OATH Tango 12 Gauge 2.75" Ammunition 5 Rounds 602 Grain TSR Expanding Copper Slug, Brass Case 1200fps

OATH Ammunition
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Operators American Tactical Hardware is dedicated to providing a better bullet for military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters everywhere. They take pride in producing the absolute best, precision machined, lead free performance bullets in the world. The OATH manufacturing process begins at the component level and they use only the highest quality premium materials. OATH Ammo features precision machined projectiles that provide superior accuracy and are extraordinarily consistent at the point of impact.

With incredible expansion and the power of a .308 rifle, the 12ga OATH TSR is like hitting your target with a small mortar! Traveling 1200 fps and packing 1,925 ft/lbs of energy this precision machined solid copper 12 gauge slug is the most accurate, hardest hitting, shot gun round in the world. This is not a breaching round. This is the ultimate in defensive force for the immediate take down of your target! Featuring a light weight 602 grain copper projectile that utilizes a precision engineered aerodynamic nose cone, this shotgun slug is accurate out to 100 yards with little to no drop. On impact the TSR opens up causing a football size cavitation of the surrounding soft tissues. The projectile expands to over 3 inches, delivering devastating energy on target with no over-penetration. The nose cone extends further into the target and is equivalent to a .22 LR, but still does not over penetrate. While primarily developed as a personal and home defense round, the TSR can also be used with incredible effect when hunting large game.
This version of the TSR is brass cased allowing you to economically reload your own TSR projectiles and keep a supply of the ultimate shotgun slug on hand for personal defense and/or hog hunting!

12 Gauge
602 Grains
Lead Free Projectile
Solid Copper Expanding Slug
Reloadable Brass Casings
Muzzle Velocity: 1200 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1925 ft/lbs
Uses: Self Defense

5 rounds per box. To buy a full case order 10 boxes.

Ammo Price is per box.