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Paracord 550 Cord 300 Foot Length Black Commercial Seven Strand Nylon

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Paracord 550 Cord 300 Foot Length Black Commercial Seven Strand Nylon 
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5.0 5
"this is the best ever pretty soon i will be getting this for fast-ropeing!!!"
– American Rifleman
5.0 5
"I ordered 300 feet of this a year or so back and use it for EVERYTHING! I keep a roll in my truck, in the toolbox, in the garage, in the shed. I've gone through 300 feet in just a few years. I'm getting ready to place an order for 1000 feet!Oh... The other great thing about this cord is that you can wrap the handle of your survival knife with it. This does several things...1. Increases the diameter of the grip so that your hands don't tire as fast.2. You can actually wrap (tightly!) about 25 feet of cord around the handle so you have it available any time you use the knife. You ALWAYS need a length of line when you don't have it!3. The cord acts as a vibration dampener so that any type of chopping action doesn't wear out your hand and arm.Hell... I'd make clothes out of this stuff if I could! Buy a few rolls and keep it handy... You'll be glad you did!"
– Rick
5.0 5
"I bought a 300' spool of this stuff about 2 years ago. I use it all the time. As a Scout Master, I use it camping for tying tents down, for webbing on my packs, to just about anything you can think of. If you're an outdoor type of person, this is for you."
– Ed in HB
5.0 5
"One could state all the uses this cord is suited for, but who has time to write a book. Seriously, it's great quality and a must have!"
– Art Of War
5.0 5
"This is a very good product. Thank you CTD"
– Miles
3.0 5
"Bought this 300' spool, great price. It is not to Military specifications for Para Cord. Only two of inner strands were braided. There was also a small thread style braid, but the other four strands were separated nylon strands that were made up of a bunch of thin filament nylon threads not twisted or braided. This means that there were only really three usable stands of inner core that can be used for any thing. The other 4 strands could not be used for fishing line, sewing, or anything other than tying down something or bundling something together. Mil spec cord has 7 braided inner cores."
– Russ
5.0 5
"although black in color, this is the real stuff. seven strand twisted core with the black outer sheath. the previous reviev has it as the commmercial cheap stuff, but what i recieved appears to be of a mil spec variety. this stuff is great for just about any lashing task. just about finished with the stash of 550 cord from the army, so this will come in handy. great price, ordered on a sunday recieved on wednesday.... great job ctd."
– ron d
4.0 5
"While this product is NOT 550 Parachute Cord MIL-C-5040H Type III which is TRUE Mil Spec 550 cord nor is it advertised as such. There is a difference between 550 Parachute cord and \"Para cord\" as the civilian stuff is being called. It is without a doubt the closest thing to, for the money! I knew this when I bought it. I got tired of paying what is becoming outrageous prices for the real deal. The tensile strength is about 450lbs which is close enough to that of 550 cord(550lbs) for this product to be tough and durable. It DOES contain 7 twisted strands within a braided sheath and DOES NOT seem to frail any more then the real stuff. To the person that does not know much about 550 cord there is no noticeable difference. The product arrived promptly and IS WORTH THE MONEY, you won't find 300feet of the real stuff any where at this price! I highly recommend this product to everyone and will be purchasing more. I work with 550 cord daily, you will not be disappointed in my recommendation. THANKS C.T.D.!"
– John
4.0 5
"I bought some of this for my survival bag; I figured you never know when you'll need some rope. Well, no disasters have occurred yet, but I did accidentally use the crappy drier in my building while doing laundry and ran out of quarters. I cut off about 25 feet of this stuff and used it for clotheslines. Works great. The nylon means it won't harm clothing like rougher rope, and it's cheap enough that I don't mind buying more. I'd give it 5 bullets if it were up to military specifications, but for most uses this will suit you just fine."
– Nick
4.0 5
"As CTD states and others in this review, this is Not military para cord! But I have to say, it's the closet I've ever seen to the \"real thing.\" It's strong, has the \"7 twisted strands within a braided sheath\" like military cord and best of all you get a lot of it cheap. This is great to have in your car, toolbox, work site and earthquake kit. Sure, buy real Military grade Para Cord for your earthquake/survival kit for the big life saving jobs but for the basics, shelter building, tents, quick repair, you can go wrong! 300' in your kit, you can afford a mistake or two at this price or help out a friend."
– Nighthawk
5.0 5
"Great cord and well worth the cash."
– TNPxRadioactive
5.0 5
"CTD thanks very shipping. It has 7 seven stranded pairs, but missing the black/white twisted pair in it. No big deal still strong and versatile. Will buy some od green soon."
– L-Bizzy the Fire
5.0 5
"I have been looking for paracord locally but all I see is cheap chinese junk. While this is not quite as strong as the 550 paracord, I doubt I will ever find an application that will break it. It does have seven individual strands as advertised that can be used for finer applications in an emergency situation. At 4.3 cents per foot, you cannot afford not to have a full spool on hand for just about anything. Another great buy from CTD!"
– Nichols
5.0 5
"I built a tree house only using this cord - no nails - and it worked. Both my friend and I are able to go in the tree house at the same time and we both weigh over 180 pounds. And its been through one winter so far. I'm assuming the wood I used is gonna go before the Para cord. Highly recommended."
– Jonathan
5.0 5
"I tied this around a 682lbs pallet and strung it up on my forklift at work and everyone was amazed that one tiny string held up the whole load!!! It will stretch and make noises but it held up fine but after stressing it the rope becomes hard \"compressed\" and not flexible. This stuff is strong, just remember to burn the ends so it wont fray and come apart or if you cannot burn it you can tie a knot at the ends also."
– Lucky Dog
5.0 5
"I bought a spool of this recently and I am nothing but happy with it, great cordage, and extremely easy to work with."
– patrick
5.0 5
"This cord may not be mil-spec, however, it's dern close. I have used it in many applications and it is just as strong doing the same jobs. A great deal as it does an outstanding job!"
5.0 5
"The best bang for the buck for any utility tool you ever want to have. You can do just about anything with this rope."
– Sgt D
5.0 5
"Fast delivery and a Great Quality product. Will be buying more."
– Rualath EDF-831
5.0 5
"I got this cord and used it for my Flow Form 7.0 single line kite, and we are talking about a huge kite 108\" x 146\". The recommended line is 1,100lbs. At 30knots of wind, I got really surprised because the paracord withstood the powerful pull of the kite. I would recommend this to everyone."
– bobbyjones1205
5.0 5
"Great cord for the pack! Very useful in many applications and is very strong. I rolled off about 50' and stuck it in my backpack for emergency use. I would trust this cord in any ourdoor use, and for the price, everyone needs a roll of this laying around."
– CG
5.0 5
"Got a roll of this a couple of months ago. Have it sitting in my truck as a \"Just in case\" item. From what I've used of it, it works great. Mine does have 7 strings, and they are relatively easy to pull out and use. I would recommend getting a roll or two of this for just in case situations. one can never have enough rope. Another thing, the tarp clips they sell on here aren't the greatest. Thanks CTD!!"
– BH
5.0 5
"This stuff is small enough to not get in the way but strong enough to endure a lot of strain even over a sharp edge. It's cheap and easy to use. Flexible and does not stain. Get it."
– Seth
4.0 5
"Overall I'm happy with the product but when it arrived there were several small snags on the cord before I ever opened it."
– Spencer
5.0 5
"Somethings you can't have too much of while bugging out or setting up camp. Food, water, ammo, duct tape, and 550 cord. This spool is the perfect size for your BOB for trail use. Hint: heat-seize the ends when you get it. And for every cut thereafter, seal the sheath outer braid to the inner core. I'm happy!"
– In the Bush
5.0 5
"I received this and was a bit skeptical since the packaging says \"military style 550 Cord.\" It IS made in the USA - which is a must for this type of cord.I decided to test it by loading all of the weight from my weight bench onto the bar and hanging the bar from this cord.I added 50 pound plates to 400 pounds and then two 25s for a total of 450 PLUS the bar - so this cord is absolutely proven to 475 pounds - and may hold more (I ran out of weights).It does have some small stretch, about 4 inches on a 5 foot length at 475 pounds. This is normal for most rope.I tied it with two half hitches ONLY at each end. After the test I was able to unite them with a little wiggling of the knot.I'm incredibly impressed, and I would consider using this as an emergency last resort repel.Props to Cheaper Than Dirt for not buying the cheap Chinese crap 550 cord that is on the market.Enjoy, and BUY USA MADE!"
– Snoop
5.0 5
"I keep 550 cord everywhere and use it for work all the time. Good price for the quantity."
– VonKopp
5.0 5
"I bought a roll of the 550 paracord and used it to weave a sling for my AR. I wound up with a really nice, durable sling without much expense. That the paracord is made in the U.S.A. makes the deal even sweeter."
– Red Angus
5.0 5
"I just got into paracord activities and was leery about the cheap stuff not being good paracord. This is good stuff."
– jeremy