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ModGear Tactical Magazine Chest Rig Coyote Tan Six Mag Pouches Hydration Bladder Pocket MOLLE Compatible.

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Tactical rig allows instant access regardless of your position. Constructed of lightweight, 1000 Denier nylon; features six magazine pockets with bungee nylon keepers for 30 round AR-15 magazines, padded shoulder straps that are adjustable, MOLLE style strapping on back and front, and a Hydration pocket is ready for you to insert your bladder and tubing, quick release buckles and Velcro strapping to secure this rig and "D" rings on the shoulders. These rigs allow you to access your gear while sitting, standing, or kneeling.

Our Tactical Magazine Chest Rig is outfitted with many features making it a fantastic value for those needing a modular vest with internal magazine pouches.

The Tactical Magazine Chest Rig supports a full combat load of ammunition without adding a single pouch, and has a padded harness and a sewn-in hydration bladder pocket.

The front opening rack secures with snaps and hook and loop closures. The removable bib secures to the top of the rack by hook and loop and to the harness via straps with snaps. The harness attaches to the front of the rack with two side release buckles, and at the rear with three adjustable straps with ladderlocs on each side.

The removable bib also features PALS webbing and an internal pocket.

The harness features a built in drag handle that tucks out of the way with a small piece of hook and loop above the Hydration bladder pocket. The hydration pocket secures with hook and loop and the lid has a small section of hook and loop tape perfect for morale patches or name tapes.

The internal map pockets also ingeniously double as a mesh lining for the magazine rack system.

The six built in magazine pouches can hold any standard M16 magazine or AK mags  in addition to many similar magazines. Some of our customers have used it for 10/22 and M14 magazines.

Magazine retention is accomplished by the deep pocket and backed up with a bungee cord retention strap.

This rig can be adjusted to fit over your body armor or worn as a stand alone vest.

There is enough MOLLE compatible PALS type webbing on this carrier to add any and all pouches you would ever need. There are 3 rows and 9 columns on each side of the rack and 3 rows and 4 columns on the bib. The Harness' shoulder area has 2 rows and 3 columns and the hydration pouch has 5 columns and 6 rows.

Item#: MOLLE-138
Total number of Reviews: 22

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4.0 5
"This vest has alot of good pros and few cons. Pro's-Shoulder strap molle makes it perfect to attach smaller items, Hydro pouch is nice and big, inner mesh pockets for personal items and maps, and has built in mag pouches that can hold AR15 or AK47 mags.Con's-Elastic on top of the built in mag pouches makes it almost imposable to remove a mag in a fast maner, and does not have the ability to add a pistol belt to the bottom."
4.0 5
"Had these rigs since it first available from CTD. I use it to replace the old belt and LBE strap combo. Do not use the mag pockets, rather buy additional ammo pouches and butt packs. Replacing the canteen with hydration pack on back was great improvement. I use my rig and configure so I can carry stugg and sit in a car comfortably. Good gear for its price. I recommend using it as a belt/shoulder harness and add additional pouches to suit tactical role/need. Built in mag pockets are great for carrying small stuff, but buy and add mag pouches to the rig for your weapon mags. Rig held up to my rough usage."
4.0 5
"This rig suits my paintball needs in many regards. First is the water bladder pouch on the back, which unlike added on pouches, doesn't shift alot. The molle straps hold just about any configuration of gear to suit any style mission, and for the price, you can't beat this. As a former miltary person, I see uses both in the field and out in civilian arena for this."
3.0 5
"Just received this vest in the mail about 30 minutes ago. Have to say I was disappointed. The statement \"fully adjustable\" is probably meant for anyone with a larger sized frame. I'm about 5'10\", 170 lbs, In good shape with a small waistline. With every strap tightened completely I'd still be able to wear this vest over 2 others before it was snug. I also was unable to find any other way to modify the vest to fit without probably destroying it. Sad to say this was one that promised much more than it delivered"
3.0 5
"my friend has this vest and it fits me nicely because im well built and 6'2\". this vest is mad to fit over bullet proof vests without molle webbing, thats why its so big. holds plenty of mags an has a hydration carrier."
5.0 5
"just received this as a christmas gift when I returned.It is made to go over plate carrier or other forms or armor, so smaller framed bodies might have to do some creative sewing. I'm 6'2\" 190lbs and without armor I just had to shorten all straps to the shortest possible. with mags loaded and bladder full the rig fits snug. I had to loosen the mag binders because they were too tight to start with and I have rangerplates on most of my magazines. once I loosened them up, the mags went in and out with getting stuck on the binders.I also had to cross clip the middle molle pouch while at home because without armor it was sagging across my chest.if I were to use it without armor it fits perfect after I spent 15 minutes tightening it up. with armor I'll have to loosen it back up but it will be a breeze to drop over, but that won't be for a while hopefully."
3.0 5
"I read the reviews on how big this is, im 200lbs and 6'1\" and its swimming on me. Super loose and probably 4 inches too big. Must be made for average internet commando. I think its compared to XXXL maybe. Cant really make it smaller without sewing the back straps, if only those were adjustable. Mag pouches seem pretty big no binding on the mags and they pull out freely. Mine came with bladder insert, after I just ordered a 3 pack thinking it didnt come with the insert."
3.0 5
"This chest rig is decent for how much it costs. Some of the PALS are out of spec and there are loose threads in a few places. What else do you expect for $40? Mine came with a hydration bladder also which is a plus. I am 5'10\" 160lbs and out of the box this thing is HUGE on me. It is being sent to a tailor to make it fit."
5.0 5
"I am ordering my second of this vest today, I love it and am ordering it only because after a year in Iraq and all sort of training, its finally starting to wear out. For those of you who say it is too large, you need to realize it is completely designed for wear with the Interceptor Body army, I am 5'9\" 155 lbs and when worn over the IBA, it fits me great. Great cheap vest for a soldier heading downrange."
5.0 5
"Just got this vest and it has some nice features. I like the velcro strap bands to keep the straps tidy. It is very adjustable, although if you are small/x-small it might be abit big even with the straps at their tightest. They have a pouch on the back for a camelback but they dont come with one."
5.0 5
"This vest is a VooDoo Tactical. I just checked their site and CTD sells it for about $40 less than they do, great buy."
5.0 5
"I just received this, and I have to say that I was expecting something really flimsy, but it is not. I was impressed on the material used. I'm 6'1\" and 215lbs and this fits me fine. The mag pockets are big enough to put M14/M1A mags in, which is great because I have one of those too. I'm no longer in the Military so this thing will not be abused and should last a very long time."
5.0 5
"Great Vest, got mine yesterday. I also got a bunch of mag pouches, holster, and shotgun scabbard for it. After i loaded it all up it weighed 100 pounds but was still holding on. The Velcro and button opening on the side is awesome, and has a quick detach lever. I modified the vest again with less weight and is going to do just fine. Buy This Vest!"
5.0 5
"Got this rig in the box today. Looks great and fits well (70\" 265lbs). I don't think you can go wrong with this for what it cost."
2.0 5
"The vest is not sized for a large stocky person. The vest's side straps needed to be adjustable and not fixed for an adjustable fit. The addition of mags only make the vest tighter. Yes, the vest will accept 20 rnd 308 mags, but you have to go fishing to get them out of their pouches. Overall the vest would of been a good value for its price point, if it would met my specific needs. It will make an nice gift."
4.0 5
"I got mine afew days ago and it was a little tight. I need to lose some weight anyways. The velcro on the bib riped on the first pull. I wasnt planning on using the bib anyway. Other than that no problems."
5.0 5
"This is exactly what I was looking for, fits perfect! And CTD shipped quickly, will be a return customer for sure!"
4.0 5
"This vest is large because it's made to go over bodyarmor with plates. You can tighten it up with some para cord on the sides. Just weave through the MOLLE straps from the side then attach to the backstraps weave throgh then tie it off it holds up great and it fits. Also, dont forget to remove the cords guts."
5.0 5
"was not sure about this rig because of some of the reviews but I am glad I took the chance fits me great (5'9\" 195)"
4.0 5
"I ordered this chest rig while I was in Afghanistan based on the advice of a buddy of mine. I received it in the mail right before we did a push, modified the gear to secure to my plate carrier and let me tell you... it withstood several impacts to the deck, running and crawling. I can go on and on about the abuse I put this little piece of gear through. I never lost a magazine. There was room enough in the bladder pouch for my hydration system and additional medical gear AND some snacks for on the go! For as cheap as it was it was, worth more than it weight in gold..."
5.0 5
"I ordered this rig back in December 2010 and have been using it in Afghanistan since then. Let me point out a couple things that may help you with your decision to buy it: First, I'm 165lbs 5\"9 and this rig just barely fit around a medium IOTV with ONLY front and back plates. Side plates completely took the fit out of question. I discovered that you can get a better fit by cutting the MOLLE webbing that connects the right magazine pouches to the Velcro flap in the front. This also aids in better contact of the Velcro fasteners altogether. And since the MOLLE webbing doesn't really even serve a purpose, it's a no brainer. Second, I would like to adjust the rig to sit higher on my chest but unfortunately I have it adjusted as high as I can and it sits around my waist line. For this reason, this rig would probably better suit a taller person better. Third, The buttons that hold the bib on are somewhere inadequate. They sometimes come unsnapped but it doesn't really create any problems why wearing it.Fourth, When I originally put my magazines in the pouches they sat too far down and were too tight to pull out quickly while wearing it with an IOTV. I fixed this problem by folding up and taping pieces of cardboard and placing them in the bottom of the pouches in order to raise them up a bit.In conclusion this rig fits wonderfully over a plate carrier and it is built very well for the price. It has some issues but they can be overcome with a little ingenuity. If you are looking for something more fancy than check out BDS tactical. If not, this rig will serve you well for the price."
3.0 5
"Good quality, Great Price, Poor Coloring... Only Complaint is that I ordered 8 MOLLE pouches and a chest harness in Coyote Tan, and they arrived made by 3 different manufacturers (CONDOR / VOODOO / TRU-SPEC) each had there own idea of what COYOTE TAN looked like. Not a huge deal in the field, but I like uniformity..."