OD Green Scent Blocking XSMALL Suit Original Sealed Package

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Protection Capabilities. Battledress Overgarment (BDO) ** The BDO provides protection against chemical agent vapors, liquid droplets; biological agents; toxins; and radioactive alpha and beta particles. When the BDO is removed from its vapor-barrier bag and worn, its protective qualities last for a minimum of 30 days. It is recommended that the BDO be replaced after 30 days; however, the weartime may be extended by the commander when operationally necessary. BDOs worn longer than 30 days presents a slightly increased risk to the wearer; however, the key to BDO effectiveness at anytime during wear, is its serviceability. Weartime for the BDO begins when it is removed from its sealed vapor-barrier bag, and stops when the BDO is sealed back in its vapor-barrier bag. If the original vapor-barrier bag is not available, return the BDO to a similar material bag and seal with common duct tape, Donning of the BDO regardless of the time, equates to a day of wear. Extending the weartime for the BDO affords additional flexibility operational and logistical support planning. The BDO provides a minimum of 24 hours of protection against exposure to liquid or vapor chemical agent. Exchange the BDO within 24 hours of exposure to a liquid chemical agent. The BDO is not designed to be decontaminated or reimpregnated for reuse. The overgarment material consists of an outer layer of nylon cotton and an inner layer of charcoal impregnated polyurethane foam. Due to heavy impregnation of charcoal, some charcoal may be deposited on skin and clothing under the BDO; however, this will not detract from the BDOs chemical protective characteristics nor harm the wearer. Do not wash the BDO, doing so will remove the charcoal from the suit rendering it inoperable. This is a non-returnable item.  

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