Omni-Brite Receiver (Per 6) Neon Orange, Magnum XX75

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
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The XX75 Magnum 20-inch, 2219 Easton aluminum arrow is fletched slightly offset with AAE EP-40 Elite Plastifletch 3 7/8" vanes. It is fitted with a 13-grain CPC carbon insert and TenPoints neon orange Superbrite Omni-Nock. Precision engineered by Easton, Magnum shafts are inspected for straightness to within .003 and hand sorted for weight tolerance to within two grains per dozen. Standard-weight arrows deliver an optimum blend of speed and kinetic energy, making them ideal all-purpose hunting arrows that meet most manufacturers requirements. Their weight allows them to absorb a higher percentage of a crossbows energy, thereby reducing vibration, stress, noise, and the likelihood of bow damage. Their increased weight makes them generate and retain more kinetic energy than lightweight arrows for improved accuracy and power down range. Their advantage is that their blend of speed and power makes them effective and suitable for nearly all hunting and shooting circumstances. Features: - 6-pack receivers - 20" - Omni-Brite lighted arrows - Standard-weight (400435-grains) - 436-grains (With 100-grain field point or broadhead) - Balanced at 7% F.O.C. Specifications: - 7.6% loss of speed over 50-yds. - 15.9% loss of KE over 50-yds. - 2.5-inch group at 50-yds. As tested with our 185# draw-weight test bow