NukAlert Radiation Monitor and Alarm Works 24 Hours Per Day 7 Days Per Week

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Used nationwide by state and federal agencies, this personal radiation device meters, monitiors and alarms when radiation is detected.

This monitor is always on 24/7, it makes a soft clicking sound continuously to let you know it is on and working. Includes a ten year battery and warranty.

Features and Additional Information:
Tested & Verified by Naval Air Warfare Center
Performance verified by Nat'l Radiological Laboratory
Each unit individually radiation accuracy tested
Detects Gamma & X-ray radiation: 20 keV to 2+ MeV
Detection Range: 100 mR/hr to 5,000 R/hr
Sensitivity: 100 mR/hr to 50 R/hr indicated in 10 ranges
Proportional Increasing Chirp Rate: 50 R/hr to 5,000 R/hr
Indication: Repeating groups of rapid countable chirps
Operational indicator: faint "ticking" = operating OK.
Alarm loudness: ~ 61 dBA (speaking volume)
Durability: Functional after 6' drop or submersion to 6'

Battery: Operational Life Expectancy @ room temp:
- Non-alarming (normal operation) - 10 to 15 years
- Alarming continuously at single chirp level - 3 years
- Alarming continuously at highest alarm level - 3 months

Detector: Patented CdS photo resistor coupled to a rare earth phosphor scintillator
Housing: hermetically sealed, radiation transparent, abrasion resistant ABS plastic
Accuracy: Within +/- 1 chirp

Response Time: Dose rate dependent:
~3 - 4 min. @100mr/hr
seconds @ R/hr ranges

Accumulated dose chart on back
EMP immunity: Meets MIL-STD-461D, RS105
Over range survivability: Functional after 5K R/hr. for 2hr.
Recommended Temperature Range: -20 C to +50 C
Size: 1.75"x1.25"x .75"H
Weight: 1.0  oz.
Made in the U.S.A.