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ModGear Quick Release Plate Carrier Black Fully Adjustable One Size Fits Most Does Not Include Armored Plates

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Fully adjustable vest carries your armored plates for maximum protection, and enables rapid removal with the quick release shoulder straps with front and back padded pouches secure your ceramic or other protective body armor plates. This vest provides full MOLLE webbing compatibility on the front and back of the vest.

Configure your vest with pouches, pockets or holsters, (sold separately), and your body armor plates are secured for maximum protection.

Vest adjusts for height and girth, one size fits most. Rugged design will withstand the harshest environments or operations. The vest does not include armored plates, but will hold plates that measure 10x13x1".

The Quick Release Plate Carrier is compatible with detachable collar protection and detachable groin protection.

This vest will hold up to size large BALCS cut soft body armor and up to 10"x 13" hard or soft armor plates.

The QRPC has loop material for ID and morale patch attachment front and rear

The vest features 7 columns of PALS webbing at the top of the vest tapering to 11 columns at the bottom. The front of the vest has 7 rows of webbing and the rear 8.

The quick release function of the carrier allows almost instant doffing of the vest for medical access or in the event of a hang up or entrapment. The release pull adjusts to the left or right shoulder for user preference or uniformity.

The lightly padded vests mesh interior allows for airflow to increase comfort level.

The QRPC adjusts to accommodate Medium to XL sizes.

Link to nstruction manual below.

Available In:
OD GreenMolle-338
Coyote TanMolle-218
Army DigitalMolle-758
Total number of Reviews: 43

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5.0 5
"Just got it today. This is very high quality and it will not disappoint you. I would like to see side plate slots, but it is exactly as described. The Velcro in front is also MOLLE.I used the shoulder panels that cover the Quick Release system to also secure my sling away from the neck. Beautiful. This is the vest I've chosen to switch to from the Cross Draw Tactical Vest. This is way more comfortable, versatile, cool, and oh yeah... way more expensive. But worth it. Remember, this comes with no pouches or holsters. Prepare to spend another $100. So yeah, it gets up there. But I aint complainin' . . . Word."
5.0 5
"A good quality piece of gear. It comes with instructions on how to adjust it. Both soft and hard panels fit quite well. The best thing is it has no buckles to break or get hung up on things."
– PoPo
4.0 5
"really nice vest , but if you're short or skinny (im both) its a pain in the butt to get adjusted. holds all my little pouches and even my old alice rifle cleaning kit. though goig back to the skinny thing it runs out of space kinda quick if you dont have a lot of area to spread it over...as far as quick release goes im not entirely sure how to get the darn thing to let go quickly. . . if i dont figure it out in the next two weeks its off to the sewing machine to add some quicker releasing stuff. . . .as always ctd delivered really quick. . . less than a day to my house."
– Priest
5.0 5
"Very high quality piece of equipment for a fraction of what you would expect to pay. I have seen similar items go for as much as $350 without the quick release feature working on mine. The vest is very tedious to adjust, but once you get the fit, it\uFFFDs very comfortable. If you are an operator/law enforcement officer and are looking for a high quality carrier with the look and feel of much pricier units, buy this carrier with confidence."
5.0 5
"This is the best vest I have seen for the money. There is alot of adjustment for any size person. The quilty is suited for any shooting or Law Enforcement enviroment. It holds my Soft armor plates without any issue. The quick release option will be nice if a Medic ever needs to acess my chest or back. With the vest completed, I see no reason to carry a Rapid Deployment bag, And everything is ready to go."
– LawDog453
5.0 5
"great vest highly recommend this vest to everyone."
– erikd.
4.0 5
"This is a pretty decent clone of the Eagle carrier. I have both, and laid them side by side. The quick disconnect feature is a bit iffy, but the design is pretty well on target. I would give it 5 bullets, but the stitching is a bit weak. Holds SAPI plates, and Kevlar armor perfectly. It WILL hold concealed bullet resistant vests with ease. It also has points for connecting a groin plate. If it had side plate slots, we would have a 100% winner."
– TM4512
4.0 5
"I purchased this to replace an active shooter bag I used to carry with me while at work. I can put all my gear I had in my bag on this vest; with room for more if needed. I also get added ballistic protection by adding soft panels. The quality is excellent considering the low price. If you're thinking about putting together a \"go bag\", give this vest a try, you won't be disappointed!"
– LawDog
5.0 5
"This is a great item. High quality for a great price. I've outfitted this as an active shooter vest and am still working to finalize it all."
– mm_mcd
5.0 5
"I bought this vest awhile ago. I've put this thing through everything you can imagine and it's held up perfectly. Easy to adjust, easy to throw on, and can take the abuse. I HIGHLY recommend this vest to anyone! Thanks CTD!!!"
– Raider1
5.0 5
"Overall this a very nice vest. Won't fit safariland zero G soft armor that is long or has extended side coveage past a medium but would probably fit a large regular without overlapping side coverage. I plan on buying different soft armor however and keeping this vest as I really like the design of it over other vest I have worn. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality carrier at a decent price. Also CTD had this thing on my porch the day after I ordered it. That's fast shipping."
– Killian13
5.0 5
"This vest is awesome. How else do I say it. I actually forgot that this vest had an armor carrier when i ordered it. If you look for armor it is pretty easy to find. I measured out roughly 10\"x12\" to size the plate(s) required to fit this vest. Now the paperwork will say fit the max size you can find, but the 10\"x12\" will work. Again, what a great vest."
– Steve
4.0 5
"I was looking for a carrier for my 2 Level IV hard plates. I liked this vest when I saw it online. It was due to it's full coverage, especially on the shoulders and sides. It did not look flimsy. Once received, it was made of very high quality denier material, strong stitching on the velcro, and molle.Cons: Somewhat difficult to put on if you want it snug against your body (it has to be snug w/ my soft body armor & shirt already on); The pockets for the plates (mine are 10x12) are too large, making the plates able to move around too much.Pros: Heavy duty materials, full coverage, and won't \"bounce\" around (if adjusted snug & tight) while your jumping and running around. Great quick release option that does make it very fast to take off, and not too long (1 minute) to re-assemble. Lots of room for adjustments (width & height)To fix the large plate pockets issue, I bought some industrial strength velcro and attached it to the inside of the pockets, against the body of the vest and the mesh sleeve, reducing the area inside the pocket so the plate will not move around much. However, the velcro does not seem to stick to the vest that great either, but has worked ok so far.I am 5'9\" 185 lbs. With all my gear on (soft body armor & uniformed shirt) I had to adjust the vest to almost the smallest setting to get a good snug fit. However, it is kind of long, where it covers my mag pouches & taser on my duty belt. I will try to re-adjust the height of the vest to fix that problem.Summary: Great vest overall, good quality, only need to make plate pockets smaller."
– Mike
5.0 5
"I was skeptical about buying tactical vests online with out actually seeing them first hand. Especially, at these prices this vest was more then I expected. This vest is high quality and worth every penny. For a vest like this, I would easily pay close to $200.00. That would still be a great deal. It has great stiching, plenty of room for plates, and soft armor. My vest has both and it fit snug. I am about 5'10 and 195lbs. There are adjustments in the shoulders as well as around the waist. It will fit pretty much anybody. Buy with confidence."
– Small Arms Instructor
4.0 5
"I gave this plate carrier 4 bullets because it is the first one I have owned, so I have nothing to compare it to. I am 5'10\", 200 lbs, no problems at all with the adjustments. You can't go wrong with this one."
– Wild West
5.0 5
"Regardless of price, this is one of the best vests I have seen around. It's comparable to the ones we used in the Marines, except this one costs a lot less. The one thing it doesn't have is an \"easy\" quick release system (you really have to pull on it) compared to the newer USMC ones. But overall, excellent quality, and I would definitely buy again."
– gofuyose
5.0 5
"Received the carrier today, I was skeptical at first because of the price and seeing how many airsoft junkies were using it. However, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the vest and have no doubt it will serve me well in real life rather than just for playing games in."
– GreatNWLEO
5.0 5
"Five bullets! Excellent quality. I really thought I would regret not buying a $400 vest, but after receiving mine, putting it through a long hump fully loaded, this really impressed me! The quality is outstanding, tough, but still very comfortable. The padded shoulder straps are great, and even with a combat load, and plates in, no beat up hickey'd shoulders like you just squatted a Volkswagen! I will buy again."
– Dirty
5.0 5
"I am 5 ft 6 in and 170 lbs and this rig worked perfect! It took me 10 minutes to adjust and it went on snug. I am very pleased with the fit and wear. My Safariland ballistics are a good fit in it. Thanks CTD!"
5.0 5
"Thanks CTD. I ordered Thursday and received Saturday. The vest was perfect; just as pictured. I also ordered a holster and mag pouch. Now I just need to adjust and get plates and I'm set."
– Hard to kill
5.0 5
"This plate carrier is absolutely beautiful! Good stitching, strong velcro, easy to adjust, and an overall great product. There is a lot of real estate on this thing which allows you to put a lot of puches or gear on it. There are MOLLE attachments on the front, sides and back with velcro on the front and back as well. The quick release is very easy to use and to put back together. This is a high quality product that doesn't put too much strain on your wallet. I highly recommend it!"
5.0 5
"I have been through three of the different MOLLE vests offered by CTD. By far, this one is the most comfortable with panels. It adjusts to my fit securely. It seems to be a durable construction so far for the price. If you are in need of a tac vest that you may wear for hours, this one will work."
– Goosie
5.0 5
"Hay guys bought this a while ago good vest its easy to set up and configure and if ur a big guy dont worry I wear 2XL and theres plenty of breathing room for me I think theres about 8 adjustment notches and theres 3 or 4 left to make my vest larger"
– Hayes
5.0 5
"The vest is very durable and fits snugly with me at 6' and 160lbs."
– hiker 8
4.0 5
"Just received the carrier today by way of Fed Ex. Initial impression is that the vest is very well made. I had somewhat of a preview of the carrier a few day ago, my fianc\uFFFDs brother is a LEO and has the exact same vest. He is medium build, I myself and 5'9 around 280lbs. He asked me if I wanted to try it on and I thought that this vest would never fit me. To my surprise this thing is very, very adjustable. I have my level iiiA soft ballistic panels front and back inserted and this vest is very comfortable. I will be using this as my duty rig for certain deployments in EMS. Still waiting on my admin and medical pouch from Maxpedition. But for the big guys looking for a carrier that will fit them go for it. I don't think you will be at all disappointed with the quality or the fit."
– 210-22
5.0 5
"Even though this vest was made in China it is made with High Quality material. It is constructed well, it is a bit pricy, but it's good quality. I am 5'10, 190lbs and it fits perfect. Easy to adjust."
– El Cazador
5.0 5
"I received this carrier in very good condition, it was as described and very nice. I found the fit to be excellent, as I have owned prior carriers and they were not as well fitted for my size body. I work in EMS services and started using it right away and will continue to use on a regular basis. I would rate it the best so far of all the carriers! It fits ballistics panels well. Would Highly recommend for anyone to purchase."
– Keith
5.0 5
"I bought this hoping for the best, as I didn't expect it to fit well on me. More often than not, when it comes to one size fits most, I'm the exception. I'm a fairly lean man. 5'10, 160 pounds. I bought this to hopefully replace my much too big \"one size fits all\" external carrier that came with my level III-a soft armor I purchased elsewhere.I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of this product. This truly is a \"one size fits most\" carrier. The shoulders adjust so you can change the height of the carrier on your shoulders, allowing for long and short torsos alike to wear this carrier with ease. The waist strap can be lengthened and shortened in the back. I have a 31\" waist and not much of a protruding stomach, so I adjusted the strap as short as it could go and still have a few extra inches of room to tighten in front, where the Velcro ends fasten.The MOLLE webbing system is tight and sturdy. I only had a three pistol magazine pouch to attach but it looks great on there. I plan on getting an additional utility pouch or two to hold more gear. My soft armor slid in with ease and feels secure, but would be easy enough to pull out in the event I needed to.I'd describe it as a durable, comfortable, practical, if not slightly expensive carrier. My only complaints would be that I don't see any care information on the carrier (but I assume it to be hand-wash only) and that it is made in China, if that is important to you."
– Kanyon
4.0 5
"This vest is great! As a pretty tall and husky guy, I was very nervous about this vest, but the reviews coerced me. This vest is great overall and covers me entirely, except for the bottom 2-3 inches of my torso. 4/5 because it was made it China. For this price, it can't be beat."
– Brody
5.0 5
"I ordered this vest for work. First off, I received it very quickly. I am overall very happy with the carrier. My body armor plates fit great. The vest itself fits me great (I'm a big guy - 6'3\" 265 lbs). It is of great quality. A lot of adjustment in it, and it allows me to move really well. I scanned the net for days looking at carriers that were twice as expensive and have an old one that I spent twice as much on. I am glad I bought this one. The price is great and so is the quality."
– HPDk9
5.0 5
"I have been in the market for a vest carrier for a while now for work. I agree with the others postings - most carriers are over-priced. Mine just came in this morning and I am amazed. It is thick and feels durable. The Velcro is strong and is extremely comfortable (granted, I haven't worked while wearing it yet, but I see I won't have issues). I had some MOLLE attachments I ordered as well and they fit perfectly. It was difficult getting my IIIA plates in, but I managed. However, if you have the standard chest soft plate, be careful how you put it in. This vest was designed for trauma hard plates, not the small ones, but I made it work. And for all you guys out there with a large chest/stomach who are hesitant about ordering, don't worry. I have a 48/50 chest and this vest covers it all. This is by far the best vest for the money. You will NOT find this good quality any cheaper! ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE!!"
– DudeWTF401
4.0 5
"This vest is quality made.The webbing is awesome as long as you stay away from the edges, where the webbing seems to shrink in distance from each other. My only issue with this well made vest is the size description. If you have a waist of around 33\" or less, this carrier will be way too big for you, even with all straps shortened all the way. Other than that, it's a value conscious plate carrier that will probably last a couple of years."
– corbin
5.0 5
"The best vest I have ever seen for the price. Very well made. I have several other vests from Shellback and Blackhawk and this vest is on the same level. I have a 34 inch waist and the vest is a little large in the waist area, but a few mods and it fit perfectly. Also, I got it in four days after ordering. CTD does it again."
– bridlewood beast
5.0 5
"I really like this vest for the money. Great product. Works great!"
– Ron
5.0 5
"Super fast shipping. Order came in at he end of the same week I ordered. Product is great for the price when it was on sale. Now I just need to buy pouches for it LOL."
– Kevin
4.0 5
"Great vest"
– 000
5.0 5
"Great vest at such a low price! Better than I expected! Thanks again CTD"
– Crazywoody
5.0 5
"Plate carrier is made very well, I found no defects to my vest. I would recommend this product to any individual seeking a reliable and relatively inexpensive plate carrier. I bought mine on sale but paying full price would be worth the money also! Hope this helps."
– Ex-Security Forces
4.0 5
"Wasn't looking for a plate carrier, I couldn't see paying more for a Molle Vest. This is well made out of heavy duty nylon, fully adjustable, with a flip up front flap to adjust the cummerbund, which is suspended from the shoulder strapping system to bear the load better. Plate padding is thin, but removable, and the plate pouches have straps inside to give them support. Shoulder straps are adjustable and have removable aux. padding also. only flaw is thick PVC backing inside the nylon shell which will not breathe at all. Get ready to sweat in this thing."
– No Fortunate Son
5.0 5
"I was a little reluctant and not so sure about ordering this vest, due to it being so cheap. However, after receiving it I can't be more satisfied with the same. The vest is is almost identical to the one sold on a different site for $92.00. I would recommend this vest to anyone searching for one."
– Gunny
5.0 5
"Outstanding vest. I am 6'3\" tall and about 180 lbs, tall and skinny. Vest fits great and is super adjustable.High quality and good stitching. I have no clue how this vest is not 3-4x the price. Has good padding of the inside and plenty on molle webbing. Buy with confidence!!!"
– dan
5.0 5
"Great carrier especially for the price. The stitching is surprisingly exceptional and it is completely covered in MOLLE. The Velcro is not cheap. I put (2) sets of level 2 panels in the carrier. They fit perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. Be aware that there is no slot for a trauma plate. I sewed a pocket on my internal panel. This fixed the problem and works fine. You WILL NOT find another carrier of this quality at this price!!!!"
– DeFoor
5.0 5
"Bought this for my son who became a cop after leaving the Navy. He and I were very pleased at the rugged heavy duty material and stitching. He's got plates on order and this vest will be with him in his patrol car."
– Steve