Nosler Bonded Performance .30 Caliber .308" Diameter 168 Grain BSB Bonded Solid Base Bullets 100 Count

Nosler, Inc
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Nosler's Solid Base Bonded Performance Bullets were created specifically to improved the terminal ballistics of .22 caliber rifles, improving weight retention, expansion, and penetration to improve terminal performance for hunting.

Nosler's Bonded Solid Base Bullet features a protected point design for reliable feeding in both bolt action and AR15 style rifles. The tapered jacket ensures controlled expansion and the Nosler bonding process prevents fragmentation to provide maximum weight retention. These features combine to form not only a fantastic self defense round but also an outstanding medium game or varmint round.

Specifications and Features:
Nosler Bonded Performance 38145
BSB Bonded Solid Base Bullet
Weight: 168 Grains
Diameter: .308"
Reliable feeding
High Weight Retention
Maximum Penetration
Reliable expansion
Ballistic coefficient: 0.350
Sectional density: 0.253
Over All Length 1.115"