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One Quart Canteen or PVS-14 MOLLE Pouch Eagle Industries (Canteen Not Included)

Eagle Industries
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Eagle Industries has been the supplier for our Military for years. The quality and customization of the equipment has been a proven success. Each piece has been crafted to fit the specific needs of the Military. These are all made in the U.S. and are not the cheap knock offs. Other companies strive to have the reputation and following that only Eagle has.

Each pouches storage space measures: 6" Tall X 5" Wide X 2.5" Thick.

Features Include:

-Adjustable, removable, hard sided insert
-FASTEX securing buckle
-1000 Denier Cordura construction
-Velcro mounted insert and reinforced lid closure
-Mesh drain screen on base of carrier allows for evaporation of moisture, but keeps out debris
-Elastic gathered top mouth to retain canteen or equipment


Designed as a canteen carrier, this reinforced, padded pouch also fits many popular optics and the PVS-14 night vision device. The removable, padded insert allows for the protected carry of a variety of fragile electronic field equipment.

Pouch comes complete with PALS straps. Mounting requires 2 columns x 3 rows PALS webbing space.

NSN 8465-01-525-0585 
Total number of Reviews: 17

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2.0 5
"Good looking but hard to get 1qt. canteen into,impossible if inserts are left in.Can not get cup in so old style cover is still needed if you want canteen,cup & purification tablets as no provision is made for them.Do you have a new style canteen & cup that fit in these covers?"
4.0 5
"So, I get this to put a BPA free canteen in it only to find out it won't fit. The closure has elastic from hell and won't let go of any canteen in its grasp. After studying it I noticed there is an inner hard casing that is held in place by velcro (both sides). So, I get 2 small rulers out of the desk, place them in between the velcros (both sides at the same time), and pull the inner case out. Voila! I now have a nice, inexpensive binoc case AND still have a canteen/whatnot pouch! The \"binoc case\" doesn't have a top cover built in but, I can rig either a strap or sew on a flap for the top! AND...the new binoc case has velcro on the ends so it can be adjusted to fit different sizes of NOX!!!! I'm telling y'all. Get this item NOW and fittle-fart around with it. Think outside the box and you'll discover many different uses for this pouch! The only type of attchment is on the back of the nox case. I figure I'll use the velcro separators I got from the Eagle Industries MOLLE M60 Ammo Pouch (CTD of course!) to make a vest/bag/ruck attachment for it. Again, get this puppy. I'm getting at least on other one. You think long you're wrong!!!"
3.0 5
"I agree with Annabelle's assessment, to a degree. Getting those inserts OUT so I could get the canteen IN took some doing. Once I got them out, the canteen went in. Although it is still snug, thanks to the elastic closure ring from hell. On the other hand, I can now close the flap and fit a packet of Katadyn water tablets in with the canteen."
5.0 5
"First, let me disagree wholeheartedly with the other reviewers. The insert in no way hinders the canteen from being placed snugly into the pouch. I bought two and the first thing I did was slip the canteens in and out and had no problems. I think the other reviewers need to hit the weight room at the gym! That said, I did not purchase these with water in mind. You have to think outside the box so far as your S.H.T.F. gear goes. I bought these with the intent of using them as ammunition storage. The results were perfect. I pulled out the stiff inserts, but only so I could get more 5.56 in! I stuffed five magazines worth of ammo (in cardboard boxes on ten round stripper clips) into each of these little beauties and then attached them to the outside of my B.O.B. If you wanted to put loose ammo into these pouches, they would take a lot more! I like them so much I wanted to buy another pair, but alas, my bag has no more available places to attach gear. :("
3.0 5
"For those who are thinking \"outside the box\" and using this canteen cover (which is what it was designed for) as an ammo pouch (which it was not designed for), all I can say is there are better options for an ammo pouch. For example, 2-511-58703-188. As a canteen cover, with its inserts, it is a difficult item."
5.0 5
"I received these wonderful little pouches and WOW. I really don't want to say anything about other reviews, but I had no problems whatsoever getting the canteens in all 4 of the ones I bought. Yeah, they're a little tight with the dividers in place, but just push. Without the dividers, it's not even a concern. The reason reviews need to be fair is when CTD sent me the e-flyer with the canteens on it, I almost passed because of the reviews. I'm sure glad I gave them a chance, because for the money, you can't go wrong. My only regret is not buying a lot more. Thanks a lot for the great price and product!"
5.0 5
"I originally thought of using this as a magazine pouch for my AR-10, but now that I have it, it's clear it would not have worked well for that. Instead, I chucked my canteen in it like it was designed for and it works great. I didn't have to remove anything to make it work. The elastic around the opening is a little stiff, but I'm sure it will get some slack over time."
5.0 5
"These are great. I bought a couple, and used the pouches for mags, as they easily fit 5.56 and .308 mags that I use. The canteens and the insulated liners are a bonus here. I really like the tightened opening and the adjustable strap with buckle for a secure ride."
5.0 5
"Straps fit into a MOLLE system perfectly. With the free canteen, you simply can't go wrong. Solid construction, insert is attached via Velcro to the back and pops out easily (once you know which piece of Velcro you are fighting)."
4.0 5
"I bought this pouch to use as a utility pouch for smaller stuff like flashlights, just small stuff, and it works nicely. The MOLLE straps are nice and tough, and it does not move around much at all. The elastic on the top makes it tough to put the canteen in and out, and irritates your hand if you put it in too much. It's a great pouch. I'd give it an 4 all around. The canteen is a bonus, and the inside is removeable, but removed, it's flimsy and doesn't work as great. Basically does not have any structure without it, so I recommend you keep it in."
5.0 5
"Very impressed with the quality of the MOLLE pouch. Fits tightly against my chest rig. Stitching is top notch. Standard Army canteen. Does the job. I was impressed by how much room I have without the canteen inserted. I am able to fit four PMAG 30 round AR-15 mags. Makes a great utility pouch. Well worth the investment."
5.0 5
"Really exceeded what I thought it would be. The canteen was new in a bag, the pouch was new, and the insert could actually be used as a stand-alone pouch because it has a velcro back, albeit an open top one. It took a good 5 minutes to wrestle it out, so then I got mad and it just popped right out. So my advice is start mad and save yourself 5 minutes."
5.0 5
"Another great piece of gear from CTD. The brand new free canteen is a nice bonus and the pouch is really well constructed. It'll take a while to get the removable insert out but whatever it's pretty much useless anyway. I'd buy this again and I highly recommend it."
3.0 5
"The pouch itself is great. The insert was easy to remove if done properly. I ordered two of these and did not get the free canteen with either of them."
3.0 5
"Arrived in unused shape. Well made but no canteen as mentioned before.I'm using empty canteens to try to stretch it out before using in the field.I like the cover better than the older models with the ALICE straps but there is no place for any purification tabs. But that's not big deal in my opinion.Overall I would buy again."
4.0 5
"I have a very old plastic green quart canteen. It fit without the liner which I discarded. It sticks out the top a bit high but it's secure. It seems to do the job. Minus one bullet for not the perfect fit for my canteen. I do recommend, however. No idea of durability since I just got it, but it works and it looks like it'll hold up for what I do. Great for a pistol belt or hiking belt."
5.0 5
"Bought this pouch because it is a cheap way to strap a quart of water to my MOLLE vest. Like others, I could not get the canteen to stuff into the pouch until I removed the hard internal liner. After that, no problem. The liner itself is now being used as a bino case for my Leupold Mesa binos. Great all around for its usefulness."