Nolser .22 Caliber .224" Diameter 64 Grain Bonded Solid Base HP 100 per Box 38135

Nosler, Inc
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Nosler's Solid Base Bonded Performance Bullets were created specifically to improved the terminal ballistics of .22 caliber rifles, improving weight retention, expansion, and penetration to improve terminal performance for hunting.

Nosler, Inc. the worlds foremost bonded bullet manufacturer is announcing their new Bonded PERFORMANCE .224 caliber, 64 grain Bonded Solid Base bullet. The 64gr Bonded PERFORMANCE bullet is designed to maximize the terminal performance of .22 caliber rifle cartridges. While most .22 caliber bullets are designed to be highly frangible, the Bonded Solid Base is designed for controlled expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration. The Bonded Solid Base makes an excellent medium game hunting bullet for states where .22 caliber rifles are legal for hunting as well as personal defense.

The Bonded Solid Base bullet features a Protected Point design for reliable feeding in both bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. The tapered jacket ensures controlled expansion while the proprietary bonding process prevents fragmentation and guarantees high weight retention. The AccuBond bonding process welds the copper jacket to the lead core to virtually eliminate the possibility of core-jacket separation. Solid Base construction supports the mushroom for wide wound channels and deep, straight-line penetration.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number:38135
Nolser .22 Caliber .224" Diameter 64 Grain Bonded Solid Base HP 100 per Box
Weight: 64 Grains
Diameter: .224"
Reliable feeding
High Weight Retention
Maximum Penetration
Reliable expansion
Ballistic coefficient: 0.231
Sectional density: 0.182
100 Bullets per Box


Item#: RELOAD-537-001