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National Magazine Ruger Mini-14 Magazine .223 5.56 20 round Steel Black Finish R200046

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National Magazines offers quality aftermarket magazines for many popular firearms. This replacement magazine for your Ruger Mini-14 is chambered in the very popular .223/5.56 round and holds an impressive 20 rounds. The magazine is built tough from steel and will last you well beyond your adventures.

Specifications and Features:
National Magazine Ruger Mini-14 Magazine
.223 Rem/5.56 NATO
20 round capacity
Steel construction
Black finish
Total number of Reviews: 20

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3.0 5
"Try them out with good result only if Lubicate wellany sand or dirt in it forget it! Bring out the WD-40!Yap."
– IDF Sergent
4.0 5
"I've been using 8 steel promags for several years now. They have all functioned 100% for me. I never had any issues with keeping them excessively cleaned or lubed."
– Paveway
4.0 5
"I was skeptical at first but due to the price I purchased the 20 rd, 30 rd & 40 rd mags. One each for trial. I have only put a few hundred rounds through them, but have had little problems with any of them so far. I'm sure to buy more soon. Happy shootin'"
– ffesniper
2.0 5
"These will not fit my newer model NRA edition Mini 14. I haven't tried filing down the mag catch yet as I have four factory mags that work flawlessly. These seem to be well made but until I can get some Dremel or file time in on the catch, I won't be able to tell if they are reliable enough for serious work. I bought two of these as range beaters and they should work well for that purpose. I have heard of others having success with these cheaper mags but only after some tweaking."
– LT
4.0 5
"For $10 you cant go wrong. I bought 6 of these and about half fit perfectly and the other 3 needed some minor fitting. All fit securely in the well and feel more solid than some mags I've paid double for. No, they aren't factory grade mags, but getting 5 of these for the price of 1 factory + a little fine tuning is well worth it in my book. All feed well with no jams. Ill be picking up more very soon. If you don't like them...hey, more for me :)"
– Byron
1.0 5
"That's what these are. Would not lock in or feed in my series 182 GB."
– Yeager
5.0 5
"These mags work as good as the far more expensive ones I have. Easy to load, I've shot over 200 rounds through them and have had a miss feed yet. Oh ya there only $10!!"
– Will
3.0 5
"I bought 2 of these, along w/ several other mags for my mini 14. These 2 mags worked fine, BUT I encountered problems w/both of them when there were ~3-4 rds left in the mag -> the last rds wouldnt feed properly; and once able to get a round in the chamber, the bullet would not fire even though I pulled trigger & the firing pin is fine (same bullet worked fine in different mag). For the price ($10!) these are a good value, they fit my mini 14 just fine, the only problem is that they are essentially 16 or 17 rd mags since consistently the last 3 rds would not feed correctly. I will not buy more of this mag. I bought a total of 8 mags, all for the mini 14: 4 of the ProMag 20rd .223 mags for $19.97 each (these work flawlessly & are a great deal - recommend); 2 of these Mags @ $9.97/ea 20 rds (would not buy again); 1 ruger factory 20rd clip for $59.97 (worked flawlessly, but EXPENSIVE, buy 3 of the pro mag 20 rd'ers or 4 of the Mag Mini 14 40 rd'ers @ $14.97 each & you are getting a much better deal & in my experiences these other mags work just as well); & skeptically bought 1 40 rd mag for $14.97 thinking it probably would not work very well -> to my surprise/delight the 40 rd'er works PERFECT! I will be buying ~5 more of the 40 rd'ers --- ONLY problem is they eat up the somewhat expensive .223 ammo very fast -> 5 mags shot in under 5 minutes (preloaded & going moderately fast)you will shoot 200 rds or shoot approx $50-$100 in ammo very fast!"
– Matty71
1.0 5
"I read the reviews on these mags, some good some not so good so I thought I'd take a gamble and buy a couple. I lost. They would not hold the bolt open.But the good news is they would hold the ammo. Bad news, they wouldn't let go of it. Neither one would feed. Sent them back.I guess you do get what you pay for. I wish CTD carried Ram-Line, I have 3 of them in 30 round and they work great every time."
– George
4.0 5
"Haven't had a problem with any of them. I don't treat my mags rough and drop the on the ground when empty to reload another clip. I just keep the oiled and they have worked fine for me."
– jay
1.0 5
"I bought two mags for my mini and neither one of them will feed. I would not suggets you by this product and spend a little more money on the factory models. I might as well just use the two mags I have for target pratice."
– Brooke
1.0 5
"i've ordered 4 of these. the first two looked like the one pictured and they work great. the second two were straight with plastic bases - these would not feed. no amount of modifications would make them feed."
– dissappointed
1.0 5
"I bought one of these, i saw the price and thougth that it was worth a gamble and i LOST the one that i got was nothing like the picture shown it was strait with plastic at the bottom, i had to force it to snap in place after it finally snaped it it would not feed, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY GO FOR FACTORY AND KNOW THAT WHAT YOU BUY WILL WORK!!!"
2.0 5
"The 40 rounder I used worked well at first but had misfeeds later. If you get this, don't load it entirely full (33-35 bullets at most). The spring is not that great for a full mag.I have an older mini 181 and the small metal outer plate on the upper part of the mag, opposite of the \"hole\" which notches in the chamber, doesn't stick out enough to grip the magazine in the chamber well. My 40 round Mag slipped out on occasion and never felt snug. It fires all 35 I have in it, but it felt like if the nub slipped out of the mag's hole, the whole thing would misfeed or even fall out. Not comfortable to shoot with. Overall it is not tight."
– tjb
1.0 5
"bent the sides trying to put it into my ruger mini 14 still havent beable to get it in yet.hopefully i can return it"
– schwede
1.0 5
"the mag would not even fit, poor quailty...CTD will not even refund any shipping cost...save your time and money DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MAG---- JUNK ----"
– Brad
1.0 5
"I bought four of the 20 rd. None of them would lock in, much less feed. You would think the factory would try these to see if they fit but apparently they did not. Considering most of the reviews complain of this, you would think the problem would get fixed or CTD would ditch these in the scrap heap."
– Fireside
3.0 5
"bought this clip first one they sent didnt even go in the gun i talked to them they sent me another one and it works not spectacular i gave it a 3 rating because of ctds customer service"
– schwede
4.0 5
"I have a Mini-14 .223 185 series, it will lock and feed the rounds. BUT, first you have to file down the lock right side. it is a little hard to lock at first. Break the rifle down and set the mag, remove the mag and look at the imprint of the lock. It will show you where the lock engages. A small file will take it down. Thats all I have found. I have two mags and did the same to both of them. I drop 40 rounds per mag and I had one jam, rework the mag and all is good."
– mag-387
2.0 5
"Purchased several and they would not stay in the mag well, after each fire they would fall out of the mag well... Sent them back to CTD with no issues.. I ended up going directly to Ruger to purchase the mags and they work perfectly...More exspensive but at least I know they work."
– MarineSGT