LaserLyte Laser Shooting Gallery Kit Revolver Trainer 3 Targets High Impact ABS Polymer Blue

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LaserLyte has been a leading innovator in laser technologies for several years. Now they are introducing one of the most fun designs yet from the LaserLyte research team! The LaserLyte Shooting Gallery Kit will provide hours of fun, and enjoyment with an element of skills improvement we can all use. Everyone loves shooting steel targets and the Steel Tyme target is designed to provide that same immediate audio and visual feedback. But the Rumble Tyme can moves, rotates and lights up on each hit. Combine that with timed shooting of the Quick Tyme target and its "Game On"! These targets work in conjunction with LaserLyte Trainer Trigger Tyme Pistols to complete the laser training system. Using a LaserLyte training system instead of going to the range can save you time and money. It's perfect for the legally armed citizen, competitive shooter, family bonding or showing up the friends and neighbors. This is a great investment in order to keep your skills sharp on a rainy day. But let's face it, shooting steel targets, making cans shake and rattle or shooting for the best time is a absolute blast! Pun intended!
Check out the LaserLyte Steel Time training system, it is hands down the best training tool on the market today.

Specifications and Features:
LaserLyte Laser Shooting Gallery Kit TLB-LSG
Revolver Training Pistol
Simulates S&W Snub Nose J Frame/Taurus 85
Built in laser
Three A76 batteries included
50,000 shot battery life
High Impact ABS Polymer
Overall length 6.5"
Overall width 1.35"
Overall height 4.3"
11 ounces

LaserLyte Steel Tyme Target Board
Immediate Audio and Visual Feedback
Works with all LaserLyte Trainers
6,000 shot battery life
Three AAA  batteries
Overall height 7.63"
Overall width 3.13"
Overall depth 1.25"
Overall Weight 5.6 oz

LaserLyte Rumble Tyme Target Board
Rumbles Rotates and Lights-up
Works with all LaserLyte Trainers
6,000 shot battery life
One 9v battery
Overall height 3"
Diameter 2.70"
Overall Weight 6.4 oz

LaserLyte Quick Tyme Target Trainer Board
With Count Down Time
Shot Placement Display
6,000 shot battery life
Three AA batteries
Overall length 9.5"
Overall width 6.25"
Overall depth 1.25"
Overall Weight 16.8 oz

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Revolver Trainer Pistol with Built In Laser
LaserLyte Quick Tyme Trainer Target
LaserLyte Steel Tyme Trainer Target
LaserLyte Rumble Tyme Trainer Target