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AR-15 Carry Handle 1 Piece Rail

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Designed to be mounted in the carry handle of AR-15 rifles and has 13 slots along the top for mounting accessories. Constructed of lightweight aluminum; Length: 5.50", Weight: 2.47 ounces. 
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2.0 5
"In my opinion the mount is a little long. It fits fine but when tightened down it goes over the rear peep sights so you can only choose one sight to use. The thumbscrew is to long as well. It blocked my view through the fixed iron sights. After about 60 rounds the thumbscrew loosened and the scope started to move."
– Chad
4.0 5
"I saw what the guy before me said about too long, but if you use your A2 sight flip down feature that much, just turn the thing around so it hangs off the front of the handle a little. Was solid, I put a drop of lock thread on it and it works great under my Bushnell Trophy."
– SkullSniper
5.0 5
"This mount works well with the added bonus of you being able to use iron sights without removing."
1.0 5
"material flimsy, would not hold a zero from zero range to firing line due to the split down the middle. it would collapse easially under the light strain. after adding a 3.5mm capscrew to each side to keep it from collapsing it still would not hold a zero to within even boresight accuracy. still required more modification since the wings were cast at 90 degrees and the picatinny system requires 70 degrees. had to be ground to fit."
– IraqVet
5.0 5
"this is a great rail. fits good and was able to instal in seconds. love being able to use the original sights, and a great price."
– adam
2.0 5
"Thes mounts dont fit the AR handle properly . Requires some machining of the base to seat well and additional screws .."
– jaxx
5.0 5
"What a perfict fit, just mounted my EOtech 552 on my Colt AR-15. Every thing stayed in place when fired it, If I had to complane, it would be that it was made in China, But what isn't today."
– Tom
1.0 5
"Typical of NC Star. Cheap aluminum instead of steel, too long, nut has to have loctite to stay secure, is not 1913, but weaver."
– Jeffrey
4.0 5
"i own an armalite and it took me about 30 seconds to install. also i love the fact that i can still use the iron sights, and the steel is a much better quality than expected. it sticks out about half an inch further than the carry handle, which is the only thing i really could complain about. if you buy this mount, DO NOT rely on the screw being hand tight, but after a good tweak w/ a set of pliers... you should be ready to rock!"
– matt
4.0 5
"It may be a bit long but it allows more space for a mount. it does require pliers to get secure though. works perfect for my BSA laser dot sight."
– john
5.0 5
"Excellent Quality for Price!!! Always Good Business With CTD!!!"
5.0 5
"Great gear for the price. Allows you to still use the iron sights, but you may want to put a washer on the bottom side of of your carring handle. If you like having a long eye relief with your iron sights you may see top of the bolt that you use to mount it with."
– sickoneinc
4.0 5
"it ok not the best but it gets the job done"
– cam
5.0 5
"It's about 1/2 inch too long for a standard carry handle. I'll need to find a shop to have it shortened...just cosmetics, but that counts too. Tension knob needs pliers to tighten, otherwise it loosens easily, I used pliers wrapped in tape, worked well."
– James
5.0 5
"I almost did not buy this mount because of all the cry baby reviews on this product. I decided to try it anyway because there were some good reviews also. To my surprise, THIS PRODUCT WORKS 100% AS DESCRIBED!! However, for all those RETARDED CHIMPS out there that could not make it work, when you evolve enough to have opposible thumbs, then it may work for you. For any prospective buyer, this product works exactly as advertised. Just install it on a proper AR15, and use pliers and blue loctite. Also, I can't believe that some mental midgets out there complained about having to use pliers and loctite to secure the mount. For those people, here is a clue, that is what pliers and loctite are for!! For everyone out there who can walk without dragging your knuckles, use this product, and happy shooting."
– AR15bill
5.0 5
"Got one love it, very easy to use I have not had one problem with it staying tight. would buy again"
– ar-15's rule
5.0 5
5.0 5
"This is a really good mount. It fit on my rail perfectly. When I first mounted it, I could not get my rear sight to flip because the mount stuck out too far, but I flipped it around and it was perfect. It sticks out a little on the front side of the handle, but no big deal to me. I only use the scope when I am varmint hunting. I unscrew the thumbscrew and take it off when I am done and it has held zero just fine. I haven't had to use loctite yet, I just use a pair of pliers and give it a snug. I would recommend this mount. It is what it is."
– AR owner
5.0 5
"Just purchased this item and used it to install a Bushnell Tropy on my Bushmaster M-4. It works great and as a bonus you can see through the rail and still use the iron sights in a pinch. Instead of using loctite as some did I used a small lock washer and tightened with pliers; a bit of flat black paint, and you will never see the shine of the washer. The washer also caused the stem of the nut to be lower as to not obstruct the rail allowing a better sight picture with the Iron sights.CTD got the rail to me in 2 days! Great product, Great Service, I will be a customer of this shop for a long time."
4.0 5
"This is a awesome product, cheap and easy installation. And what I was sold on was the ability to still use the iron sights. great piece."
– budgetbuilder
5.0 5
"This thing was easy to install on my Bsuhmaster and I used my hand....Handtite for me must be better than loctite b/c this thing didn't budge. It does stick out a half inch but no biggy. Easily mounted my red dot and magnifier. The screw sticks up a little but I can see through my irons just fine!!!!"
– Jon
5.0 5
"I brought this this over a year ago with a low end dot scope. Not really understanding the bad reviews. This thing does exactly what it's suppose to do. Thousands of rounds on my AR (called a GAU-5 when I brought it in 1984) and it hasn't come loose yet! Nice feature is I can use the iron if I choose. A good cheap AR secret for those with handles."
5.0 5
"I mounted mine on a DPMS and never used anything but my fingers to tighten it and after 2000+ rounds it is still the same as the day I mounted it. I use a Bushnell 3-9 scope with a side mount that holds a red dot. The mount goes around the scope and has a rail system so you can mount a light or red dot on the left side of the scope. I wish I had this mount when I was in Vietnam a red dot would have been great sitting on top my carry handle"
– Cleve
5.0 5
"It works as advertised. And by the way... all you have to do so it doesn't stick out 1/2 inch is turn it around. Thanks again CTD!"
– Skyler
5.0 5
"Well, I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews. I installed it on my rifle, and it works great...it does stick out of the muzzle end of the handguard about 1/4 of an inch, (realistically). If you flip it around it wont stick out and look like a perfect fit, but I have a Colt with a flip rear sight appature with a small hole and large hole. When its flipped around (backwards) it interferes with that sight appature. But other than it sticking out a tiny tiny bit, its an awsome product. I say cut off a 1/4 in. with a band saw or similiar way to produce a flush cut, and it will look perfect. Utilizing a small flat washer on the handle side, a small lock washer on the nut side between the flat washer and quick nut is a great idea as well, to hold it securely, and brings the threads down as you wont see them protruding slightly from the bottom of the channel you look through when utilizing your open sights. I rate it 110% Combat ready."
– Bill
5.0 5
"SOLID SCOPE MOUNT! This thing is nice. Deffinently the way to go for mounting a scope on an A1 or A2 AR-15.. Solid metal screw it down tight, maybe put a locking washer in there. It wont budge."
– BigVern
5.0 5
"No need for a lock washer or Loc-tite. just tighten by hand and you won't have any problems. For this price this does everything it should. Use your iron sights or use a scope while keeping your carry handle. What more can you ask for when spending less than the price of decent box of .223 ammo??"
– Brian
5.0 5
"For the price this is a good solid part. But it requires some tuning as in any good mounting.. Base does not seat because of the coating making a clearance issue, just sand it (with 120grit or so) or shim until it fits tight. It also can be shortened and shaped with a belt sander. But there is still the single bolt that I dont like on an up high tactical mount, so I drilled and tapped 2 more holes for allen heads.."
– Rob
5.0 5
"I use this on my duty patrol rifle. Works great, but I did replace the thumbscrew with a small bolt, lock washer and plastic flat washer as I cannot risk it coming loose at the wrong time."
– Sgt Bill
4.0 5
"Installed in about 20 seconds, red dot scope fit perfectly, no need to modify. I have not fired my weapon yet with the mount istalled but I do not expect any problems."
– Cessac
5.0 5
"Bought one and put it on my Olympic Arms AR with top handle. Used some blue locktite and pliers to tighten it right up. Mounted NC Star Mark III scope on it and it has stayed zeroed for over 500 rounds. Great Product and very affordable."
– corylj88@yahoo.com
5.0 5
"Installed on Olympic Arms and works awesome. Nice and tight and does not move."
– erik
5.0 5
"Installed in about 10 seconds, red dot scope fit perfectly, no need to modify. I have fired about 300 rounds with the mount installed with no problems."
– AR15
5.0 5
"It's very solid, fit perfectly, no interference with the sights."
– A Guy
4.0 5
"Allows you to see your iron sights, and is fairly sturdy. Not something I would trust my life to, but it's fine for plinking."
– Fafa
5.0 5
"Works like it should.....nuff said!!!"
4.0 5
"For the price you pay, a great little rail. I found that a little loc-tight and held steady though 200 rounds so far. Would I recommend this. Yes!"
– tmj
4.0 5
"Fits tight. Add loctite to ensure it stays put forever. I think this thing actually adds to accuracy when using iron sites. I feel like it improves my sight picture. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is mine wasn't perfectly black. It had a few inconsistent spots."
– Adam H.
4.0 5
"I had to put a lock washer on mine so that I would not see the end of the screw in the peep. I love how it has made my M4 look with a red dot on it. The finish was great and it is a great product."
– DirtySKS
4.0 5
"Great rails, other then 2 things which is why i gave it 4bullets... Price is GREAT, cheaper than anywhere i can find, Easy to install (less then 10 seconds) and fits perfectly, Now onto my dislikes... Its about 1/2 inch too long (easy fix if u can cut metal) and the bolt goes up into my iron sights (also easy fix with adding a washer) Very happy with the item.."
– Scott C
3.0 5
"The product works great. The only reason for 3 stars is that it loosens after like 5 rounds down range. My only suggestion is maybe locktite or maybe a small lock waher for it. Otherwise great accessory to have if you have a carry handle."
– marinerecon351
5.0 5
"I know people say NcStar makes some cheap stuff...well not this. Shipped fast (Thanx to CTD), made well and no blemishes. Fits perfect. You don't need locktite but it's not a bad idea to use it anyway."
– Rowdy16_USAF
4.0 5
"It mounts well. It seems to be built solid. My only complaint is that the front edges are a bit sharp. The way it mounts the front sticks out a bit from the handle so the corners snag regularly. I cut mine at an angle to create a slope at the front. Then filed the edges round. Problem solved. After that, no complaints."
– Kenton
4.0 5
"Solidly made item. Screw thread sticks up too high and makes it hard to see the iron sites through the channel which is why it received 4 bullets instead of 5. an otherwise great product at a very cheap price."
– Ray
5.0 5
"Great rail. It installed in a matter of seconds. I use an Olympic Arms AR for patrol uses and have had no aforementioned problems with the mounting screw getting in the way of my iron sight viewing. Definitely worth the buy, especially for $10. Shipping came incredibly quick, as usual."
– Rural
2.0 5
"I bought this mount for my Bushmaster mainly for the cost. Needless to say, I gave it to a friend and bought the Tapco version. Tapco is more rugged, fit perfectly, and was just better quality in my opinion."
– Hoffs333