not a problem! Only gave it a 4 cause it had a scratch on the handle out of the box. Other than that a good little gun."
1.0 5
"I purchased this gun thinking it would be good to plink with it. Within 50 rounds the slide started jamming. When I took the slide off I noticed the hammer was catching the back plate and grinding the underside of the slide. I called the manufacturer and they told me to send it back to them. I do not recommend this gun to anyone."
5.0 5
"Excellent pistol, uses affordable standard velocity rounds, I've fed over 2000 rounds of 1030fps to 1150fps copper coated and lead Ci and CCI ammo without any issues, rapid firing this gun is awesome, had a great build quality and is an attractive gun, it can be hard to break down and clean at first but that's something practice makes perfect. Awesome Gun!"