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AR-15 Scope and Mount 4X30 Illuminated Reticle Rubber Armored Flip Up Lens Caps

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Best AR-15 rig we have seen, illuminated reticle, 4 power scope with 30mm objective, all rubber armor coated, built-in flip-up lens covers, fully adjustable for windage and elevation, includes standard batteries, compact, very functional and just right for your AR-15 and mounts attaches on the carrying handle, no gunsmithing required.

Does Not Fit Flat Top Rails

One piece aluminum main tube with rubber outer coating
Multi Coated Lenses
Reticles illuminate Red or Green with multiple brightness settings
Includes built in lens caps and AR-15 carry handle mount.

4x Magnification
30mm Tube
30mm Objective
FOV 26.2 Feet at 100 Yards
Eye Relief 3 Inches
Exit Pupil 7.5mm
Rangefinder Reticle
11.8 Oz
7.48 Inches Long
1/4 M.O.A Clicks
Rubber Coated
Ruby Lens Coating
Integrated Ar-15/M16 Carry Handle Mount 
Total number of Reviews: 45

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4.0 5
"If you are wanting something inexpensive to take to the range then this is for you. I have this installed on a bushmaster m4a2 and it is nice and solid. You can still use the iron sights.However if you are wanting something to allow you fast threat detection for combat situations, this is not it."
– Austin
4.0 5
"The scope performs brilliantly, but my lighted reticle doesnt seem to work, Ive changed the batteries but whether the knob is set from 1-3 I cant see a difference in low light or full light what gives?"
– bushmasterfiend
5.0 5
"This scope has an illuminated reticle with both red and green colors which the website doesn't mention. It fit very well on my Smith&Wesson MP15. I had the money to spend on a more expenisve scope but I chose this one. The model with the 40mm front lense makes it to hard for me to see my iron sites. With the 30mm lense on this model I can see under the scope just fine if I want to. I also may add that it looks great on my gun...very cool!"
– S.Bridges
4.0 5
"I bought this scope for my M4 for target shooting. The green reticle light does not work 95% of the time. The lens covers are flimsy. But hey, it does its job."
– Rob
4.0 5
"good scope, though the rubber makes it very tough and makes it durable the lence covers broke off easily and the adjustment nob covers dented and broke aswell. however, to be honest, i did beat the crap out of it pretty good in the year in was on my M16 in Iraq."
– mr. S
5.0 5
"This scope is awsome! I have a Rack River carbine, and this scope does what is supossed to do, it looks good, shoots good, and is one heck of a value! It mounts in a minute and stays put. Hope it lasts a long time. Holds zero well even after you remove it and put it back on. Great at 100 yrds."
– Fergie
5.0 5
"This seems to be an impressive scope. I just got it in the mail here at work and had to write a review about it. First of all, the manufacturer is NcStar (JTM Company) and this is the XTA Tactical AR-15 Scope; I thought that was worth mentioning. It seems to be a tough scope and I can only imagine the reviewers who broke the lens covers must have been abusing their gun with the covers up. The lenses are see-through and work fine closed. With regular civilian use, breakage should be no issue. The dual color illuminations are very cool, but I really can tell little to no difference between the brightness settings, which is really not an issue. It is nitrogen-filled and fog-proof. It comes with a battery installed and a replacement battery. It is intended only for installation on an AR-15. The reticle is 1MOA thick with elevation adjustments at 1 MOA intervals for zero at multiple distances. 'Can't wait to go blast..."
– AR Sniper
5.0 5
"Illuminated reticle works in both red and green and has very definate levels of intensity. After 1000 rounds all is still working as well as when it came out of the box. Not bad for the money!"
– Gun Wizard
5.0 5
"Looks great on my bushmaster and works great."
– evolutionscorpion
4.0 5
"I figured for the price I could not go wrong, I was right. I have it mounted on my Double Star Star-15 and had no problem getting a good zero or keeping it. I have only put about 100rds down range with it, hope it can keep up with me in the future.-Praise the lord and pass the ammunition-"
– Nightgunner
5.0 5
"This scope is a great for the money!!! Mounted easy and has great recoil system!! I put 200 through the bushmaster this weekend and perfect groups after zeroing!!! The red and green crosshairs are very impressive! Works well even when off!! WORKS GREAT CTD!!!!!! Thanks, bc"
– bc
5.0 5
"This scope came today (2 days from order date) and its an NcSTAR. very impressed with the appearance of this scope. It is accually black not grey as in the pic which is a PLUS! I will write another review if it does not work very well but i don't foresee any issues. Every thing looks very rigid and tough. I dought i will even use the red and green Reticles. This scope was at the local gun show a few months back for twice the price. Way to go CTD."
– maniAK
4.0 5
"Satisfied with the apperance of the scope and it looks good on my DPMS. Installation was going good until I got to the last time tightening the mount to the carry handle.. It takes a lot of force to rotate the last little bit in order to center the lever and have it snap into place for a positive stop... It can be done but I bet some have bent or snapped off... The crosshairs are perfect verticle and the different light variations can be detected with no problem. Both green and red lights illumiate the crosshairs in a clear and positive manner. Last but not least it shoots where you aim it. No problem getting a zero set at 100 yards. My old eyes can hardly see that far to shoot a small group but I am sure that this scope will perform far better than the price reflexs."
– Paul Hugh
5.0 5
"This scope is ok. Battery life is almost zip, leaving it on for more than 1 hour continously will rip through that nice $200 battery you bought like nothing else. Which is a problem for all-night training and missions. Very tough, great scope for the money, very pleased. the covers are too damn flimsy though."
– Lunchbox
5.0 5
"I ordered this scope with a skeptical mindset. I figured ya get what ya pay for and that's usually the case. However, this is one of those rare occasions when I got more than my moneys' worth! Took about 5 minutes to mount, another 5 minutes to get it zeroed and WOW what a scope for my nighttime varmint hunts! Thanks a million CTD!"
– Hired Gun
5.0 5
"I bought this scope to put on my new Bushmaster Target AR15. I ordered it the same day I ordered the AR. It came in first. I got to really look it over before mounting it. When I put it on the gun it looked awesome. I still need to sight it in yet. Has been way too cold here in IL to do that yet. I can tell already I'm really going like it. I like the options of the green/red reticule if needed. Keep up the good work. Lt. Earp"
– Lt. Earp
5.0 5
"Wow! Just got my scope today. Took a whole 3 mins to install. I love the Red/Green Selection and the 3 intensities per color. I haven't shot it yet, but with the secure mount, I'm sure it's gonna be good. I was looking at ACOG's, but couldn't see spending that much on a scope. This guy still lets you see the iron sights through a hollow channel, and looks SMOKIN' on my AR. The Ruby lens and rubbedized housing look mean. Go for it, you won't be disappointed!"
– Bushy M4A3
1.0 5
"Zeroed it in w/laser light. Took to the range and could not get it on the paper at 50 yards. Moved to ten yards and found it was shooting Ten inches to the right. Adjusted scope and shot it again. Then the windage turret fell out. I highly recommend saving your money and buying a better scope. After all you spent good money on the rifle, why skimp when it comes to your optics. A mistake I will never make again."
– R. Peters
4.0 5
"The illumination didn't work on the first scope I recieved, but CTD exchanged it for a new one that is working fine. Some mentioned that the variations in the illumination didn't differ, but my has a distinct difference for each level or brightness. The cross hairs are a little thick when trying to line up a bullseye at even 100 yrds, but you could easily hit a siloutte target in the center (in the dark). I'm very satisfied with this scope at this price. Mounting was simple."
– Papersniper
3.0 5
"Overall not bad for what I spent. It is black, plus! The spring fastener deal that holds it to the rail is kind of cheap. I tightened it down when I first got the scope to the point where it was secured, the little handle that winds the nut down did bend. Second time out the the scope had loosened and shot embarrassingly off 8\". If you can get it to stay tight it will put 3 shots at 100yrds in a 1\" group. I wouldn't walk through thick woods with the covers open either."
– bernie
4.0 5
"For the money, it's great. It wasn't too hard to zero in. Seems to be pretty sturdy on there. I don't notice much of a difference in the levels of brightness but at least both the red & green work. Too bad we can't all afford an ACOG but while we save up for one, this will fit the bill."
– Eric W.
5.0 5
"Ok, finally after six months and 6 outings in the field, in and out of the case, trunk, etc, i went to the range to check zero. 1/4 in. groups at 100 yrds, and 1/2 in. groups at 200!!!!!!!!!!! shooting at a three inch target.For the money, it is great. That is a dead coyote! It is my first scope on my Bushmaster M4A3. I would prefer the cross hairs a little thinner being that at150 yrds a three inch target is hidden behind them, but what more can you expect for the money. My concern was it coming loose, but the mount system is rock solid! Don't care to much about the lighted recticle except to wow the buddies. I personally have no application for it so I gave this product five bullets. CTD is awesome!!!!!!!!!! buy it."
– 1Abdogslayer
2.0 5
"Looked like a good deal, is okay for the money. First shot on the rifle and the illumination went out. I figured this problem out, the recoil causes the battery to loosen. The covers are cheap. For the money I wanted more magnification so exchanged for a 3x9 without the cheapy flip up covers. Since the illumination is unreliable and the covers junk (oh, by the way the mount clamp will scratch the underside of your handle) I am not a fan of this scope."
– hammy
4.0 5
"I didn't exactly know what to expect when buying this scope because of it's small price tag, but I'm on a small budget so I gave it a try anyway. I received my scope within a few days which was a big plus (thanks CTD) and mounted it to my Bushmaster M4 with no problems. Other people said that they had problems tightening it down and broke or bent the handles but mine went right on and held tight. My first thought was that it looked pretty tough on my gun, but we all know looks don't mean very much so a couple days later I got to take it to the range. I sighted it in at 50 yards and had very little difficulty. After it was zeroed it seemed consistent as I was hitting bullseyes in decent groups and plinking cigarette packs and pop cans at 50 yards the rest of the day. I'll take it out at 100 yards soon and see if it performs as well, but so far I'm glad I bought this scope. I highly recommend."
– wampastomp
4.0 5
"Not a bad little scope, i have it on my Bushmaster M4A3 type weapon, and so far it seems pretty accurate. I haven't had the time to test it out beyond 100m though so i can't really say if it is accurate out to that range. I though, test scopes to 300m if this makes it, ill write here again!"
– Need the perfect scope...
5.0 5
"It's been 6 months since I put this scope on my Bushmaster AR-15. I'm still very pleased with this scope. It was very easy to sight in. I've shot maybe 1,000 rounds with it on. It's still right on. It also takes a beating. I carry it in some gun racks mounted on my utility vehicle down across my land to my shooting range. So it gets a rough ride every time. But, it still has held right on. As far as I'm concerned this scope has already paid for itself. I sit and can hit the rim of a soup can rim at 100 yards. It was way to easy just hitting the can. I'd aim for he rim just to make the cans fly. I haven't had it out in bad weather so not sure on how it would hold up. I'll buy another one when I buy my next AR."
– Lt. Earp
4.0 5
"I bought this scope a while back, and just want to HIGHLY suggest everyone who buys one address the scope's main weakness - the four Phillip's head machine screws holding the scope to its base. They will have some black rubbery glue on them, but this is no match for true Loctite. I was happy with my scope until the POI started going really off (after approx 400 .223 rounds). I found one of the screws missing, and three lose despite having tightened them up earlier. I changed them out for four metric-threaded allen-head bolts with real loctite, and I'm back to being satisified with the scope. I estimate its reticle to be about 3 MOA thick, so at 100 yards don't expect it to compete with the Varminter rifles and their scopes. At 50 yards the scope shines, especially for teaching new shooters after they have absorbed the finer points of using iron sights.While very strong, I consider the reticle illumination just a gimmick I just haven't found a use for.It can make a rifle fun to shoot, but for shooters wishing to test themselves out with accurate rifles I would suggest suggest finding a finer reticle."
– TF
4.0 5
"I bought this scope back in August and initially put about 100 rounds through it sighting it in and just generally putting around. I am generally pretty happy with the scope and the illuminated reticle is nice. I have no problems with the scope or function. My problem with this item occurred today at the range. I took the AR out and started to put some lead down range and noticed that the POA of alignement on the scope. I evaluated the scope and the mount and found that 2 of the 4 screws that hold the scope to the mount were missing! I assume that these screws vibrated out from the recoil. I strongly suggest that your first act on receiving this scope is to apply some loktite to all 4 mount screws. Once you accomplish this go out and enjoy your new scope."
– jim2037
1.0 5
"Was excited to get this scope... pulled out the brand new 30th anniversary bushmaster....read the mounting instructions of the scope....for the life of me I couldnt get the nut to start on the threads, never would get tight. So I reread the mounting instructions....tried again....finally took the scope off the gun and tried to thread nut on bolt.....guess what....the bolt was either the wrong size(too small) or was previously stripped. The nut would slide all the way up on the bolt, threads on nut are good....and NO, I did not cross thread it...So I read the return info from the manufacture, and they want me to spend 10 more dollars for them to fix.....No thanks, I will fab a better mounting brackett at the shop, then spend more money on this piece of crap....you get what you pay for...save up for a good scope."
– me
4.0 5
"Read all the previous reviews and took the chance based on it being 70 bucks with shipping. Can't tell you how satisfied i am with this scope. Looks totally wicked and works very well once sighted. sighting it in was difficult but am shooting 3 inch patterns at 100yds. Only issue I had was the mounting bracket completely scratched up my carry handle, because of this I screwed the mounting bracket on upside down. The scope still works well after several hundred rounds and keeping it a soft tactical bag."
– crosshaired
5.0 5
"Great scope. I put it on my AR15 today and was able to hit 14 out of 20 in red and today was my first day every shooting. This was from a standing position."
– Real Patriot
5.0 5
"I just received this scope today,I was very pleased upon opening the package.I had it installed in about 10 minutes.I did what somebody mentioned above about the screws on the bracket.I took the screws out,took the cheap black stuff off and added a little red lok-tite and fastened them in tight.I also had no problems attaching the scope to the carry handle and its on very secure.By the way I have this mounted on a Smith & Wesson mp15.The red and green illumination reticules are cool at least my 5 year old son thought so lol.It does come black like mentioned above which is a plus.Im very happy with this scope and the speedy shipping it got here in.Hoping to go to the range this weekend and get it sighted in.Another awesome product for a great price,keep it up CTD!!"
– Jeremy
2.0 5
"This scope mounted to the carry handle pretty easily. The illuminated recticle looks pretty cool but it seems a little crisper with it off. I never shoot with it on. The main problem i have with this scope is, at 100 yards the recticle cross-hairs appear on my target 1 inch wide. I was shooting at champion score keeper 100 yard rifle targets and it covers the white in the center of the target. I'm saving up for a better one"
– Dave
3.0 5
"I bought two of these for two of my ARs. They look decent when you pull them out of the box but upon inspecting the four screws holding the scope on the mount, I noticed that all four were loose on both scopes. I removed each one and used blue loctite to ensure that they wouldn't loosen unless I needed them to. One thing I noticed on both scopes is that the front two screw holes seemed to be stripped until I held the scope firmly and pushed the screw in a little more. This allowed all the screws to tighten down firmly. Needless to say, I was very surprised to see all four screws loose and that they used some poor quality black material to try to lock down the screws. I will be heading to the ranch tomorrow to test both guns and a couple of other ARs that I have scoped with another brand of scope. Hopefully they all shoot well."
– Dman
3.0 5
"You get what you pay for, it is worth $60.00 If you want a $1,200 scope your looking in the wrong area. Good for short distances, 50 yards or less. Looks decent, worth $60.00"
– Puzzlewizard
3.0 5
"I bought this scope anticipating it was going to be great after reading other reviews. I do think this scope is pretty good. After sighting it in about 50 yards I was hitting all my targets. Basically, if you want a good scope get this one!"
– Tony
5.0 5
"This is one of those items that disproves the saying \"You get what you pay for\". This sixty buck scope punches way beyond its weight - if you do a little modification up front. I read the reviews, and replaced the mounting screws with grade 10.9 metric Allen head screws. After I mounted it on my Bushmaster A2 and got it exactly where I wanted it to be, I broke out the Loctite #290 thread locker and put a dab on every fastener. The #290 is for locking already assembled fasteners; it wicks into the assembled threads and sets up. If you need to remove it down the road, you need to hold a solder iron on the nut until heats up enough to remove.Buy one. Take the time to address the mounting screw weakness, loctite the hardware and you will be very happy with the result."
– General Mills Bomb
5.0 5
"This scope is absolutely awesome. The best optic for the price bar none. It took all of 1 minute to mount it (Definitely recommend using a dab of blue loctite for good measure) and it is solid as a rock on the mount. I put about 300 rounds down range and it is still as solid as when I first mounted it. The illumination is pretty cool, and works like a charm. So far, this has performed like an optic 3 times the price. Definitely recommend."
– wittyname#134
4.0 5
"It's not an ACOG but for the price you can't go wrong. Eye relief is good. The dots are a little large, other than that it's a good scope."
– David G.
4.0 5
"Good for the money. I used locktite on initial install and so far have not had problem with mount. For the money it gets the job done as I am not shooting over 100 yards. The flip up caps broke off quickly while moving with the weapon slung over my back. THe caps pop open and snap off but all things considered a good buy if you are on a budget."
– jrob
1.0 5
"Bought this to go with a new Umarex Colt M4. First time at the range set the gun down with the lens covers up, and the back cover snaps clean off. Took only about 20+ changes of the illuminator color/power knob before it fell apart. The guts were never assembled properly, and even re-assembling it properly, the red led is dead for good. It would only light up to only one intensity. Did get it sighted in for 8 inch groups at 100 yds. Optics seem OK, overall construction and workmanship is typical junk! Love CTD, but would not buy NcStar junk again."
– Mark-M4
2.0 5
"I got this scope on a thursday, bolted it on that night and went to the range that sunday. I didnt shoot 50 rnds and the rear cover fell off, only touching it to open and close it. Also the dials are not very well assembled, supposed to be adjusted in clicks but very shortly the clicks stopped. In my opinion, it's not worth the money. Do yourself a favor and don't consider this scope"
– Bender
3.0 5
"As has been previously noted, this is not a $300 scope. However, for the money it is not a bad purchase. My only complaint is the lens caps are on the flimsy side, with the rear one falling out after 500 rounds. I was able to reinsert it with no problem, but now the hinge screw on the front lens cap is starting to come loose."
– slrmc807
4.0 5
"Bought this to put on my S&W M&P15-22. Was the right price and what I was looking for. The first day, one of the lens covers broke off. It can still be put on, just not attached to it when taken off the lens. Perfect for squirrel hunting, but for your AR, I would recommend something either less powerful or with the option of changing magnification."
– Look out squirels
3.0 5
"Flip up covers broke pretty quick. Scope holds zero even when removed and replaced."
– tommylaw