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ModGear Sling Bag Black 18x13x7" Ambidextrous Three Compartments Double Zippers Padded Shoulder Straps

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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Our three compartment, hydration compatible Sling Bag is designed to comfortably carry gear in both military and civilian environments. The ambidextrous padded shoulder strap features a D ring, 3 rows by 2 columns of PALS webbing on the lower portion, 8 columns of PALS running vertically up the strap and a 1 elastic strap at the top. The adjustable 1side release equipped waist straps allow for left or right cross-chest carry.

Both sides of the bag have 6 rows by 3 columns of PALS webbing and a hidden zippered concealment pocket with a hook and loop panel perfect for a holster and handgun. The top of the bags handle has a fully removable pad.

The front of the bag features 4 rows by 5 columns of PALS webbing and a 6 x 4 hook and loop panel perfect for ID badges, nametapes or morale patches.

The front pocket is 9 x 15, dual zippered and top opening. The interior of the front pocket features a zippered 11 mesh pocket and the rear interior features a 9 pocket, two smaller pockets and a small mesh zippered pocket, as well as pen and pencil holders and a snap hook key ring keeper.

The second dual zippered compartment is clamshell in design measures 17 x 12 and features three medium and one large mesh pocket, all with dual zippers.

The main compartment is a clamshell opening, measures 18 x 13" x 6 and features a very large mesh pocket on the front interior and a large 15 hydration bladder compartment with a hook and loop secured elastic pass through on the back of the main compartment as well as 4 rows by 9 columns of PALS webbing.

Constructed with heavy-duty nylon, corded zipper pulls on all exterior zipperss, compression straps on top and sides with side release buckles, a padded mesh back panel, an d heavy-duty MOLLE webbing.

The unique design of the Sling Bag comfortably distributes the weight of your load without the restrictive feel of traditional backpack shoulder straps.

Measures 18 x 13 x 7".

Available in:
OD GreenMolle-401
Coyote TanMolle-403
Army DigitalMolle-717
Total number of Reviews: 30

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5.0 5
"I bought this for going to the gym and when i go camping, so far it is a great buy! I would recomend this to anyone wanting a sling backpack. The conceal is kind of hard to get to but still does the job. The conceal pocket was able to hold my 45. 4inch XD, and my friends EAA 10. mil. it feels really sturdy and hold a good deal. It has a pocket inside that looks like it could hold a 15.5 laptop in it, and has a sealing hole on top if you want to have a hydration system in it. I would recomend anyone to buy this for the price."
– AFpj
4.0 5
4.0 5
"I bought one to use as an urban survival bag. It's got enough PALs webbing to be useful/versatile and it stylish enough to not scream, \"Hey, I'm ex-military\" when I'm on the subway. Co-worker saw mine and had me order him one. As for quality, I thoroughly inspect my gear and am VERY pleased with this item!"
– ExecProtection
5.0 5
"Have this bag, bought it for my college gear. Been carrying it for 33 weeks, every day, and thus far the only sign that the bag isn't brand-new is dust and sand in the webbing.+ sturdy: i carry around 30+ lbs of books, a laptop, and water. This bag feels like it can take more.+ storage: very roomy, and i can tighten everything down so things don't rattle around too much in the pack.+ comfortable: even though it only has one strap, it's wide enough that it doesn't cut off the circulation to your arm unless you've been carrying it all day. The padding over the kidneys is decent as well, and there's a compartment (probably incidental) that you can stuff a tshirt or extra socks into to add more padding.+ weather: I carried it through 140 degree plus heat, in direct sunlight, and no problems. Rain, no problem (though, you should always seal up your electronics/extra batteries no matter HOW high-quality your gear bag is). I have no doubt the plastic parts will hold up just fine for the winter. The zippers don't get clogged up by dust and sand, which is nice.- mobility: Running with this thing on feels like a monkey on my back. If it had waist cinches to secure it to my back, I'd be happier, but then again, this isn't meant for that."
– Sierra
4.0 5
"I recently saw a similar bag at a gun show, and it was crap. Cheaply made, and obviously less expensive. I bought this one expecting the same thing, but to my suprise it is ALOT better. Well out together, and looks like it can take some abuse. It has plenty of room for what ever you need."
– Killer B
5.0 5
"I love the way this bag is set up. The ambidextrous sling is attached on both sides, which makes it really easy to cinch the pack tightly to your body for less shifting around. I feel like i could go running with this thing on. The hydration system pocket easily fits my 15\" laptop and has more than enough padding to keep it protected. With a little practice, the concealed holster pockets are easily accessible. I packed a pretty extensive first aid kit in the secondary compartment without leaving out any critical piece of equipment I can think of, and I still had some room to spare. The whole bag is just dripping with molle webbing, so keep that in mind and have fun customizing the hell out of this thing."
– Andy, Tx
5.0 5
"This bag is OUTSTANDING! There is more than enough room and pockets in this bag. Don't let the picture fool you. It is much bigger than it appears. I have use many different bags and this is by far the best. The hidden pockets are great! Bag is extremely comfortable and durable."
– James
1.0 5
"I was disapointed in this bag. Mostly because of all the raving reviews I had read about it. So here is the truth or at least my honest oppinion. To start with its smaller than it looks,smaller than I expected it to be anyways. It is smaller than your average school type backpack. The exterior is a tough canvas like material but the inside pockets are all a cheap mesh, except for the so called concealed pockets wich are a really thin low quality material that are not secured inside. So if you attach a holster when you go to draw out your pistol the holster and the pocket come out and the whole pocket slides around inside with a handgun in it wich is disapointing because my main reason for buying this bag was concealed carry. The shoulder strap has this nice thick and wide top and is built of the same tough canvas as the outside of the bag. But the bottom part of it is just a thin 3/4\" strap that seemed pretty cheesy to me and having used it for about a week now I've noticed it dosen't stay where you set it. The buckle slips so I've had to readjust it three or four times. Now,what I really hate about it, and you can not tell in the picture, is that the bottom is made at an angle. So when you set this bag on the floor it falls over on its face.It will not set up as pictured. The carry handle on mine was not centered and it has an additional loop to hang it up by. But that loop is bigger than the carry handle and it looked stupid. So I cut mine off. Also there is this goofy loop and strap on top that clips together. I don't know what your supposed to use it for.The single strap will tuck in the top of the bag through the whole for the hydration bladder tube and secure the padded pocket inside. But then you left with the goofy loop with half a clip on it on top of the bag. So I cut that off to. The bag is kinda egg shaped and if you attach other pockets to it its going to look like crap. For what it costs I really don't think it is worth it."
– MadMike
4.0 5
"I purchased this bag over half a year ago for use as my EDC bag, during that time I have carried this bag daily to work. It has really held up great, considering that it has been abused a lot. The interior pockets are quite spacious, (a 15.4\" Laptop fits fine in the hydration pocket.) although I wish that there were a few more small pockets for organizing stuff. A 3 liter hydration bladder fits just fine in the hydration pocket, in fact you could probably fit two 3 liter bladders if you were desperate. The CCW pocket was ok... as some other people have mentioned, the pocket material is not anchored to anything, so it can get pulled inside out or slid around. If you were using a pocket holster I could see that being a real problem, but in my case I just stuck my XD in there without a holster, so it slid out just fine. The bag is ambidextrous so there are CCW pockets on both sides. Because of the single strap design, if you load this bag up to the gills it will really dig into your shoulder, I would NOT recommend this bag if you are planning on doing any hiking with it. I would say personally that this bag is a little too big for an EDC bag, so I am now trying to revamp it into a survival backpack. Overall though, I am very pleased with it."
– psmith
5.0 5
"I bought this bag about 7 months ago right before christmas. I've used it quite a bit for a bunch of random things. It is very durable and worth every single penny i've paid for it. I've used it camping and for everyday use. Im guessing madmike got the only bad one they made. Its has one strap so it really cant be too big or it defeats the purpose of it being a \"sling bag\". Not to mention the fact that is gives you the dimensions of the bag in the description. If you are unsure about it grab a tape measure and get an idea of the size of it. I recomend this to anyone"
– Rob from Texas
4.0 5
"Bought this bag for collage. Used it 1 semester; so far so good. If any thing changes I will re-write a review."
– KC
5.0 5
"I was worried that this bag wouldn't be quite big enough for all of my books for college. I was wrong. It fits two of my biggest text books plus five to six other smaller books with much, much more room to spare for notebooks and binders.The one strap system is great. It allows me to take it off and on easily and quickly. The MOLLE webbing allowed me to connect the iPod/MP3 player pouch onto the back, and I have a lot more MOLLE webbing still available to hook up whatever else.Highly recommend this bag. Very well-built material that should last me my entire college career."
– Seal
5.0 5
"good backpack, great for college. no problems so far, and i have a lot of books"
– (Type Display Name Here)
5.0 5
"I bought this bag to be my daily notebook carrier. I got it mostly for the concealed carry pockets so I can carry my S&W Sigma consealed. Yes I am a handgun carry permit holder. This replaced a Targus backpack that I have used for a couple of years. This Condor is larger than the Targus and has lots of zip pockets to divide the stuff. With the molle webbing and clips you can really customize this bag. I plan to add some extra pouches in the future. The only complaint is the size of the hydration pouch. I read in one review that it would fit a 15.4 notebook. Well it will if the notebook is thin. My old Dell would probably have gone in OK, but the new Toshiba Satellite is a little thicker and I have to really force it in by bending the top of the back back open. Both are 15.4 screens so YMMV. So I have started just putting the Toshiba it in the pouch in front of the hydration pocket. All in all I am very happy with the bag and with CTD's good price and quick delivery."
– the Wizard
4.0 5
"Purchased on of these almost a year ago and I'm finally gonna review it. The Good: After a year, the bag is still in one piece. The design is excellent, allowing me to carry in one of the concealment pockets when I don't feel like IWB that day. I haven't run out of practical applications for this bag yet. The Bad: One of the buckle straps broke right away, and the right concealment pocket (the one I always use) split open not a week after that. No matter. A little thread and heat and it was back up and running. No failures since. Summary: QC is not the best in the world, but if you're willing to fix a break or two in the bag, it is well worth the money. Would I buy this again? I am."
– 1fastws6
5.0 5
"I bought this pack to be a smaller ready pack that I could carry into work without being really conspicuous. The pack I was using before was a lot bigger, but this one fits everything I feel the need to carry around with me (first aid supplies, extra clothes, books, bug spray, survival gear including some food, extra mags, flashlights, rain gear, and the list goes on)! It is extremely comfortable to wear, and it really is one tough pack. I've been beating on this one daily since I got it, and it doesn't have a scratch on it! Get one, you wont regret it!"
– Gunnar
4.0 5
"This bag is great. Similar bags go for more than twice the price. Holds a lot of stuff and securely. Lap top, pistol (conceal pocket is great), change of clothes, food, water, whatever. You could also fit a FN SCAR with CQB barrel with folded stock in there. Just saying, lol. The large main pocket is great. The other pockets have plenty of other compartments to put whatever you need to keep segregates in there. The only thing I wish the bag had was a belt system. When you do load the bag up it does get a bit heavy with the one sling strap depending on what your putting in there. If there was a belt system it probably wouldn't be a big deal. The bag seems very durable. Feels stronger than my rifle bag. Definitely a great bag!"
– Michael
5.0 5
"Contrary to my previous review: this bag does have a belt system. Although it does not come with a belt; there is a slot in the back to slide one into. I recommend purchasing a 2 inch duty belt with this bag if you do not already own one. It makes the bag more comfortable by swinging less; and, taking a lot of the weight off the one strap."
– Michael
5.0 5
"Got this bag yesterday (so not exactly a long term review), and so far I am very impressed, it's exactly what I was hoping for. I often wear my backpacks using only the left strap, and it always wears out first. So I'm very interested to see how this holds up long term. The upper part of this bags shoulder strap is quite wide and nice, also seems very well constructed. The concealment pocket is about what I expected, and will suit my needs. Far far excellent for the price; and it's ModGear, so you can add whatever you feel it lacks!"
– CB
5.0 5
"I got this bag a year ago and only had one problem with it. The zippers to the pistol concealment pouches either stick or break. Other than that, it is a great bag. I use it for college to carry my books and laptop and I can fit almost all of them in the bag. Besides the zipper problem mentioned above, I would recommend this bag to anyone. I also plan on getting another one just in case this one breaks and because I love it."
– Babin
5.0 5
"I recently purchased this backpack because I had a business trip to Germany. I spent a lot of time in the airport that day and the flight just to get overseas was 11hrs! So I needed a larger pack than I had to fit my laptop and various other electronic items to survive the trip. The large compartment held my laptop perfectly within the elastic pocket and all the little pockets inside kept everything else neat and organized. I had this thing packed full including a neck pillow. I also used this on a daily basis while over there to walk to and from the plant. A very comfortable and all around great quality pack."
– Spartan Fan
4.0 5
"It's not got the high quality feel or furniture of other bags but it's still solid. Lots of room with many, many pockets for storage."
– Michael
5.0 5
"I had a few requirements in mind when I purchased this bag: 1. Had to accommodate all my equipment used for work: 15\" MacBook, iPad, cables, chargers, mouse, files.2. Had to have space available to neatly organize necessities that I would need to have with me in the event that I could not make it back home and had to stay at work for an extended period of time. Due to weather, car issues, disaster, etc. 3. Had to have space available for a change of clothes.4. Had to have the ability to conceal a handgun (if so desired) and a couple extra magazines. This bag met all of my requirements. There are no \"deal-breakers\" for me when it comes to this bag. I'm a strong believer in \"you get what you pay for\" and feel that this is a good bag for the money. The zippers took a little while to get broken in (they were sticking for awhile) but I feel that's because the materials are so durable and it was just stiff and needed to be broken in a bit. They work fine now. Also, I noticed that some reviewers mentioned that the concealed pocket lining isn't sewn in, that is true and I can see how it could be a problem for some. Overall: Great bag. Very durable. Good quality for the price."
– STL_Survival
5.0 5
"I ordered this bag for a civilian use multi role bag to carry my laptop and other items needed for work with the intention of replacing my laptop bag. I wanted a bag that could be used to stow my concealed carry weapon while I was at the chiropractor for example. I can now keep the weapon with me where I need it instead of in the car where it is useless. The bag is well made, certainly for civilian use. I will be ordering another for my hunting bag as all the zippered pockets will be excellent for stowing my gear and not having to dig around inside the bag for spare batteries etc. Good piece of kit."
– techoca
3.0 5
"Its ok,dont use it much,hangs to low for me, and to bulky. It was bigger than I expected - decent bag though."
– loid
5.0 5
"I bought this bag to use as an EDC as well as a range bag. It is a great bag. The bag is very sturdy and with the addition of several MOLLE pouches, suits my needs perfectly. The two concealed pockets in the back are very convenient when I am unable to conceal carry my pistol. Along with my EDC gear, it carries everything that I would need for the day: laptop, change of clothes, books, and many others. Being a sling bag, it is not suited for extended wear for long hikes and such, nor with heavy loads. For use as a book bag, or EDC bag for a light to moderate weight load, this is a great bag."
– Atcjb9519
5.0 5
"I purchased this backpack in October 2008, not for \"field use\" but for everyday use. I'm a diabetic and a techie so I have to carry a lot of tools and accessories around for both my health and my work. I wanted a one shoulder back pack with the capability of carrying both a laptop and a hydration system, that had enough internal pouches to hold all my medical supplies and simple hand tools.I've now owned this backpack for nearly 4 years, and I've used it almost daily since then. It's been through freezing winters, and hot humid summers, traveled to Mexico and Canada and has been through 8 airports. I wear it while riding my scooter to and from work and other locales. I carry diabetic blood sugar monitoring tools, insulin, medicine bottles, glucose bottles, laptops, hydration systems, tools, notebooks, tablets, phones, shoes, books... I've packed it pretty heavy. I've even had occasion to utilize the MOLLE system with several different MOLLE pouches attached to carry even more.Through nearly 4 years of abuse, it's never failed me. All the zippers still work perfectly, all the clasps still work perfectly. I can still see several more years of use before I would want to replace it. I think it would likely last me a full decade.Well worth the relatively low price."
– CaelynTek
5.0 5
"This bag is awesome. I use it everyday. I use it to haul around my laptop. I love the concealed carry pockets, which are plenty big enough to hold any large frame pistol. They are nice and padded as well. Sometimes I use the bag as an overnight bag. There is plenty of room for a weekend's worth of clothes and gear."
– schendw
5.0 5
"This bag exceeded my expectations. Material is thick and durable. Zippers are robust and firm. Straps are heavy duty and comfortable. There are pockets and pouches galore. The gun pockets are nicely hidden. Very well designed. I am thrilled with my purchase. I would buy another even if the price was higher."
– englewood
5.0 5
"If you are wondering about the quality, this pack is extremely well made. I have been using mine daily since I bought it and it is very durable. I have overloaded it numerous times (weight wise)and there are no signs of stress at the seams. Buy one!!!"
– Abusive_Irishman