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Personal Security Products AR 15 and M16 Cleaning Kit ARGCK

Personal Security Products
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The Personal Security Products AR15 and M16 cleaning kit includes everything you need to keep your rifle in perfect shape. A cleaning brush, bronze bore brush, bronze and stainless steel chamber brush, five piece cleaning rod and two small plastic bottles all come ready to use in an olive drab nylon pouch.

Specifications and Features:
Cleaning brush
Bronze bore brush
Bronze and stainless steel chamber brush
5 piece cleaning rod
2 small plastic bottles
Olive drab nylon pouch

Item#: ARR-041,2-PSARGCK,59044
Total number of Reviews: 26

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4.0 5
"The pouch is great and very compact. It has two pockets that Velcro shut completely across. Which makes it great for no longer losing small parts and tools (springs and rebuild parts). The pouch is also lined to keep oil from leaking through. The push rods break down great. They can swivel as it is pushed through or can be locked to easily manually rotate if needed. Only word of warning is replace the the two brushes."
– Doc
3.0 5
"This is a great product. Mine did not come with the oil bottle, or the clip on the front of the bag. The pic makes it look like heavy duty canvas material, its acutually a cheap shiney fabric. It will make a great addition to your shtf bag. The rods and brushes, are very solid, and not cheaply made."
– Ben
4.0 5
"A very nice Kit and made with quality material. I don't know what the other person was talking about it not being a heavy duty canvas material? Mine came with everything. no problems here...."
– nt ar-man
5.0 5
"This is a good kit to get if you have just bought your first AR-15. It comes with all the necessities you will need to keep your weapon clean. Mine also came in a heavy duty canvas pouch with 3 buttons, and two velcro pockets."
– Stag
5.0 5
"First mine came in a sturdy bag case. had everything and more than the description mine came with two different types of oil bottles lots of pipe cleaners and everything else described excellent deal!!!"
– PA Mike
4.0 5
"Kit overall is solid, but the oil bottle leaked on mine (closed as tight as it would go). Apparently the velcro does not like Militec, as it ate through it. The pouch itself has held up fine. FYI - most people recommend the use of aluminum rods for the majority of your cleaning, as the steel is harder on the interior of barrel. That said, this is the kit that stays in my range bag for emergency situations."
– triharder
5.0 5
"If you do any serious shooting this kit is a must have. It includes everything you need to properly clean your weapon. The cleaning rods are nice, I just drop the rods in with the end with the cleaning patch pointing towards the butt of the weapon and then pull the rod through from the end of the barrel, gives you better leverage. All you need after buying this is some Break-Free and bore cleaner, spare parts, and you have yourself a working field cleaning kit."
– Kevin
4.0 5
"Good basic kit to have.I bought two one to keep at the house and one in my gun bag for emergencys on trips to the mountians where I shoot."
– chainthrower74
2.0 5
"This would be a good kit if it would had properly mated threads for true milspec ar-15 chamber bore brushes. The chamber brush it came with did not screw in all the way and after cleaning the chamber, I had to use a pliers to remove it. It did not mate with any other cleaning rods I had either!! The oil bottle that comes with it is very cheap and will waste your oil because it will let out too much with each squeeze of the bottle."
– Anthony MP
4.0 5
"The kit I recieved came with two oil bottles,neither leak,and about thirty gas tube pipe cleaners, so that was a nice bonus. The rods mate up tight and no warping. The brushes are high quality, I know the difference. The pouch is great. 4 stars just because it is so stupid to put the belt loop on the front cover instead of the back. Who thought of that one? come on, common sense guys. Would buy again at the same price."
– Subversivepatriot
1.0 5
"This would have been perfect in price and value except for 2 things. 1st. The small bottle leaked all the cleaning solvent I put in it. I can live with that though. I do have my own oil bottle which I can use, it would have been great if it didn't leak so I can take a small bottle with me wherever I go.2nd. This is the worst part which I can't pass off giving this kit a bad review. The thread to attach the barrel/bore brush to the rod was too short. It would not attach to the rod. If you use it you could end up with a stuck brush midway the barrel. If not for the 2nd issue I would have given this a 5 or a 4."
– Azul
5.0 5
"If your looking for a compact AR-15 field cleaning kit, this is it!!! LOOK NO FURTHER. I have tried to put my own kits together, and they are always bulky. The oil bottle leaked like a sive, but an empty Visine bottle works as a excelent improvement. I can't say enough about what a well thought cleaning kit this is. Made very sturdy and compact."
– Adam
4.0 5
"Quality made, rugged pouch, the rods and brushes fit together nicely. the oil bottle is junk. Another guy suggested a Visine bottle. So thanks for that tip. Overall a quality product. These reviews have helped me make good buys, so I am leaving my 2 cents for the next guy."
– A Guy
5.0 5
"I used it the day i got it, since all I had was a .22 long rifle kit, it works but, what the heck. Why not have something more compact and convenient. Everything works fine, even had patches included though from reviews I'm not going to attempt to trust the bottle, I'll just improvise. The brushes worked great. I love the overall size of the pouch, great if you want to take along wherever!"
– new ar enthusiast
4.0 5
"Pretty basic GI Style cleaning kit. I find it handy for many different weapons when cleaning."
– Adam H.
3.0 5
"Mine is Chinese made. GI issued gear is Chinese? That's pretty nuts-o don't you think? If it was American made I would have given 4 or 5 stars. Maybe. Mine also smelled like a drunk sailor."
– JustinoFundido
5.0 5
"The rod doesn't line up perfect, but I'm not a doctor shooter. I don't need precision instruments, just enough to kill a deer at 200 yards or so and plink at closer ranges. It's small and convenient. My oil bottle seems to hold oil with out leaking, though I have it in a ziplock just in case. I would reccomend this to friend."
– AR owner
5.0 5
"I have read the reviews of this product, laughed at some, agreed with others and shook my head at the rest. After serving 16 years in the Army, I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. I don\uFFFDt have to share a cleaning rod section with the rest of my squad. All of the ones that have complaints about it remember, ALL military items are made by the cheapest bidder!! You can use the plastic bottle to protect the bore brush by cutting off the bottom and inserting bore brush. Hats off to you again CTD! Thanks for the discount and availability."
– Jeff
3.0 5
"The picture shows a very dark green. Mine is a pretty loud green which isn't that big of a deal, just not what I expected. It does the job. I might buy a second one for the field."
– F. Bastiat
4.0 5
"Everything about this kit is simple and usable. The only thing I would change would be to add a different bottle and upgrade the attachment method from an Alice clip to molle."
– Head
4.0 5
"I received this kit today after order was placed yesterday. The handle kind of sucks but it gets the job done."
– Greg H
4.0 5
"I ordered this thinking it would be just like the one I had in the service. On the first pass with the bore brush and it started spewing tiny copper wire fragments everywhere. Everything else appears to be issue quality."
– kickrocks
3.0 5
"Good set for the money. No oil included."
– Michael
5.0 5
"I thought this kit reminded me of the cleaning kit for my A2 in boot camp (except the bag was triangular shaped to fit the buttstock). The rods and brushes performed as expected, leave the sections with a little gap and as you pull the cleaning brush thru, it tightens up just like they are supposed to. Even the handle is crimped to use for the chamber brush. I really love the metal eye segment for the cleaing patch, beats the plastic junk from other cleaning kits."
– semper fi
4.0 5
"Bag is sorta flimsy. Comes with a web belt clip, rod and brushes appear to be government issue and are great and make it worth the buy. The gas tube cleaners are craft store pipe cleaners that you can only shove 2 inches into the gas tube before they bend and the bottle comes with no oil and can\uFFFDt be stored on their side or will leak..Great for anyone who owns an ar15."
– bushmaster ar 15
1.0 5
"It came missing the plastic brush. Be sure to read carefully because it also comes without oil, the bottles are empty."
– AR guy