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ModGear Tactical Magazine Chest Rig Black Six Mag Pouches Hydration Bladder Pocket MOLLE Compatible

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Tactical rig allows instant access regardless of your position. Constructed of lightweight, 1000 Denier nylon; features six magazine pockets with bungee nylon keepers for 30 round AR-15 magazines, padded shoulder straps that are adjustable, MOLLE style strapping on back and front, and a Hydration pocket is ready for you to insert your bladder and tubing, quick release buckles and Velcro strapping to secure this rig and "D" rings on the shoulders. These rigs allow you to access your gear while sitting, standing, or kneeling.

Our Tactical Magazine Chest Rig is outfitted with many features making it a fantastic value for those needing a modular vest with internal magazine pouches.

The Tactical Magazine Chest Rig supports a full combat load of ammunition without adding a single pouch, and has a padded harness and a sewn-in hydration bladder pocket.

The front opening rack secures with snaps and hook and loop closures. The removable bib secures to the top of the rack by hook and loop and to the harness via straps with snaps. The harness attaches to the front of the rack with two side release buckles, and at the rear with three adjustable straps with ladderlocs on each side.

The removable bib also features PALS webbing and an internal pocket.

The harness features a built in drag handle that tucks out of the way with a small piece of hook and loop above the Hydration bladder pocket. The hydration pocket secures with hook and loop and the lid has a small section of hook and loop tape perfect for morale patches or name tapes.

The internal map pockets also ingeniously double as a mesh lining for the magazine rack system.

The six built in magazine pouches can hold any standard M16 magazine or AK mags  in addition to many similar magazines. Some of our customers have used it for 10/22 and M14 magazines.

Magazine retention is accomplished by the deep pocket and backed up with a bungee cord retention strap.

This rig can be adjusted to fit over your body armor or worn as a stand alone vest.

There is enough MOLLE compatible PALS type webbing on this carrier to add any and all pouches you would ever need. There are 3 rows and 9 columns on each side of the rack and 3 rows and 4 columns on the bib. The Harness' shoulder area has 2 rows and 3 columns and the hydration pouch has 5 columns and 6 rows.

Item#: MOLLE-136,20-VDT20-840001000
Total number of Reviews: 26

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4.0 5
"This vest is Top Shelf for airsoft players. The Hydration pouch in the back doubles as my shotgun scabbard. Low Budget Officers and Military personel should consider this vest if youre fielding an m4, It will save you lots of money.MERCwww.echo-airsoft.com"
3.0 5
"I picked up this vest because I wanted one that was airy for those hot days and the price seemed very reseonable. It worked ok for a while, held my M4 mags well, and wasn't restricting at all, but, considering I'm 5'10\" tall and 150 lbs, it definitly didn't fit like I wanted it to. Even with a complete set of B.D.U.'s on it still was loose. My main concern is the fact that the buttons on the chest section are falty. Upon trying to take it off yesturday one of the buttons on the adjustment straps broke off. I now have to purchase a new rig because it no longer fits properly. Howerver I would still recommend this rig to anyone of a larger stature, and less destructive line off work."
– A Kaono
3.0 5
"I agree with what you said Kaono, I'm not a whole bigger than you, I'm 6'0 and about 170, and I really had to play around with my vest too.What I did once I got it to where I wanted it, I took out my thread & sewing needle and got Busy.I now have a better fit. Next time I go out with one of my M-4s, I'll give it a try. I think I might give the Molle 9 pouch chest pouch a try next."
– Bruce
5.0 5
"this vest is great does every thing i need it to do well built is on the large side though but fits fine over body armor."
– brian
4.0 5
"I'm not a professional end-user, but for the average civilian who uses some thing like this once or twice a month for competitions and such, it's a great vest. Only problem is that once mags are loaded into the pouches the MOLLE straps pull at the velcro-snap front opening. I had a rigger-friend clip them and sew them short and now it works just great.Like I said, if you are a hard-charger in Iraq or Afghanistan and your life depends on it, spend the money and buy the Blackhawk vest, if this is something you only use occasionally and have time for a few minor alterations, go for it. Awesome deal for the money.Also, I am a big guy, and it fits me great. might be a problem for the smaller framed among us."
– 3 gun man
5.0 5
"i agree with all the other skinny guys who said it doesnt fit snug when just wearing cammies, but this vest fits like a charm over the standard OTV interceptor flak with the plates in. i could carry much more weight using this rig comfortably then i could with the issued LBV. Its held up perfectly to the harshest conditions from the desert, the jungle, and alot of salt water."
– Ben
4.0 5
"Large MOLLE area for customization, built in hydration bladder storage in the back, and very adjustable. Only gripe on the product is the lack of any way to secure the vest to a belt, or any form of internals for such. Also not that all the D-Rings are a higher grade plastic instead of metal. Overall will serve most purposes well, seeing as I plan on using this for Woodsball, Paintball."
– ForsakenWolf
4.0 5
"i bought this here a good while ago when i started off playing airsoft. i was shocked at the quality of the construction and how sturdy it was when i pulled it out of the box. it took a bit to adjust it to fit me, as im 6'5\" and 180lbs, but i managed to tighten it enough to fit fine. the hydration bladder pouch is nice and large, as well as being covered in molle, and the pull handle feels sturdy even though ive never tested it myself. the vest has two mesh inner pouches for maps or any documents you may need to carry, and has 6 build in m15 mag pouches. the only problem with the pouches is that the elastic holders were way too tight, but i just removed them. the mag pouches are tight enough that the mags stay in even when i hold the vest upside down and shake it.overall, id definitely recommend this vest to someone who wants a good base for a molle chest rig or who isnt carrying too much on the field with them"
– The Orange
2.0 5
"I bought this to carry mags for my AR-15. While it is a good looking vest, it lacks much of the functionality I expected from the product. I guess you get what you pay for though. First off, the vest is way to large for anyone with an athletic build. I would guess the minimum size male that could wear this in a tactical situation or in the field would be someone who is at least a Size 46 Jacket. It took me 3-4 hours of adjustment on a sewing machine for it to fit my size 42 frame. Second, since there is no provision for a duty belt or web belt to be attached; when you run or walk with this vest, it has a tendency to \"ride-up\". It is not a comfortable vest to wear.Third, the mag pouches are to large for one standard 30rd mag and too small for 2, 30rd mags. This was disappointing. Fourth, The closure front on the vest is velcro and snaps, when wearing body armor, you cannot bend forward or move without the vest closure comming open. This makes it impossible for use in a tactical environment.The materials on this vest are of good quality, but as design goes, it is an inferior product.I bought this vest as a \"test\" product to use for work, however, it is definatley a product for an amature. I would NOT reccomend this for any professional use. It would be good for a haloween party or paintball/airsoft, thats it.Cheaper than dirt offers other good products. my advice is spend a little more money and buy a vest that is of sound design."
– SWAT 1
5.0 5
"I picked this because it looked light and durable. I wear a rig that is 60+ pounds (for work) so I did not want anything heavy. Thank goodness it's exactly what I hoped it would be. Size fit perfect, but I am 6'1\" 220lbs. We have a team that practices movements on our off time, so I am looking forward to puting this rig to the test. All in all, I would do it again! We'll see if I feel the same after this weekend!"
– Johnny
4.0 5
"Got this chest rige and love it... Had a few problems when I first got it due to the fact that I'm a little guy 5'5 and 150 pounds had to tighten all the straps all the way down. Also I put a few wads of paper down where the mags go so that they peak up over the edge enough to grab them... Also I took off the ties that held down the mags and replaced them with slightly longer ones because the originals were wayyy too tight... Finally I used 4 small bungee cords to connect the back to one side using 2 and 2 for the other side. This held the rig in nice and tight to my body but also allows for expanding for movement. Ohhh yeah and had my wife sow in some snap clips so I could attach the rig to my duty belt. Other then that a few quick easy fixes and works just like a true molle rig :)"
– Damack
4.0 5
"I got it today, seems pretty nice and good construction. It doesn't say it here, but this is made by VooDoo tactical. 30 Round AK 47 magazines fit great in it."
– 56kninja
4.0 5
"I love this vest...it is a VooDoo...fits all gear and attachments a person needs...like the idea that the bladder is built in so its not so bulky in the back...also leaves you the room to add a pack without stacking...mag pouches close to your body...do not like that the straps are not adjustable...girth is adjusted in and out by the front closure...does not attach to belt...over all graet vest can live with minor inconveniences"
– Rebelpo
4.0 5
"Ordered it on Monday, arrived on Thursday and wore it for 9 hours in a carbine course on Saturday. Pros: The rig got used and abused forward, backward, kneeling and a lot of prone. It held up well, 100+ degrees in the shooting pit, so the hydration came in very handy. Mine did NOT come with a bladder, but the one I bought at Wally world was fine. I am 6', 205, 34-36\" waist and it fit fine with the straps cinched up tight.Cons: The snaps and velcro that hold it closed start to open up with a lot of use. I ran a 'biner throught a strap and the D ring and its solid, while still quick to get out of. I also feel that the mag pockets are a bit too deep. There isnt enough mag above the pocket to get a \"quick\" firm grip. I will probably have mine sewed up a bit at the bottom.If you are going to run a course with this, dont forget your drop bag - its a must."
– triharder
2.0 5
"First of all of this is not a VooDoo tactical. Some crappy knockoff. Second, this thing is built for Heavy 6 not your everyday build."
– MedicMan
2.0 5
"While I like the layout of the vest the primary drawback is the front closure. The snaps and velcro will not keep the vest closed when engaged in physical activity...espacially when worn over body armor. I would recommend either a zipper or plastic buckles to keep it closed. I have had to replace mine because it would keep coming open and I can't have that on a swat op."
– jclark
4.0 5
"I am 6'1\" and 180 LBS, Fairly broad shoulders. Vest fits Perfect, had no problems with it coming undone, but I am not wearing any body armor either. Worth the cash 4 shooting courses or personel gravel pit training sessions. But if ur profession is in the art of killing and ur life depends on ur gear, what the hell are you doing spening 40 bux on a vest, Drop a few big bills and get some sweet gear."
– KAOS Twenty12
4.0 5
"Well, the one I got is a Voodoo Tactical. I was hesitant to buy this after reading previous reviews but I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. I'm 6', 195 lbs, and wearing just a t-shirt and jeans, and the adjustment straps not even all the way tightened down, it was pretty snug. It will definitely fit people smaller than me. I can see how the Velcro would come undone, so as someone else on here said I plan on using a carabiner to help keep that front D buckle secured to the other flap. I don't really like elastic mag keepers, but they do work. I ended up rolling up the packaging paper from CTD and stuffing those inside the 6 mag holders since I live in California and can only get 10 round mags. With this, I'm able to quickly slide the elastic mag keeper to the side and grab the magazine. Quality control wasn't so good on my rig though as my main complaint is that the left side's inner pocket was sewed shut from the factory. The right side's inner pocket is fine, but I think the workers that sewed the left side together accidentally ran their seams across the entire back of the left side, preventing me from using the left inner pocket at all. Not a big deal since it's fairly difficult to access the inner pockets with the rig on anyways."
– D
5.0 5
"Like D i was worried about the reviews i am 6 foot 145 lbs have a friend 6 foot 2 275 with the adjustable features it is idiot proof to make fit ... very secure fits perfect... buy this product it is voodoo tactical and very well made great for survival purposes and fully expresses the term load bearing vest. cheaper than dirt shipped faster than i thought got here day of my birthday excellent product excellent service BUY THIS PRODUCT GREAT GREAT GREAT"
– david , mississippi
4.0 5
"This was a great rig I bought it for my WASR-10, and it held the AK mags great. The only thing wrong with it was im a 150 lb. guy, and this is just a little too big for me. I fixed this by using a few small bungie cords to tighten up the back. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt for another great product!"
– Reid
4.0 5
"Nice rig for the price, plenty of storage, good fit and versatile. Installed my Ka-Bar upside down on the left shoulder in a tactical sheath and is readily at hand. Handles plenty of 30 rd mags for my Mini-14, and will handle plenty of pistol mags when I get them. Will need to add a small pack to the back and get a bladder. It is very confortable, even in the Texas heat. It would benefit by having some belt keepers, but for this price can't be beat. With the addition of a pack will be handy as a BOB platform."
– Hoffy
5.0 5
"This is ideal if you wear another vest under it. One that has the full front etc... this one overlays it and provides additional molle hook ups & has a front and back sleeve that you could place armor plating inside if you want for additional protection in those two vital areas."
– mee
5.0 5
"Fits good. Didn't come with the bladder but fits a 140 pounder good."
4.0 5
"Great rig for the price. Only problem seems to be that it is fit for a larger person. I'm 6'2'' 225lbs and I have to tighten the straps all the way down with just a t-shirt under it. It seems to be made to wear body armor under it. Besides that it is a well made item and seems to be able to hold up under most conditions."
– Hammer30
4.0 5
"This is a great vest for outdoor and indoor range use. But you get exactly what you pay for. 40$ is a great price for this. I am able to hold several 6 round single stack mags, 4 30 round mags 4 15 round mags a small flash light a Beretta m9 2 polish radoms 1 357 snub nose revolver and in the backpack( hydration pouch) i was able to carry my sub 2000 carbine folded up... Now its Velcro is not very good and once you add any weight to it nothing on the front holds well so what I did was removed two of the small bungee ties for mags and used them to tie the front/chest molle to the waist section so it would not fall off. that worked well. also im 6'1 225lbs and had to tighten every side strap (hips) and the shoulder straps as far as they would go but once done its a sure fit. Again, for 40$ it is a great product and ctd shipping 3 day was terrific! but do NOT buy this expecting something you can run around in and beat up and expect it to last because it wont. Mine was a Condor. I highly recommend for range use to carry items you would normally bench,otherwise it just looks \"really cool\" but has no other practical use. It just isnt made well enough to take stress of running jumping kneeling going prone ect. it does not have the dependability to give you a wide range of motion wo falling apart or coming undone. I gave it 4 bullets for price and my own personal objective of use will make this last awhile."
– Go Full Ret....
5.0 5
"Great Rig!!! I\uFFFDm 5'10, 235 and it\uFFFDs fits great! the price and quality is top notch. Yes its needs belt loops but, just because it may need a few minor personal modifications s does not mean it is not worth the price, all you need is, carpet needle and some nylon thread, this is one way BUT THE BEST WAY to do this with this rig and with any gear, is to order from CTD the Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl Item: ZAA-003 you can sew ANYTHING!!! Quickly, Belt Loops Zippers any and every thing you may need. WORTH THE PRICE !!!!"