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MRE Heaters Original Military Style Package of 12 Heaters

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Original US Military entree heaters just add water and it boils your food to a hot serving. We sell a pack of 12 heaters, still wrapped in the military package. Non-returnable item, we will not accept any returns on this product. Simply cut open the top of the polybag. Place the sealed MRE entree inside the bag next to the heater. Add plain water to the "Fill Line", and fold the open end of the bag. In just 12 minutes - enjoy a hot meal anytime, anyplace 
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4.0 5
"This is some good stuff.I think I might get more"
– GoArmy0001
4.0 5
"I bought some of these when CTD was running a case of 288 special. I don't know what I will do with all of them but they are really handy."
– Major Matt
1.0 5
"These heaters are not effective. Even when instructions are followed to the letter, it takes 30 to 45 minutes for it to begin to heat. When they do finally heat up, they don't get hot enough to heat the MRE thoroughly before they stop working. I would surmise that this is the reason they were not used for government issue. I would not purchase these items again."
– John
5.0 5
"Work great!"
– Don
1.0 5
"i had the same experience with all the ones i got as john did. terrible. the old style, the nes that came in little packets of powder. those were awesome. these, terrible"
– Chuck
1.0 5
"Same experience as John. I used 2 heaters over a period of one hour and still didn't get the MRE nearly hot enough. I had a marine that I work with show me how to use them and came to the conclusion that there are a bunch of defective heaters out there."
– David
5.0 5
"EXACTLY AS ADVERTISED! All one needs to do is to read the instructions on the back of the heater unit and follow to the letter, that is if you can read. Worked GREAT! Great value too.............."
– Jeff
4.0 5
"As the previous poster stated, read the instructions. I thought I had a bad batch but I was just too impatient. The next 3 I used worked great, you just gotta give them a few minutes to really get going."
– packrat
2.0 5
"Ordered a batch of these, they were from 1984, and though followed to the letter (I'm in the Army, I've heated hundreds of meals with these) they still took about 35 minutes to even get to a lukewarm point. Given that they're about 26 years old now, I'm guessing they're just old. I probably won't order more, but at just a few bucks I guess they're worth a shot. Maybe I'll get a newer batch next time."
– Jordan
5.0 5
"I got a pack of these about 2 weeks ago and decided to test one. Mine are from 1992. After only 3 mins of adding water, that sucker was piping hot and ready to roll. NO problems at all with these, people. They work great, I'll be ordering more."
– 45alltheway
3.0 5
"I bought a few dozen of these even after reading the mixed reviews. For the price, I took a gamble. When I got them, I tried one out. All where same lot from 1991, Make sure you lay it flat so the whole chem pad can soak the water up. After 15 minutes it was only lukewarm, by 30 minutes it was a tad over 180 degrees according to my meat thermometer. Hot enough where you didn't want to hold on to it. I think they work good enough, as long as you're not in a hurry to heat your chow. It's still a bargain even if you use two at once, one each side of the MRE pouch. New heaters can be found online."
– Jim
4.0 5
"Bought a few of these and tried them. They work just like the ones I had in Iraq."
– Steve
1.0 5
"I bought a pack of these and tried three. One didn't get hot at all, the other two got slightly warm but not warm enough. Contacted CTD customer service who, as always, were superb and sent me another 12 pack. Tried 2 today. They both got slightly warm but not anywhere near warm enough to heat an MRE. Based on the other reviews it seems to be a lottery whether you get a batch that works or a batch that doesn't. Just glad I tried them and didn't save them for an emergency."
– Harleygaz
2.0 5
"received my order quickly as always, unfortunately they are pretty old and do not work at all. i tried 3 of them and none of them even got warm. you might want to double or triple up on these to have a better chance of getting a working one."
– Joe C
4.0 5
"I thought you were getting the food, but I was wrong. Instead I used it like a microwave, and heated up stuff, it worked fine."
– Ok
4.0 5
"I got 4 packs of them in 2 separate orders. I have used 4 of them. They are messy, the metallic stuff inside is all loose in the pouch and gets all over your MRE, they smell bad and can get all over you if not careful. However all you got to do is rinse or wipe it off after removing from the heater.All 4 I have tried did heat up enough to get my meal warm and edible but you have to add a little more water than instructed and be patient, it takes a while, like over 15 minutes. For the price they work pretty good and I'm getting a few more."
– Frog
3.0 5
"First and foremost, I wanted to put out a single review that would finally clear up all the confusion here. The question is: Do they work? The answer is: Yes. --- Now to clarify. These heaters are dated \"US 1991\", obviously they're old. They also use the old \"cardboard\" heating insert instead of the new style \"fiber cloth\" type. Now, if you look at the picture provided for this item, you'll notice there's little black and white heating granules floating around in the bag. Make sure after you heat your food that you wipe down the outside of the MRE packet because the granules are free floating and may contaminate your food. That's why they get 3 bullets. --- As always, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Fill with water to the indicated line, DO NOT OVERFILL! Also be PATIENT, these are old heaters, they may take 5-10 minutes to work. They're not new production heaters which will heat within 2-4 minutes."
– M.Warren
1.0 5
"This heater isn't Marine proof I guess. It doesn't work at all for me. I'm used to the newer fiber cloth version. I didn't over fill it and I tried three of the twelve. None of them worked. Stay way form this. Your better off buying some water. Just boil water in a canteen cup and put the MRE in it. Let it warm. Open MRE and eat."
– 4mrMarine
1.0 5
"Don't buy! These are the worst mre heaters I've ever used. They do not get even remotely warm. Pleased with the other items in my order but these are by far the worst investment I've made recently. Buy at your own risk!!"
– Jwhip
5.0 5
"Don\uFFFDt know what all the fuss is about. Theses MRE heaters are great! I use them all the time. Also the other reviews are right. They are not new and they take time to heat up. I time mine for 15 to 20 minutes of heating. As far as them being messy, what I found works best for me is once I put the water in and they start getting warm I put the MRE up next to the heater instead of inside it. Also with the open top of the heater sticking straight up. I then slide them both together back into the cardboard box the MRE came out of. I have found this works great it heats the food up and no mess on your MRE pouch."
– No mess heating
5.0 5
"You cannot beat them for the price and convenience. The best part is that you can put the contents in another container and activate it to warm up a can of soup, or just about anything else you like. I have used them for years since I was in the military. Out of the thousands I have used, I only had one or two failures and they were due to the package being damaged."
– LT COL Brown
1.0 5
"These heaters are a waste of money. They don't heat up. All 12 heaters were tried and only two warmed a little. Don't waste your money."
– Dark-Ops