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MTM Case-Gard .50 Caliber Ammo Can Organizer Tray

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MTM Case-Gard ACO Ammo Can Organizer is a set of three, stacking trays that turn any 50 caliber ammo can into a tool box with 22 compartments. Constructed from strong, chemical-resistant polypropylene. Fits all metal U.S. 50 caliber ammo cans as well as MTM Case-Gard's all plastic AC-50 ammo cans.

A set of 3 plastic trays turns any metal or plastic 50 caliber ammo can into a 22 compartment organizer. These stackable trays will fit perfectly in a common metal 50 caliber ammo can. Each tray has 2 handles for easy removal from ammo can. The handles fold down for stacking. Constructed of durable polypropylene plastic and resists oil and grease. A set of 3 trays (No ammo can included)

Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer Number: ACO
Outside dimensions: 10.9" x 5.4" x 2.1"
Set of 3 Trays per Pack
High Density Polyethylene

.50 Caliber Ammo Cans Metal or Plastic


Item#: ZAA-074,7-ACO,6-1922754,3-1922754,80240
Total number of Reviews: 31

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4.0 5
"This is good to have, you can instantly turn a 50 cal. ammo can to hold a big cleaning kit(Awesome for field use!), reloading supplies, etc. etc.This adds a few thousand uses to the already useful .50 cal can."
5.0 5
"I received my organizers today, and less than Thirty minuets later I had the best gun cleaning kit/ range box I've ever seen or used. The adjustable organizers work great, allowing them to fit everything I needed to fit. Plus they work in an ammo can, so they are durable to."
– Only1najeep
5.0 5
"I've had these for about 8 years now and they work great. They're filled with electronic parts and adapters for my job. It's definitely a head-turner too when I carry it anywhere. You should hear my story about having this in my suit case in 2001!The trays are holding up great. I do have some super tiny parts in some bins, so I lined the bottom of the can with some thin foam to hold the trays tight to each other and the lid. Should the case tip over things stay in their place.My only gripe? I wish there was a version with bigger compartments."
– JT
5.0 5
"IT hold all the stuff i need allen wrenches,lube,patches,brushes, ammo It is the best thing sense sliced bread!"
– Kirk
5.0 5
"Works Very Well, Fits In Perfectly, Reasonably Priced I Think."
– tommy
5.0 5
5.0 5
"This little set turned my ammo can into a fantastic little organized gun bench box. You can remove the pieces of plastic to make custom-sized slots for just about anything. I have all my cleaning supplies, brushes, oils, solvents, and everything else stored in there now and they're all compartmentalized so it's pretty cool. I'll definitely buy this again if I get another can."
– Jesse
4.0 5
"Got mine, they were a little worpt though, but they work!"
– sights
5.0 5
"Fits in the fifty can perfect. I only used one of the trays so i could fit my cleaning rods in the can. Holds all my gun oils and solvents upright to prevent spills. Works good."
– Carbine
5.0 5
"These organizer trays have about 8-12 plastic inserts per organizer to keep your stuff separated. They are removeable to customize each tray for your needs. There is room for gun cleaning tools, bits, spare ammo, loose change, etc. I'm actually using one set as an emergency first aid kit. The organizer trays have small foldable finger grips in the middle for ease of picking them up out of the can."
– Joey
5.0 5
"Coupled with CTD's excellent-condition .50 cal can, this has been a \"vision personified\" for holding all of the knick-knacks and maintenance paraphernalia for my .22, 9mm, 5.56 and .308/7.62x51 caliber weapons.It is exactly as the picture presents; each tray is permanently divided down the middle and then has 10 insertable/removable divider pieces for dynamically adaptable and flexible uses.I put some chair-leg felt pads on the bottom of the ammo can, and now cleaning in my office (at my desk no less!) is very organized and easy. Well done!!"
– Layne H.
5.0 5
"Are you guys aware that there are several other sizes (depths) of so-called .50 caliber cans? They have the same dimensions in length and width, but are several inches deeper. I have some that were (I think) made for VT fuses. They will take four of these organizers. There is another size that looks like it will take maybe six of them. I use one of the \"VT\" size cans with four organizers and a folded towel on top to take up the slack. Holds almost every tool I could possible need at the range. Best of all, it keeps everything in place when the can is heaved into the back of the GMC. A great product."
– Geezer
5.0 5
"I seem to use ammo cans for just about everthing, and with these trays they are even more usefull. So if you use a removable tray in your toolbox why not in your ammo can? It's great for organizing spare parts and small tools."
5.0 5
"Great for organizing your cleaning kits and supplies. Works greats for parts also. Using the ammo can gives you a added sense of security and reliability in storing your supplies."
– Mr. B
5.0 5
"These are perfect for storing all the little odds and ends i have laying around from guns. They will not disappoint you."
– D
5.0 5
"A great idea. Before this I used the plastic food type containers from China-Mart. These fit snug into my ammo can and keep everything in it's place and DRY. Movable dividers for small items like bore brushes or you can remove all of the dividers for pistol cleaning rods. I should have gotten two."
– Russell
5.0 5
"awesome!! highly recommended, fits my 12ga, 20ga and 270's and earplugs, etc. certianly worth the money."
– Micah
5.0 5
"I was not sure if this was as good as the previous reviewers comments, but it really did surpass my expectations. A very practical product, gives your ammo box another purpose in life. Sturdy, well finished plastic trays. I plan to order another set with my next order. Highly recommended."
– Mike
3.0 5
"I have a LOT of ammo cans, so I figured I'd give 'em a shot. They are nice and helpfull with the sometimes awkwardness of small items in a large can. My problem is that they are simple plastic and are NOT worth 20 dollars."
2.0 5
"They are exactly as described and do a great job of organizing small parts in .50 ammo cans. But, they are far too expensive for what they are; cheap plastic trays. I would love to buy more but that is not going to happen at this price. 2 bullets because of price."
– EnglandGreen
5.0 5
"These work great for catching all of you shooting odds and ends like extra cleaning supplies, bullets, tools, etc."
– bcbowman
5.0 5
"I have several 50 cal. ammo cans and these, heavy duty, trays are great. I have found many uses."
– Scott, B'ham., Al.
5.0 5
"I wouldn't buy these at 20 dollars, but for the price, I bought two. I have a lot of ammo cans and these are great for holding small parts."
– highteckredneck
2.0 5
"Decent trays, will do the trick. I was under the impression they came with the box. Just know you need a .50 cal ammo box. Wish I knew that before I ordered."
– Von
1.0 5
"These are trays only, not as pictured with the ammo can."
– Rick, Idaho
2.0 5
"The BAD: I always read the descriptions of the products I buy BEFORE purchasing, so I KNEW this product did not come with the .50 cal ammo box...however, I would like to specify to everyone that these trays are made of SIMPLE PLASTIC-type material (Think the plastic fish tackle box trays from your local Walmart stores. Another complaint I have about these trays are that the handles are at the two (2) corners of the tray, which sometimes makes it difficult to remove the tray from your .50 ammo cans. A handle at the top center of each tray would eliminate this problem...The GOOD: Like the idea of being able to move the \"compartment areas\" around to fit your needs (I use all three trays for my gun cleaning brushes, oils, etc.)Two Bullets...."
– JamesT
2.0 5
"Trays are ok, but too bad they are too small for my .50 cal metal can."
– Don
5.0 5
"These are nice trays. I got mine about a year ago. Mine have the fold over handle in the middle. They are great to keep your tools, batteries for sights, and small parts. Easy to do a little nip and tuck to accommodate longer tools. Fits my .50 cal. box perfect. Must have for shooters. Good Hunting."
– zombieslayer
3.0 5
"I just got my can organizers. There not that great. They don't stack very well and the dividers are pre set and not removable. I'll take a dremel to them to make them work for me. I wouldn't order then again. I'm gonna make my own out of metal."
– goinbig
4.0 5
"Great. They fit nicely in the 50 Cal ammo can I ordered because I read all the informatiom and saw I needed to get a can to put them in."
– Fladiver
3.0 5
"This is my second purchase of a 50 Cal. can organizer. These fit fine in plastic or metal cans. They are good but I prefer the first one I purchased to these. What the description doesn't tell you is that the compartments are fixed. They are adjustable on the other one I have. So the pictured compartments are your only option. Additionally, my older one has the lift tabs in the center which allows a one-handed lift unlike the two hands required for these. Buy the other kind if possible."
– SNG, Las Vegas, NV