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TacStar Side Saddle for Remington 870 or 1100 or 1187 Shotguns Holds Six Shells No Gunsmithing

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Places extra shells right where you need them for a fast reload.

The patented TacStar Sidesaddle mounts 6 extra rounds on your shotgun in a convenient and accessible location for fast reloading. The tough, weatherproof shell carrier is attached to an aluminum mounting plate that installs directly on the shotgun receiver. All mounting screws are included, no gunsmithing required. Installation is easy, and in most cases requires no alterations to the shotgun. Note: some field grade shotguns may require a modification to the shotgun's forend. Shotguns using the TacStar pistol grip forend do not require modification. Works great as a separate Shotshell Storage Caddy for Duck Blind, Boat or Hunting Cabin!

Unbreakable, Corrosion Resistant Polymer Shellholder
Rugged, Aluminum Backing Plate
Easy Mounting, No Gunsmith Design
Fits Remington models 870, 1100 and 1187. 

Item#: SHT-002,7-1081157,20-LY1081157,2-TAC1081157,9-12587,3-1919561,31979,6-1919561
Total number of Reviews: 30

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2.0 5
"Product looks great when installed on my Remington 870, but sits too far up on receiver. Forend slide will not cock back all the way to eject shells. I dont know if its just the model shotgun i have or what. I wouldn't recommend it with the 870 with a stock forend. Maybe new, shorter forend slide would work out a bit better. <br><br><B><font color=red>CTD NOTE: </font>Tactical forearm needed see item# <a href=http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SHT018-57741-2164.html>SHT-018</b>"
– Chris
5.0 5
"As mentioned, a factory forend needs to be cut down to fit this product. Any tactical forend should be made to work with this, or simply trim your existing forend. Mine has served well for years, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants extra shells right where you need them."
– John
5.0 5
"Easy install, I combined it with the ATI forend. Holds the shells for my 870 secure. Price is right and quality seems to be fine."
5.0 5
"Install was quick and easy. Took less than 15min. Having six shells on-gun is handy as all hell, and makes my 870 look absolutely sinister. My only concern with the design is that only two screws hold it on, and they're rather close together, but after installation it feels pretty solid after all. I like it a lot, and glad I picked it up."
– Crazy Nate
5.0 5
"I just bought an 870 with a TacStar Pkg and this side saddle completes the package. The package states a factory forearm needs modification. Put this on an extended mag shotgun and you have 13 rounds ready to go."
– Txbdyguard
5.0 5
"a steel plate attatches first and then the polymer shell holder attatches with 6 or 8 machine screws and is held on the reciever with massive allen head bolts...adds some nice heft to the gun...feels like HDPE which is very rugged and forgiving plastic...any doubts i had when waiting for it in the mail were put to rest once i had my hands on it."
– W.B. Harper
4.0 5
"I overtightened the rear crossbolt and stripped out the plate. Luckily I can get a longer bolt and a nut. This would not be the case if I had stripped the other one. Just get it snug and leave it alone."
– Torqie
5.0 5
"I chose to buy this TacStar side saddle over the competition... the Mesa Tactical side saddle. I found out with the nicely made more expensive Mesa Tactical side saddle, there was a rubber piece that is inserted into the aluminum saddle to keep the shells securely in place. This is fine and all, and makes sense but what I didn't like is the fact that over time this rubber insert becomes weak and loses strength. It must be replaced however so often. This is what the manufacturer Mesa Tactical states and they don't say how long the rubber insert will last. But they do recommend that u not store your shells in the saddle for too long. For me, I dont want to come back to the same company and have to buy a replacement part and who is to say this company will still be around. So, I went with TacStar. Their side saddle can hold the shotshells indefinitely. And, that's the whole point of a side saddle. To have your rounds ready to go right there on the shotgun."
– the Zombie Killer
5.0 5
"nice and easy to install puts six rounds right were you need them"
– shotgunner
4.0 5
"This saddle was very easy to install, but unfortunately it DOES NOT work with the ATI Top Folding stock unless you modify the saddle. A simple mod of cutting off the top right corner allowing the stock to fold down all the way is all that was needed. Dont worry because this did not reduce the number of shells it can hold. Great product but a little engineering is needed with the top folding stock"
– pudge
5.0 5
"I was shocked when I fired over fify rounds of buck shot and the shells in the saddle barely moved. Easy to install and great to have the extra ammo right where you need it!"
– Tactforce
4.0 5
"Be prepared to modify the forearm in order to fully pump rearwards.I used my Dremel to made the modification (cutting a notch in the forearm), it was quick and painless."
– Bill
5.0 5
"I bought this SideSaddle for my NEF Pardner Protector. So even though it was meant for the Remington Shotguns, it was still a perfect fit in the NEF Shotgun. Overall, very sturdy, clean, and the quality is outstanding. Made an incredible improvement on my shotgun."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"All around great. THIS FITS the NEF (New England Fire Arms) Pardner Pump Protector! (The 18.5 inch, I don't know about the 22\")For what, 20-40 bucks you can have an extra 6 shots riding along side PLUS the 6-8 you've got on your shotgun? I tell'ya, this is a great home defense idea/ hunting as well. Tac-Star makes great products. Thanks CDT!"
– Chase From Oregon.
4.0 5
"This was VERY easy to instal on my Remington 870, but it would not let me work the action with a standard forend. Luckily, I had a pistol grip forend and once installed it worked like a charm (hence the 4 bullets). I since bought the 4 round side saddle from CTD which I can also use with my standard forend."
– Chris in KC
5.0 5
"very very easy to instal. i have the nef h&r pardner pump. just had to cut off a one inch squar off the forend for it to fit right."
– ryan
5.0 5
"The only negative thing I have to say is that it adds a bit of weight, but oh well. It looks nice and is very practical considering it holds six shells. It holds the shells nice and tight, allowing for the shooter to either place the shells right side up or upside down without worrying if they'll stay in or not...they will."
– Seal
5.0 5
"It takes about two or three minutes to install and it puts six extra shells at your fingertips. Never had any problem with shells falling out either. I have the brass facing down and pull the shells downward to extract them. BE WARNED: Will not work with a factory length forend (because the forend will overlap the reciever and this is in the way) but I only use it on my tactical shotgun so it's not an issue. Great purchase."
– Kellen
5.0 5
"Just installed this on my Rem 870 Express. Fits well and quality seems good, haven't tested it yet. Would recommend!"
– The Brewer
5.0 5
"I finally received my side-saddle mount and installed it on my 870. No modification was required (on my 870, not sure about others as some people seem to report they have to trim the forearm) and everything clears OK. This adds very little weight. Even with ammo it doesn't weigh much. I love this side-saddle. The ammo is ready and easily accessible with this modification. I highly recommended this for those with shotguns!"
– J.Ramirez
5.0 5
"Just like the description say's, it installs in just minutes. I installed it on my Remington 870 and probably took less than 5 mins. Some people say it adds a bit of extra weight, well what do you expect, it's a metal piece. Is it that significant not IMO, especially for the fact that it allow's you to carry six extra shells.WILL NOT WORK WITH FACTORY FOREND. That was not a problem for me as I put a Surefire 618FA weapon light on there at the same time I was installing this. Highly recommended if you want to carry additional shells."
– Ray
4.0 5
"recently shot 250 rounds of 00buck in one day with tacstar sidesaddle. it was very practical/tactical, but there are tiny screws which hold the plastic carrier onto the metal sidesaddle platform which came loose and got lost on the range. now i have to call pahcmayr (tacstar) to replace the screws. use locktite to secure these tiny screws! the two larger screws that held the sidesaddle onto the receiver needed to be re-tightened at the end of the session, but i can live with that."
– g
4.0 5
"Nice workmanship, great fit on a 870. I would have to say this is a must have as it puts the rounds in easy reach and not in a pocket you have to fight with to get them out."
– Nashcbrguy
5.0 5
"I have a 870 Express Mag which I needed to spend 5 or 10 minutes with a Dremel trimming the forearm to get this to work. It works well after I cut it down. If you want bolt on, this is not for you. If you do not mind the little additional work, then this is rock solid and works great."
– CO_Sean
5.0 5
"I too had to cut a notch in my EMA Tactical forearm (also purchased from CTD). No biggie. Oh, and so much for the ground shipping being 7-10 days. Imagine the suprise I had after just ONE day! Very impressed with the business and products."
– Matt
5.0 5
"Installed this on my 870 express tactical with no problems. Went on quick and is very solid."
– Mike
5.0 5
"I have two of these, one for my 870 tactical and another for my 870 hd. They are VERY easy to install and hold the rounds perfectly. Please remember that if your forward grip overlaps the receiver when you cycle a round, this thing will not work. You will need to get a four round saddle or replace the forward grip. I know it says that in the item description, but I keep reading reviews ripping this thing because their forward grip is too big."
– Ron STL
5.0 5
"This product does as it's supposed to and is very easy to install. HOWEVER, if you purchased or will purchase the forend below, you'll have to use a hacksaw and cut small notches in the rear of the forend to allow it to go back all the way: Manufacturer: EMA Tactical RR870Item: 68545 (on this website)It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be and still looks great. Can't even tell I had to cut the forend because all the parts are black."
– Matt
4.0 5
"Installs easily with no gunsmithing required as stated, but you will have to trim down your forward grip on a remington 870 or it will not cycle fully due to hitting the side saddle. Other than that, it holds my 12g shells tightly and it took ~1 minute to install. There is a 4 or 5 shell option designed for the 870 that probably avoids the need to trim your forward grip, you might want to look into that if you don't have a table saw or other means to trim the grip."
– JV
5.0 5
"Installed the side saddle within minutes and went on with no problem.I have the hd/tactical version with the shorter forend...have recommended to many of my friends."
– Eric