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Pant Holster For Concealed Weapon Carry Black Deep Concealment Ambidextrous

Roma Leathers Inc
8081 BK
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For deep concealment, you need a comfortable holster that can keep your pistol secure. Our trouser holster is worn under your pants and has a soft lining to keep the firearm from digging into your body. Fits medium, compact, and sub-compact pistols and revolvers.

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1.0 5
"I ordered the black one. The fabric is really thin and would wear out fast. Sorry, this one goes back."
– FL shooter
5.0 5
"I bought this holster to replace one exactly like it I have carried my hammerless S&W J-frame .38 in concealed every day all day for 4 years that is showing some wear. It is very comfortable and is the most undetectable holster even when wearing only shorts and a tee shirt I have ever known and the gun can be retrieved very quickly when needed which can save your life.I stood wearing shorts and a tee shirt in front of a retired cop friend, hold him I was armed, where is it? He looked me up and down saying \"you are not armed.\" When I showed him the S&W he was shocked and almost speechless saying \"I would have missed it in a pat down!\"I keep two speed loaders in the other pocket.You can not beat it for the price!How much is your life worth? Thank you Cheaper than Dirt!"
– Harry
1.0 5
"We got the first one, and realized the stitching was off-center. The right-hand side was bigger than the left. So it was replaced, and props to customer service, that was quick, painless, and great overall.The second one just got here and it's exactly like the first. The stitching down the center has a fold in it. If you're right-handed, it's probably fine. If you're left-handed, it's way off.The pic makes it look like it's a straight, down the middle stitch, but be warned, it's not. If you plan on using it left-handed, it's probably not going to work unless you're packing a derringer."
– Mike
4.0 5
"I believe the problem with these holsters is that they are being marketed as \"ambidextrous,\" but are not. I purchased this product, based on the previous review that stated it would work for a right handed shooter. Unfortunately, I received one where the left hand pocket was significantly larger than the right. This will work for placing your gun on the left side and a magazine on the right, but I need the reverse, and apparently the reviewer before me requires the one I received. Overall, it's a great product and would work fabulously, if I were left handed. I feel the real problem here is the marketing, which is why I give the product itself 4 bullets overall."
– Chris
3.0 5
"Bought in Jan (1/31/2012) - now (7-23-2012) (3-3.5 Bullets). The tips of wearing through. I ended up switching to other pocket, and carry the mag in the worn. It has worked out well enough, but I fear the day it wears through the others (which I think is sooner, rather than later). THERE HAS NOT BEEN A FAILURE of it yet (it appears to be made up of multiple layers, which safeguards the mag from falling). Overall lifetime I would estimate to be 8 months.I wonder, if it was \"tougher,\" would it be wearing through my suit pants (which I would consider worse!)? I am not sure what I will be choosing next."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"I ordered this holster and it is great. It is very comfortable to wear. Can't beat the price either. I would recommend this holster to others to buy."
– Alfonso
1.0 5
"Stitching was off center and forces a left side carry."
– Richard
2.0 5
"A couple of things, first two holsters that I received were identical. Both had ample room, but only for a righty, which I am so it is great. This is definitely not ambidextrous. Second, why in the heck do they put the prickly side of the velcro towards the skin? Not cool. It would be so simple to put the softer side on the skin side. If they would have done that, 4 bullets. The way it is with the velcro sticky side to skin, it is just not wearable for any period of time without taking the time to match the sides \"Perfectly\"."
– Scott from Smyrna, GA
5.0 5
"Its made cheap, if used everyday \"which I do\" will only last like 2years... For the money its the most comfortable, cozy, concealable holster I've owned.. \" I buy blackhawk, unclemike, Fox etc.. For the price, best deal ever."
– leoleinad
4.0 5
"I have a drawer full of holsters but I can quit buying them now. This is highly concealable,extremely comfortable and can be worn with any type of clothing."
– Ken M.
4.0 5
"I agree somewhat with Scott. Just maybe a little tweak that would allow the belt to fasten from either side that the would keep the Velcro off of bare skin would be most helpful. Otherwise, great product."
– Marcus
4.0 5
"Fantastic holster! Comfort- 5/5Concealment- 5/5Draw time- 3/5Quality- 4/5I don\uFFFDt wear much loose fitting or baggy clothing so finding a holster that doesn\uFFFDt print is hard. I\uFFFDve had some success with versa carry but even this prints with some of my t-shirts. With this holster however, I could be wearing gym shorts, a wife beater t-shirt and flip flops and you wouldn\uFFFDt see anything at all. I work at a place that doesn\uFFFDt allow employees to carry on the premises (but I\uFFFDm not breaking any state or federal laws if I do) so a No print holster is imperative. At the Worst this holster makes me look like I have a SLIGHTLY larger member than I actually do. It\uFFFDs very comfortable, the fabric that comes in contact with your body is soft with a little bit of grip so it doesn\uFFFDt move around too much while the fabric on the outside that comes in contact with your clothing is satiny smooth so it doesn\uFFFDt snag and print. It has a good 10 inch strip of Velcro that\uFFFDs about 2 inches wide so you get more than enough Velcro surface area. You can do jumping jacks, jump rope or burpies and this thing wouldn\uFFFDt come loose! Now for the negatives, and there are 2 that I can find.1) Its a Very slow draw. You have to fiddle faddle with multiple layers of clothing/fabric to fish out your pistol. I guess this is the sacrifice for ultimate conceivability.2) They could have used double stitching."
– Tony
5.0 5
"This product is one of the best values in concealed carry. Great item for under light clothing. I carry a Keltec PF 9 in this holster. That is about the largest and heaviest I would use this for. I also carry a Ruger LCP in 380, and that it is ideal for. Very comfortable."
– Always packin'