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SKS AK-47 Front Sight Tool NcStar

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Necessary to adjust the front sight for windage and elevation; solid steel construction is durable enough to last a lifetime. 
Item#: SKS-400,9-59937
Total number of Reviews: 29

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3.0 5
"This is not fancy or anything, but it works. I used mine to help remove the front sight in order to install a Williams glow sight. I couldn't get this to fit all the way through the sight in order to remove the last little bit of the holding pin. So I used a soft punch and mallet to finish the job."
– JJ
1.0 5
"Didn't work on either my SAR-1 or WASR 10's front sight windage pin, seems that the hole on one side isn't aligned to the threaded screw part, and to make things worse the hole was too small to fit around the actual pin, so essentially it just clamped on the thing. Maybe I'm using it wrong? It doesn't come with instructions, just reaked of chinese machine oil. I've done better with a C-Clamp, some duct tape and a cup hook, I just don't want to carry that Macgyver lookin homeade piece of junk with me to the range. Will likely try to RMA it."
– Dave
3.0 5
"CTD mailed a replacement at no cost, got here pretty fast and this one works better. The hole was just too snug on the unthreaded side, and the screw wasn't lined up, but this one's hole seems to be the appriopriate size and is properly aligned. Now if they just made the T handle longer for more torque (and for guys like me with bigger hands) it would be perfect."
– Dave
1.0 5
"w.ll not work on century arms wasr 10save your money"
– c.dogWill not work on century arms
4.0 5
"I recieved mine in 2 days after order. I took it out and tried it and it does it job. Its nothing fancy just a tool, that works. Thanks CTD for a good product at a great price."
– celtic
4.0 5
"When I bought the sight ajuster I had not read the reviews,When I did I thought It wouldn't work on my Romanian GPWARS10 either.But I knew that I could fix it if it was too snug on the unthreaded side. When I got it it was just as some one had said. But all you have to do is drill it out. I used a 13/32 drill bit ,but you could probably go bigger with a 7/16. All it takes is a few seconds to do and you only spent six bucks. It is a must have tool ,and beats the hell out of a c-clamp or punch!! Go on and by this it is worth it. And if you can't figure out how to modify it to work you probably don't need to own a gun any way!"
– T
3.0 5
"Well, the sight pin's threaded post is wider than the slot in the tool so I cant raise or lower the pin, which is the adkustment I needed.It should serve well as a windage adjustment but I found that the holes do not align if you try to put the tool on the sight from above. If you place the tool across the sight from in front, the holes line up and allow the windage portion of the sight room to move.I'm stuck shooting high until I find a wider elevation tool."
– DZ
4.0 5
"I own two of these. I got one for my range bag and one for my vest. The one I got first I used often, and worked well. I didn't really check the 2nd one till I read the other reviews, and it was less than perfect. It still did its job, but it wasn't as smooth, but it still did what I wanted it to do."
– Ross
2.0 5
"This didn't work for my Yugo's windage adjustment. No matter which way I turned it. Thankfully, another guy at the range had one that fit just fine. Didn't check the elevation, so I don't know there."
– Mags
4.0 5
"East to use, removed sight pin and adjusting slug for replacement. Punch needed to finish tapping slug out. This or the sight pin tool are a must for front sight changes."
– Shunkmanitu
4.0 5
"Seems like a good unit...Just be carefull if your windage has never been adjusted before as it WILL DAMAGE THE THREADS ON THIS UNIT. The instructions tell you to tap on your windage to loosen it before you use it.Trust me ... take that advise!!!!!!"
1.0 5
"useless does not work at all save your money."
– bigace
1.0 5
"did not fit for height adjustment on my YUGO, and isn't shaped properly to fit the sight end of my yugo 59/66A1. the pushing pin on this unit got deformed from the pressure and not being able to seat right. also the threads were real loose which made this problem even worse. save the trouble of buying this rather cheap chinese product. I will buy the tapco mill spec tool next time despite the much higher cost"
– ajn
1.0 5
"Didn't fit my sks"
– Jimmy
4.0 5
"Just got mine, works great. Had a little trouble sticking on the cylinder, but a few passes with a file solved this. Buy one."
– Kevin Mickelson
3.0 5
"This tool worked great for the front sight elevation, however it was difficult to move the post left and/or right because there is not a lot of leverage. That is, the handle isn't long enough. In the end you get what you pay for. This tool works, but if you are a serious gun collector/shooter like me you might want to research other brands."
5.0 5
"I just got this in the mail and tried it out. It fit my Yugo SKS and I had no problem adjusting my windage. I was worried about getting this after reading the reviews and almost got the more expensive one. I'm very happy with this, and the price was great."
– larryscomputer
4.0 5
"I had to dremel out the inner hole opposite of the threaded hole to get it to work on my ak (like a counter sunk hole). It took me like 2 minutes and it works great on my wasr now. Elevation was no problem. For what it cost and 2 minutes of my time I am happy with it."
– BluesForTheRedSun
4.0 5
"Yeah, it's kinda cheap made but a little 3in1 or gun oil on the threads helps. Those pins are real tight so you gotta really crank on that handle to get it to move. No mods necessary to fit my romanian WASR10. Works for me."
– Lyle
1.0 5
"So there I was with an SKS with sights to be zeroed out. I ordered this \"tool\" that came fresh off the boat from China and boy, what a disappointment! The little wrench in the handle for screwing the front sight post bent easily and when I attempted to use the screw-through puch to adjust the fron sight drum, the hole in the base was too small. I had to take a larger drill bit, drill the hole the way it should have been drilled in The People's Republic of China SKS Sight Tool Factory #93187 in the first place....and then, I was able to set up the front sight.It'll work for a while...after YOU modify it. Consider it kind of like a SKS Front Sight KIT (some assembly required). Save your money and buy a better quality tool."
– Smurf
3.0 5
"Not the best tool in the world ,but it got the job done."
– johnny 10 gun
1.0 5
"Doesnt work with my WASR-10, hole on the clamp is to small for sight shaft to go into."
– ak-lover
5.0 5
"Title says it all, simply put... must have this tool. Of course its a stubborn piece of metal to move, its your sight... you don't want that thing just wiggling around. But this is one of the most useful $5 I've spent, not counting ammo."
– Jason
5.0 5
"I used this tool on a Zastava PAP (AK Variant) with very good result. The front elevation tool fit perfectly over the post with no damage when adjusting elevation. Windage worked well also-relief hole was spot on in ID. I'm sorry to see that some AK owners did not have the same experience."
– Reddog62
5.0 5
"This tool was very useful to get my Chinese SKS to sight straight! I had to move the sight about as far as it would go to the left, and this puppy made the job fairly easy. Thanks, CTD!"
– Charles2010
4.0 5
"Its hard to find one of these in stock. Received mine today and instantly started playing with it. Its sturdy and has smooth threads (doesn't fell like they will strip). The elevation slot was admittedly really tight for the stock yugo sight. But it held well enough to get it out for the new fiber optic one."
– SKS = T.O.Y.
1.0 5
"Do yourself a favor if you have a WASR - spend the money on the good Tapco sight tool because this won't work with a WASR 10. The guide hole is too small for the front sight to drift into."
– wasr king
5.0 5
"I was nervous to buy this because everyone talks about the Tapco version being the way to go. You could always spend the money on the Tapco tool - but WHY?? If you are worried that this tool is a cheap knock-off of the Tapco version, rest assured. It is a quality tool, came with the fine threads oiled well, and the action on it is smooth. Works perfectly with my Chinese SKS. Save your money - this tool is well made for the job."
– Prong
2.0 5
"Bought this trying to save a few bucks, and I did, but payed the difference in time modifying. First off, the relief hole isn't true to pinion. Already disappointed. It would press much easier, and not leave an off center mark on the sight drift, if it were true. Secondly, I've got a WASR (go figure I'd need a sight tool) and the relief is too small for the sight drift on the inside, but fits if you flip it around to the outside... how'd they end up with a tapered hole? You can probably make this tool work for you, but is it worth it? Spend a little more, and save yourself the hassle."
– Travis