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NcSTAR SKS Tri-Rail Receiver Cover

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The NcSTAR SKS Tri-Rail Receiver Cover replaces your existing SKS receiver cover and provides Three Rails for mounting an Optic on top and accessories on the sides like a Flashlight and/or Laser. The two side rails can be mounted in several positions for mounting flexability, they are also removable. Four side set screws allow you to lock the receiver cover to the SKS receiver for a secure fit. The Receiver Cover is manufactured slightly longer by a few thousandths so that it can be hand fited to the various manufacturers of the SKS rifles. Some handfitting may be required for a secure fit. Mount is a See-Through design, which allows you to still be able to use the Iron Sights when mounted onto the SKS rifle.

Aluminum (Rail) and Steel Construction (Receiver Cover)
Length: 4.8"
Weight: 9.6 oz

Item#: 10145,9-59781,SKS-501,6-1024913,3-1024913
Total number of Reviews: 17

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3.0 5
"I purchased this mount for my yougo SKS and when I finally got it installed on the gun it works great. To install the mount you will need to take off about a quarter inch from the front of the mount. I used a 80 grit disc on a cordless drill and it took only a few minutes to do the modification."
– Randy
5.0 5
"Unlike Randy, I did not have to do any filing of any sorts to my mount in order to fit it to my Yugo. But I did have to really push the receiver into position. Other than that i found no problems with this mount."
– Klay
3.0 5
"A nice piece- but lots and lots of work to get it to fit on my yugo. I not only had to re angle the front 2 tabs, but i also had to plane the entire contact surface where it meets the gun, as well as copious amounts of filing inside the piece. It took several hours to get proper bolt operation- while it fit shells would not load because of far far too much drag. On the upside once i got it working it was a fantastic fit, and my red dot sight stays very accurate."
– wompm
2.0 5
"I've bought 2 and returned both because of the poor quality. I would have had to do too much work to correct. We're not just talking about filing the cover tips.It's a great concept and looks great in the photo. This item is made of 2 parts: the rail and the cover on which the rail is mounted. The 2nd part, the cover, was the problem in both cases: it is of incredibly poor quality. The cover has been poorly cut and is jagged and uneven on the bottom. On the cover part of one of the one's I bought, way too much work would have been required to make the cover mounting hole for the locking pin to fit. After removing the protective oil, the cover (not the rail) was obviously and significantly rusty all over.I say incredibly partly because why weld 2 mounting brackets on it then add a nice rail? This is a proverbial example of literally building on a poor foundation. It seems like alot of work wasted and I just don't get it."
– NormNip
5.0 5
"Took me longer to open the box than to install it and it fit like it grew there. Literally took seconds to install including installing a rubber buffer and removing the stock one and placing this one on the receiver. Fit tight snug on my china sks, did not touch with any tools files."
– Rick
5.0 5
"This was a great buy for the price. I would suggest putting some locking compound, blue tube, on the bolts to prevent them from loosening. I did not have to due any filing for my Yugo SKS at all, which was a pleasant surprise."
– SKS_Guy
4.0 5
"Fits perfectly, snug, no alterations needed on my Yugo SKS. Have not fired on the range with it yet; so, Wait Out."
– Yugo
4.0 5
"I have this reciever cover and have shot around 1200 rounds since i easily installed it (no filing or drilling) on my chinese SKS. It works but needs a little more rigidity. The set screws on the the bottom are of poor quality(overtorqued one and can bareley tighten anymore) and without locktite the nuts back out a little under volume fire. Second with the traditional rings with the big allen knobs i had to move one side rail to the other. Also recommend locktite in the screws that mount the top rail to the reciever cover. See-thru rail works great too."
– Zombie Killer
1.0 5
"This cover does not fit a Russian SKS received this mount and it could not be made to fit with any amount of grinding i sent it back to NcStar twice and received new one's twice same story both times so far i spent too much money for nothing and still spending"
– Russian SKS
1.0 5
"I typically don't trust what I read on reviews but I should have this time. I got my top cover in the mail the other day. After hours of meticulously grinding away at the cover I found out the retention pin hole was too small for the pin. After resolving that four a few hours i finally got the rifle back together. I took the rifle to the range today for a test fire and thats all i got. One shoot went off without a hitch. Now the bolt and bolt carrier are jammed in the back of the top cover. What a piece of junk!!!"
– bigbrother6810
1.0 5
"Filing it to fit I have done that before,but this one jams into the back of the cover when bolt is pulled back.. Not gonna work for me.."
– junk cover man
2.0 5
"i just got my new mount in. great looking mount it is! got my old cover off, and tryed to put new mount on and would not fit. after about 5 min. with a dremel. i had to stop. i couldn't get to those hard to reach places. so i had to go down to the store and get a good needle file set and 30 min with that. i got the slide to pull back smooth. i was so happy about that but when i went to push pin in to lock cover down it would not go in. now i dont know what to do? get raped taking it to a gunsmith or find a new mount. guess im getting a new mount! i know not all sks are the same but did not work on my norinco."
– tom
4.0 5
"I was hoping it would go right on, but after reading reviews and instructions on the box, I knew that some grinding was necessary. It wasn't hard, 5 mins with a Dremel, a tap with a mallet, and I was done. I put some Loc-tite on the rail screws in case they came loose after sighting in my scope. All in all, a good buy and I would recommend it if you can use a Dremel tool. Thanks CTD"
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"I ordered this expecting to have to modify it, and guess what. I did. However, this is fine. It clearly says in the instructions that it will need some modifying to make it work. After some grinding it fit perfectly. For anyone having issues with the bolt getting caught. Try grinding the top of the back end of the bolt off. It gets caught otherwise. Nice product :)"
– Dusty
3.0 5
"While it fit snuggly, the recoil eventually loosened it up causing my sight to wobble. The screws holding the rails to the cover also loosen up the green loc-tite. I went to the gas tube replacement mount, had it fitted, and it is an improvement but not a perfect solution either."
– Marathoner
4.0 5
"Fits after just a little time filing (~30min). Not a single misfire since I got it, so it does its job fine with me. Plus, I can always use my iron sites or a scope because of this design."
– FE
5.0 5
"I bought one for my Norinco, and loved it!! Should have stayed with it but later on I bought the Leapers model for my 626 company SKS. Never again! So I bought my second NcStar SKS top rail cover!! A world of differance BEST choice."
– Jon