Krause Publications Armed: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry By Bruce N. Elmer, PhD. 224 Pages W7927

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Armed: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry
By Bruce N. Elmer, PhD.

You'll Love This If:
You just got your concealed weapons permit
You've carried concealed for years and want advanced ideas on CCW
You want new concealed carry tips you've never read before
There is no shortage of advice on carrying a handgun for self-defense. But Armed-The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry is like nothing you've read before.
Authored by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., a noted psychologist specializing in self-defense instruction, Armed is the thinking gun owner's bible. This comprehensive volume breaks down not just the tools and tactics, but the mindset and choices an armed citizen must know to win a gunfight and not get wrongfully prosecuted.

You'll Learn:
Why going armed is about owning your safety, not just a handgun
The true psychological mindset that drives anti-gunners
How to avoid the "Hero Syndrome"
What rules of engagement lead to justifiable use of force
How to deal with the trauma after a shooting incident
Practical dry-fire and live-fire drills
Weapon retention - keeping a gun grab from happening to you
The Force Continuum - how to survive an attack
Comprehensive overview on new gear for concealed carry
With comprehensive overviews on concealed carry gear that works and common-sense solutions to everyday carry problems, Armed: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry is the one reference book you need to read cover to cover if you carry concealed weapons for self-defense.

Specifications and Features:
Your Safety - Own It
Everyone Can Learn to Protect Themselves
Gun Therapy
The Good Person's Code
Don't Be a Hero
Trust Only Yoursel f
Confrontation Psychology
Managing Uncertainty: Ten Simple Solutions
Psychological Preparedness for Combat Survival
Common Gun Control Myths
The Judicious Use of Deadly Force
The Rules of Engagement
A Clear View of Your Personal Security Needs
Your Plan for Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry: Five Dos and Don'ts
Safety Awareness: Your First Priority
Post-Shooting Trauma
Choosing a Defensive Handgun for Concealed Carry
Living with "Mouse Guns"
Concealment Holster Primer
Choosing a Comfortable Concealment Holster
Beyond Gun & Holster
The Necessity of Knives
The Importance of Follow-Through
What's Your Stance?
Skills Maintenance Drills
Advanced Dry-Practice Drills
Weapon Retention and the Draw Stroke
Reality-Based Skills
Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
Individualized Handgun Training
Training for a Gunfight
Training as we Age
224 Pages
Plus hundreds of additional tips for successful concealed carry!