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ModGear Ultimate Rifle Case 12x4x42" Coyote Tan Weapons Case Zippered

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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Rifle case and range bag all in one! Filled with features and plenty of pockets to carry your weapons, ammo, magazines, and other gear in one easy to carry case.

The heavy duty zippered main compartment is 42 long and features two hook and loop straps to secure any rifle, heavy 3/4 padding and padded corner pockets to protect your muzzle and or stock.

The front zippered pocket is 26" x 11 with two padded 12 x 10 internal padded pockets perfect for pistols, optics or other accessories.

The front of the bag features 4 rows by 9 columns of PALS webbing allowing for the attachment of any MOLLE compatible holsters, pouches and other accessories, as well as the three included pouches.

Includes one large 8 x 8 x 2.5 utility pouch that will hold up to six 30rd M16 or AR15 magazines. The pouch features a flap closure with hook & loop, and two side-release buckles as well as a front 3" x 2" loop material panel for ID badge, nametapes or morale patches. It has three MOLLE compatible attachment straps and requires 4 rows by three columns of PALS webbing.

Includes two medium 9 x 6 x 2.5 utility pouches that feature a flap closure with hook & loop backed up by a side release buckle. They have two MOLLE compatible attachment straps and require 4 rows by two columns of PALS webbing each.

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and removable and features a removable pad. The bag has separate options for carrying using the shoulder straps or the padded wrap around handles.

Measures 42" x 12" x 4".

Available in:
  Coyote TanMolle-201
OD GreenMolle-200
Army DigitalMolle-203

Total number of Reviews: 40

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4.0 5
"Perfect case for AR's, M4's, SKS, AK's, or any other assault type or carbine. Not long enough for most bolt guns or full size battle rifles though. The MOLLE capable side is better than the \"look alike\" case out there by far. The MOLLE gives you the option of pockets or no pockets, magazine pouches, med-kits, pistol holster, or any other MOLLE gear.The padding is adequate, but not generous. I would have liked a little more cushion for peace of mind in case of severe impact. The zippers are sure and easy to slide, and the snap buckles are plenty strong.All in all, a good case at a great price."
– Army
5.0 5
"I have now purchased two of these cases, one in olive drab and one in coyote. They are fantastic! I have also looked at this exact same bag on other websites, and NO ONE beats CTD's price."
– Texan Raven
5.0 5
"I baught this case for my AR15. swaped out the center pouch foe the MOLLE-120 mag pouch. Love the concept of customising it so much I need three more. Two I will set up for shotguns and one for my other AR. The pouches make great dump pouches at the range too. I love this case!"
– 220ackley
5.0 5
"I was surprised at the quality of this case. Top notch case with alot of storage capacity and options. Too short for a full length rife, fits my AR great though. A little darker brown than pictured. Also doubles as a back pack for those long walks. Great case, reasonable price. I would buy another."
– B.J.
5.0 5
"Item far exceeded expectations especially considering price- seemingly great quality. Very impressed with speed of delivery - product showed up 2 days early!!!"
– Jason
5.0 5
"I`ve had this case in Coyote Brown for about six months.I use it for carrying my AR-15,six mags,ammo,and my sidearm.It`s well worth the money(I got it at the club price).I have absolutely NO complaints about it,except when I put everything I want in it,it`s almost too heavy to carry!"
– Alan
5.0 5
"I purchased this bag to carry and store my H&R .243 ultra varmit rifle with a 4-16x44 scope. More than satisfied with product. Not to mention all the storage pockets. Enough room for all my varmiting essentials, calls, ammo and electronics, also with room to spare. Highly recommended for the price, compared to the ones well over 100.00."
– Lingeater
5.0 5
"I usually read the reviews and then make up my own mind, in this case the reviews are great! This is an awesome case. A couple of things not mentioned in the description, the outter cases are on the flap of a larger zippered compartment and it comes with straps to rig as a backpack too. Great construction, should last a lifetime. I'm very happy with this case!"
– ARguy
5.0 5
"This is an excellent bag. It's tough, the zippers are meaty and it has a lot of compartments, the outside pouches are even MOLLE so you can attach/detach them how you like. I've also got one in OD for a CETME. It even fits that lengthy rifle. Be warned though. If your rifle is more than about an inch longer than a G3, it won't fit."
– Ben
5.0 5
"I bought a bag and thought becasue of the price it was going to be Okay.I was wrong. The bag is great. The workmanship is excellent. To me this bag is worth alot more that 42 bucks and change.Great Job.Thanks"
– rvulcan500
4.0 5
"I purchased this case based on the description and reviews. Received the case Friday, March 14th. Unpacked it and was impressed by it's appearance and features. Then I apparently tugged one of the buckle straps on one of the outside compartments too hard and the strap separated from the case. I guess it was glued. Needless to say I was surprised as the case looked indestructible. I sent the case back to CTD and hope the replacement case doesn't suffer the same fate."
– Frank
5.0 5
"Just got this bag and it's great (great service by CTD). Very good construction, feels extremely sturdy. The storage is a huge plus. Lots of room for mags and range gear. It isn't a discreet case at all, so anyone who sees it is going to know you have a rifle, so if you're looking for stealth while traveling to and from the range this isn't the right bag. Only downside is with an Aimpoint mounted, i can not store my rifle with a 30 round magazine inserted (AR15). Money well spent imo."
– Ben
5.0 5
"I used to be the type to not pay over $30 on any accessories. I always figured that the budget things can't be THAT bad. Well, I'm still pretty conservative with my spending but I've found that sometimes you get what you pay for. Some of these cheaper bags are fairly decent for the price, but for $10 more, I could have bought this one from the beginning. I regret not doing so earlier. This bag is easily just as good as the $120+ bags out there. I don't know how they could offer such quality for the $40 they are asking for this bag. The interior is lined by what feels like a smooth silky material to ensure nothing scratches the finish of your rifle. Surrounding that is a thick layer of padding, including at the ends so even if you stand the bag up, the butt of the rifle will sit on thick padding. The inside also has velcro straps to hold the rifle in place so your optics or sights won't be resting on the sides of the bag. On the outside, there are padded (removable) shoulder straps to carry it like a backpad to keep your hands free, another removable shoulder strap to carry it over one shoulder. The outside pouches are generously sized, the middle one can hold 8 30-round magazines easily and can be adjusted to hold fewer than 8 snugly and in place. There are two other pouched that can also be adjusted to hold any size load. Beside those pouches are molle straps that you can use to attach any kind of molle compatible item. This bag is very sturdy and very versatile. I will say skip the $20-$30 bags, pay $10 more for $100 more product."
– Kenneth
5.0 5
"Just a point, the features on your bag may vary from those described in these reviews. My bag has MOLLE straps to the outside of the three main pockets shown in the photo. The three main bags on my bag are NOT removable. However, I'll concur with most here... the quality, performance and features of the bag are without a doubt far greater than you would assume based on the price alone. The only improvement I could suggest is weatherproof/mudproof flap over the zippers (the zippers on mine are completely exposed). It would be great if they made one even longer so long bolt guns could fit. My M1A Scout Squad just barely fits (approx. 41\" long)."
– Keith Tanquera
5.0 5
"Very well-designed and well-made case. This is the one to get!!!"
– code99
4.0 5
"I bought one of these cases last December (Christmas present for myself) to use for my Springfield Arms SOCOM 16. It's been great for the price. It holds the gun, ammo, magazines, optics and cleaning gear all in one compact package. I could hang even more crap on the MOLLE straps, but it's getting a mite heavy. Now I need one for my AR15, but I see that it's out of stock. Hope they restock soon."
– Reiver44
5.0 5
"Just got my case today. Great product. Looks to be very well constructed. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Only complaint is the 3 pouches are not detachable, but for $42 bucks I can live with that. Good Job CTD!"
– J. Williams
3.0 5
"I bought an O.D. case a few weeks ago and my tan one arrived today. The tan case is very different than the O.D. The tan case doesn't have the same amount of padding as the O.D. case. The quality feels different and just isn't as good. They are made by different companies and I can tell. I am not unhappy enough to send it back, but I wonder how it is going to hold up. If you have a choice, buy the O.D. green case instead."
– David
5.0 5
"For the price, I got more than I was expecting. Quality is high, space is more than enough for all of the needed tactical tools along with the rifle (in my case I have placed a Mosseberg Tactical Cruiser). Simply I need to say thank you CTD for such a quality and great price."
– Allan
3.0 5
"I recently bought the Coyote Tan case. There is a BIG difference between the OD green case and this one. The padding on the OD case is much thicker and the zippers are heavier. This one has backpack straps, but I don't use them. The strap on the green case is nicer."
– Dave
5.0 5
"This is one of the best rifle bags I have ever owned. The color is great, construction in excellent, and it stores everything. I put my Bushmaster M4 in it and everything I need. I like it better than my TacForce model."
5.0 5
"The only ready reason I gave this gun case 5 bullets is becase I couln't give it 6! It's perfect for my Ruger 10/22 G36C convertion (YouTube it!). Plenty of pockets for ammo, mags, bi-pod, targets, mag feeder, tools, you name it! The material is super stong and the zippers are big and sturdy. A must get if you are looking for fine rifle case. BTW, the detachable molle bags are amaizing!"
– Bullitt1668
5.0 5
"this rifle case is top of the line. they sell for double price at my local outfitter. highly recommend for ar 15 carbine rifles. lost of space for 30 round mags or whatever else in the side pockets. five bullets!!!"
– whisky tango
5.0 5
"Five bullets for the quality to price ratio. This case is 90% as good as a Voodoo Tactical ($80.00). The only difference is the single shoulder strap on this Condor instead of the double strap harness on the VT.I bought this to transport a rifle & pistol while riding my motorcycle, so a single strap setup really works better. The Molle outer bags are removable. My only initial concern is the shoulder strap mounts not ripping under heavy use, but I just got it. Regardless, this case is very nice & cool!!!"
– H. Krieger
5.0 5
"I read that the OD had better padding etc. but I really wanted the coyote tan so I rolled the dice and it arrived yesterday. It is a great bag and at a fantastic price (thank you CTD) For all you owners of Saigas this is a perfect fit, and offers great storage space for Mags and accessories. This bag has better performance features then bags costing double. My Russian hotty loves her new home!"
– Molon Labe
4.0 5
"Ordered this case on Wed. afternoon,it arrived on Fri.Took it to the range on Sat. it held 12 30rd. Mags. Also held my DPMS AP4 with guad rail with laser, tac lite,on the sides. and forward grip. Great case is built well with plenty of padding."
– God Father
5.0 5
"This is a great bag. Form, function, color, practical application...all A+, as is CTD's delivery. Price is appropriate, but not a steal. I should have ordered the 36\" version because it would have been sufficient for my M4A3, which is what I intended it for. When they're available again in 36\", this one will slide over for my Mossberg and I'll get one of them for the carbine."
– FlyDaddy
4.0 5
"OK so this is not a $300 top-of-the-line rifle case, we can all agree on that. But for $50, it has to be one of the best deals going. The differences are minimal and of course you don't get all the features, but for the price it's a fantastic deal. If you've got a $4000 rifle and optics, you\uFFFDre going to be getting a Pelican case anyway, and this baby works just fine on my MAK-90 with room for plenty of magazines, cleaning kit, etc."
– DJ in Juarez
5.0 5
"This is a great bag for the price hands down. Well made an seems very rugged. I abuse my bags so this is good for the money. Just wish I had ordered the 36\" bag, lol. CTD was great to deal with a quick shippment."
– Andrew
5.0 5
"This is a very nice rifle case. It is designed for a single weapon, but I use it to carry two carbines or short rifles to the range with a user supplied pad between firearms. It has multiple large pockets for magazines, tools, parts, ammo and ancillary supplies. I have had multiple favorable comments from range buddies about the case. I need to purchase a longer one for my long guns."
– glock21
5.0 5
"I got one of these a couple of months ago for my Ruger 10/22 with a Tapco stock and could not be more pleased. It holds everything that I could ever want it to and more. Great product for a great price! No regrets, I plan to buy more."
– John
5.0 5
"Very happy with this product, very well built, stitches and zippers are good...I currently own several tactical cases and this one is among the best..."
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"This case is extremely nice for the money. I can fit everything i need to go to the range in it with lots of room to spare. One of the best bags for the money I have ever owned."
– simpks01
5.0 5
"Wow, what a great bag, is all I can really say about this. I read some reviews about how the clips on the rear of the bag for shoulder strap were cheap and flimsy. And Yes they are, but that is a quick fix by swapping with some small carabiners. Other than that, this bag is great. I love it because I can load a range full of weapons in one bag, with magazines and not worry about them. Thick padding and the zippers are pretty stout as well. I like the molle setup on the front, allowing you to personalize the pouches and accessories on the bag. Now my only regret with this bag, after purchasing I saw that they make a double sided rifle and pistol bag. Know how this bag is, I would have purchased that one instead. Next time, huh.Overall for the price, I am thoroughly impressed and love this bag. I like being down to one bag during my range days."
– Daily Shooter
5.0 5
"Got my bag earlier this week\uFFFDthanks CTD for another prompt shipment with a product that totally meets my expectations. I took some time reviewing a number of low to mid priced bags via YouTube to get an idea of what is out there. I have to admit that I could not find anything remotely close to this bag in terms of perceived value or user reviews, so I pulled the trigger on it! I was not disappointed upon inspection either, yes, as some reviewers note, that there lower end construction details not seen on soft cases in the $150 plus range, but that is to be expected. This is not a cheap or shoddy bag, just a great value (IMHO) I have to say that I easily was able to duplicate the load-out shown in the video and, for the most part, that will meet my needs for toting my AR or tactical scattergun and assorted goodies to the range safely and with some style. Protection is more than adequate for my need of transport (i.e. home-to-truck-to-range/field and back) and since I will not be beating on it like a tactical operator I expect it will be fine. I plan to pair this with the SWAT responder bag in tan and that should take of all my gear transport needs. I am going to take a look at the small carabiners that Daily Shooter suggests in his review, thanks for the idea, buds! I am loading it out for the first time tomorrow for a tactical carbine clinic and will report back if there are any issues, thought I doubt it. My advice, is get yourself one of these ASAP"
– FSinTX
5.0 5
"Good quality. Well made with good zippers and practical storage. Fits my Rem. 870 Tactical with breach choke, I remove the gnarly choke when I put it in the case because it will tear anything up it comes in contacts with. I may just put a std. open choke on it to shorten it and be easy on the case. After all, I'm not breaching my own doors at home! I spent LOTS of time looking for the right case. This is the one for this kind of price."
– TexasPete
3.0 5
"I ordered the tan case, but what I got is decidedly NOT tan. It is more of a sage green or maybe an O.D. green that someone tried to dye tan. If you are looking at the five pictures on the ad for this product the color will be much closer to four green ones than the tan one. I noted that another reviewer, Dave, pointed out an issue in 2008 with the tan quality. I don't have anything to compare against, but I don't see any quality issues yet. It might be that the manufacturer of the tan case was dropped due to poor quality and the \"new\" tan is sage green. I won't be sending it back unless I find other issues, but if you truly want a tan bag, get a different case, like MOLLE-1007."
4.0 5
"This case is awesome. It carries my Saiga 12 with four 5 rd mags and in the interior zip bag, I carry two Glocks and mags with no problem. Come get some, Zombies!"
– DCSO5106
5.0 5
"Cant get over what a GREAT CASE this is. Storage galore & seems good & secure.Now I need 2 more."
– Nik, R.
5.0 5
"Fast shipping and I really dig the pockets and detachable pouches. Also has a 2x3 velcro port on front for any flag, unit patch, or other velcro patches desired. Well made and well padded, you can load this sucker down with everything you need! Recommended buy!!!"
– Steve NC