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ModGear Modular Operator Plate Carrier MultiCam Front Folding Map Pocket

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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The MOPC is a fully adjustable vest that carries your hard or soft armor plates for ballistic protection of vital on missions where full-sized armor is too bulky! Front and back padded pouches secure your ceramic or other protective body armor plates.

The MOPC does not include the armored plates, but will hold front and rear plates up to 10 x 13", and side panel plates up to 6 x 8".

The Modular Operator Plate Carrier is constructed with licensed Crye Precision 1000 Denier Multicam Cordura Fabric. The front and rear panels of the carrier has 6 rows by 6 columns of PALS webbing for mounting any MOLLE compatible pouch, holster or accessory and are lightly padded covered with mesh material for comfort and airflow.

The front panel features loop material for ID patches, nametapes, or morale patches, and the 11 x 7 front map pocket is secured by hook and loop backed up by a snap.

The back panel has a heavy duty drag handle and the heavy duty shoulder straps have detachable pads, hook and loop adjustments and side release buckles.

The detachable external cummerbund is adjustable and features heavy duty elastic for comfort and pockets for up to 6 x 8 side armor panels or plates. The cummerbund has an additional 3 rows by 10 columns of PALS webbing per side.

The MPOC has an internal adjustable waist strap with side release buckles. Fits sizes Medium to XL.

MultiCam was developed by Crye Precision as a universal camouflage that is able to adapt to a wide variety of environments. The reflective nature of the pattern causes it to change apparent color depending on the surrounding environment. Special fabrics and coatings help it to blend in under various lighting conditions across both th e visible and IR spectrums. The infrared spectrum camouflage makes this pattern effective even when viewed with night vision equipment.

Referred to as OEF Camouflage (Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage), the MultiCam pattern has become adopted by the US Army and other NATO forces participating in the ongoing military campaign in Afghanistan. Because it was developed for the US military, all MultiCam products are made in the USA. All clothing and uniform components utilizing the MultiCam pattern are fire resistant and use no melt, no drip Cordura fabric.

Available in:
Coyote TanMolle-265
OD GreenMolle-365
Army DigitalMolle-755
Total number of Reviews: 34

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3.0 5
"The MOLLE Multicam Carrier appears to be a Condor model. It is a good value for a Multicam plate carrier considering all the others in the market. It is adjustable and comfortable and the construction is double stitched and solid. The Multicam is authentic and carries the Multicam label. The only complaint is that the spacing on the PALS on the rear is not uniform which made attaching wider PALS/MOLLE pouches rather difficult. The spacing on the back alternates between too narrow and too wide although the webbing on the pouches can be interlaced if not too stiff. Overall I would rate it okay to good, but not excellent."
– NRA Member
4.0 5
"I purchased the vest and the quality is top notch. It is very adjustable and for a guy that is 6' 2\" and 247 of muslce (okay, mostly) it fits me just fine. The only problem I have is that it cannot attach to a belt: either the battle belt sold here or any regular duty belt. Other than that, it's a great product and I recommend it to anyone."
– Pookii
4.0 5
"Recieved this vest yesterday and it is very solid. It is quality made with plenty of room to attach your gear. There is also a pouch inside to stash a map, wallet, keys, cell phone or other stuff. It is very adjustable, and with a little tweaking, can even be made extra small for someone who is 5'8'' 130lbs. Great vest for airsoft games!"
– C. Mitchell
5.0 5
"I love this vest. I have a very slim frame and was able to fit the cumberbun tight by unlacing the elastic bands and threading the line through the first group of molle loops. Excellent amount of room for all pouches needed. Extra map pouch is good for storing MRE's too."
– john
5.0 5
"Review 07 Jan 2010 : This item is solid it will fit plates only, no other ballistic protection, there is another vest for the ballistic mesh and plates but as to be expected costs more. This was the best price i found for this vest on the date above, i have found no plates made for it. No plates is not a problem for me its just camouflage for hunting. My only real issue with this item is all the dang Velcro. But most vests now are made this way and it easy to add zippers or work around. Velcro shoulders, side wrap around and Velcro in the front, a Velcro flap covers that (the back is the same, Velcro'd from both sides with a Velcro flap to cover.) The side plate carriers are on the inside, the front and back plate carriers are both accessible. I would not recommend this item for combat but it is a great hunting, paint-ball or display item. So far it has been on 3 trips with me and no issue to date. I recommend this item even with all the Velcro. I hope this review helps at someone to make an informed decision."
– Sapper
5.0 5
"I bought this vest as a backup to my Voodoo Tactical OD Green vest but I think it just became my primary. My steel plates fit snug and don't shift about. The fit to my torso is good and it feels comfortable while on, or at least as comfortable as body armor can get. The stitching is nicely done and the material seems durable. I had real concerns about this because I purchased the Condor Ultimate Backpack and the stitch quality was quite poor and started letting go after one outing. It was so bad that I purchased the same style pack from Voodoo Tactical and it has held up far better. This vest however has somewhat restored my faith in Condor. Thus far it seems well made and durable, fits well and is easy to wear around. Now I just have to purchase Multi-Cam magazine holders and MOLLE pouches to attach to it."
– Rob
4.0 5
"Just recently bought this for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. So far this seems like a pretty well made piece of kit (especially for the price). Good stitching, tough material, comfortable to wear even with large ceramic SAPI plates and side plates. A lot more comfortable than the standard IBA. Holds just the right amount of pouches. Only two issues I noticed so far: 1. MOLLE loops are uniform. Some are a little too wide, others are a little too small. I was still able to get all my pouches on an the straps through the loops, but it made it more difficult. 2. the elastic in the back for the comberbun feels a little weak. Fits good now but I'm worried that it might stretch out too much making it fit loose. I would recommend using better elastic in the future. We'll see how it holds up over the next year. I will report back then. But otherwise a very good buy and would recommend this to anyone right now."
– JKool
5.0 5
"I got this vest almost one year ago, I have put this vest through abuse and it is still trucking on. The only flaw is that the side plate pouches that it currently has are way to small. Way to small, for standard side plates, but Thank God they're smaller side plates that fit. So if you are in the Army, and you buy this vest, do take note that your side plates won't fit with this vest. Only special plates will fit. I love how it forms to your body, so when you are climbing that mountain, or swinging into a window, the vest fit snug. It does not wobble around like a lot of other IBA's I have used, and yet you can still breath in it. This vest has been tested, and is ready for a second tour."
4.0 5
"This is a very well made vest. Good quality and built to last. The only issue that I have is that it seems to be a bit too short. I'm a tall guy and it just doesn't seem to cover as much as I thought it would. Other then that, it's definitely worth every penny."
– glockstar518
5.0 5
"I got it and love it. The elastic is real stretchy, almost too much for my frame, but elastic is supposed to stretch. After reading other reviews, I'm gonna try John's suggestion about running the waistband strings through the first set of loops."
– Tanner
4.0 5
"The vest is very sturdy and well made. Excellent stitching, nice velcro and plenty of it. It fits snug and secure. My only wish is that it were a little longer, maybe a few inches. It's a compact vest and doesn't impede my movements at all (thumbs up) but for me, even when I let the shoulder straps out a little it is right at belly button level. Perhaps that is the intended design but I would prefer it give me a little more coverage. I may return and go with something bigger, otherwise a great value. For reference, I am 5'11 190lbs."
– John
4.0 5
"I bought this vest as a tactical plate carrier for level 4 plates and a crapload of stacked ar pmags with pistol mags on the front for my .45. It works well for run and gun, though I must admit I had to adjust it for my 5'8\" skinny LCB (limited capacity body). I have done some tactical exercises in this and my only complaint is that it doesn't have a cummerbund. Also, the straps on top need to be tighter or something, but that may be because im so darn skinny. Overall, I am quite pleased and have already had a few buds ask me where they can get one. It needs an extra pocket for a camelbak which is very important. Buy this rig and you wont regret it."
– Wyo tactical dude
5.0 5
"For the money this is one of the best if not the best plate carrier around. It rivals carriers twice its price in quality and durability. I have it loaded with 1 triple kangaroo on the front flap and 1 double kangaroo pouch on each of the sides. Along with the molle compatible hydration pouch on the back and a few more accessory pouches in various places, this is the most complete system I can come up with and still have room left over. An excellent buy that I would recommend time and again."
– Patrioticslaughter
5.0 5
"I have served in the Army (Regular, Reserves, and National Guard) with tours in Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, and Iraq... and also have LE and other emergency experience. I am well satisfied with this product. I wish I had this in combat! This vest is very modular. It holds side, frontal, and rear hard plates. It does not accommodate soft kevlar armor, but a \"cop\" vest is easily worn underneath... adding IBA like protection. It is very adjustable, but has a bit of a learning curve for some novice. A smart design and good construction. Mine currently hosts a hydration pouch, tri-pistol pouch, MP5 pouch, 6-mag AR pouch, Blackhawk SERPA holster, EMT pouch, Utility pouch, Dump pouch, flashlight pouch.\"Map\" pocket can also be used to hold sidearm or supressors.MultiCam pattern is amazing. MultiCam plastic spray paint is available at Lowes. I used this to color patch my Level III SERPA holster w/ quick detach."
– AW
5.0 5
"Just what I was looking for. Plates fit without sloshing around. Well made, good quality. Here in two days. Ground. Good Service, Good product, Thanks."
– Satisfied Customer
4.0 5
"While a neat looking vest, it is made with lower quality. Mine arrived today and with inspection the top left velcro was not sewn. The threads are falling out. It is a nice system for carrying your mags and other gear though as I plan to keep and use it."
– usmc ret03
5.0 5
"I bought this version and a buddy of mine got the $139 version. If you are a really big guy, get the more expensive version. It's a lot bigger and has a lot more material and room. But I'm 6'2\" and 215 lbs and this version covers me in all the vital areas and has just enough room to put all the necessary pouches on it. It holds my plates in the front and back and they don't move around like they can in an interceptor vest. This version also has pouches on the side for side plates. The more expensive one doesn't for some reason. The only thing about this version is I wish it had more padding on the chest and back, but it's not enough a reason to get 4 stars."
– Shawgunner
4.0 5
"I bought this vest and have used it on several training missions and I gotta say it is the best value for the money. I am really pleased with my vest I have a ton of pouches on it. I prefer to wear it with out the cumberbund. I also ran the string through the first sets of holes. Using this vest with out the cumberbund is cooler and more maneuverable for me. The only reason I gave it 4 bullets is because when you remove the cumberbund you don't have molle straps running all the way across the from of the vest. The Molle straps stop at the velcro flap on the front. When I remove the cumberbund I have to drop to a 4 mag pouch on the front instead of 6. If it had the extra molle staps I still use the double stack six mag pouches. All in all a great value and a great piece of gear. Definetly recomend this Vest."
– Ruben H.
4.0 5
"Good vest, there were a few minor issues as stated by other reviewers, some MOLLE loops a bit too tight, a little too much Velcro, and it could be a couple inches longer, could use some belt attachment loops, but overall worth the money. I would recommend this vest. Customer Service at Cheaper Than Dirt is outstanding!"
– Rob157
4.0 5
"Off point it is darker than the pics on the site, which is a good thing for me. I thought it was good vest. It should be about ten bucks less. But, a pain with molle and time consuming putting everything on it"
– Jeff
5.0 5
"After careful consideration, I bought this MOPC with the intention of running it with my soft shell ballistic inserts and a set of 3 AR mags. We are talking REAL setup here, not Airsoft. I have to say that the carrier impressed me. The stitching is superb, and the quality of fabric is outstanding. This is 100% legit licensed multicam, folks. I am smaller, only 5'7\" and about 155 lbs., and this carrier fit me beautifully. It doesn't sway and move around when worn properly, and it retains rigidity, allowing me to also run a horizontal pistol mount on the upper front panel. With the ballistic inserts (my own which do not come with the MOPC), I was able to achieve maximum stability for my Springfield XD setup chest rig. With actual hard plates, I am certain it will be even more stabil -insane!For the money, you just cannot beat this product."
– BK
4.0 5
"I am overall very pleased with this product. Only two real complaints; the cordura could be thicker (in my opinion, this carrier would be indestructible if thicker material was used.) and standard large plates fit loosely. extra large plates fit very snug. with a little persuasion and some break in the fit was superb. I got it at $89.00, get yours before they raise the price again."
– regius
5.0 5
"When I ordered this vest I was sceptical. I was woried that it might be too short due to other reviews. I am glad to say that being a guy who is 5' 11\" and 175 lbs, this vest fit me like a glove. shipped in under 5 days, also impressed with the quality of the vest. double, and tripple stiched threwout; it looks able to withstand anything. wieght-wise it looks as though it could fit some-one who wieghs 160+ I would (and have) recomend this to one of my friends. Thnx CTD"
– Alex
4.0 5
"This product is great for its price.. Fits my hard plates, as well as enough room for soft armor too."
– SSG US Army
4.0 5
"ATTN Border Patrol Agents!!! I purchased this vest with the hope of it carrying our issued soft armor. I actually had another agent tell me that it did- it DOES NOT. The front piece kind of fits but you have to fold the sides in on both front and back (a lot in the back) to make it fit, which is obviously not good. I wanted OD green but it wasn't available. i like the multicam and i can get away with it in the field. the vest is very well made and i REALLY like the design. goes on easy and fits well. (5'11\" 235 lbs.) This would work well for SAPI plates but soft armor that wraps around WILL NOT WORK. It really is an awesome vest, just doesn't work for me. Will use it as a tactical vest outside of work instead of an armor carrier. I also purchased the ModGear Armor Carrier Full Sized Vest in OD Green. That vest WILL WORK with BP soft armor. I don't like the design but it also is very well made. Just a pain to put on and is slightly too small for me. (plenty long, but not quite big enough around for my fata--) but it holds my armor so it wins."
– Border Patrol Agent
5.0 5
"I received the vest with in two days, Played around with configuration of molle gear, got all armored up, and now I do not want to take it off. Thats the only complaint... not easy to take on or off... It breathes well with the plates, can move freely in it and it fits my small frame of only being 5'6\" 170 lbs well. Best vest yet."
– Hard Hitter
5.0 5
"This is a great vest, very well made and comfortable. Much more coverage than a regular plate carrier. And IIIa soft armor custom made for this vest is available from PublicSafetySupply1.com."
– Louie
4.0 5
"Great buy for the price. If you are military and used to an OTV, you will have no problems with this. Even though it says it will carry only up to 10x13\" (Large SAPI), it will actually take XL SAPIs. If you are a big guy, this platform will stop right under your belly button. You can adjust it, but then your back plate will rise up and will be off balance. Try to mount mag pouches as high as possible, or you will feel and look like a pregnant warfighter. Map pouch will be out of the equation if you are putting full load mag pouches on."
– Farlow0311
4.0 5
"The only complaint I have about this is the side plate pockets are only 6\"x6\", so the 6\"x8\" plates don't really fit. Other than that, it's a great vest. It's very comfortable, breathes well, and allows a great capacity for gear location. I ended up putting my mag pouches on the sides to keep stuff off my chest area. Love the Multicam."
– Jared
4.0 5
"Awesome.... Works great... A pain to get on and off, but other than that, great! Love it the same with my fiends! Pockets are just as described! Camouflage color is awesome! The carrier is built very well. The only one you should ever have to buy. Worth every penny!"
5.0 5
"I'm not sure why some people complain about difficulties getting the vest on or off. You simply release one side of the cummerbund's velcro and the side buckle and pick the vest up and over your head with the shoulder straps. It takes me only seconds to get this vest on and off. It's a great vest that has held up well for me with no stitching issues."
– Tim
5.0 5
"This product is amazing. With a few modifications, it will fit anyone who is less than buff. I am a very skinny guy and all it took was a little extra Velcro to make it fit snug and perfect. If you want the perfect balance of optimal protection and freedom of movement, you need this vest."
– Jimmer James from belltucky
4.0 5
"A very good buy. Webbing is fairly consistently spaced and stitching is good and strong. It adjusted to my thin frame fairly well, I'm 6'1\" 180lbs. The only drawback and the reason for the 4 bullets is that it is a pain in the hind end to remove if you have any mag shingles that overlap onto the sides instead of staying only on the front panel. You lift the front panel via hook and loop and the side panels open up to remove the carrier, if anything is attached to the sides and front you have to take it off over your head... which, I'm sure would have been comical to watch me attempting to do so"
– JCTipton
4.0 5
"Appears to be well made however, I have yet to put it to some serious use. I bought this one due to the affordability and the size of plates it will hold. Unfortunately, it DOES NOT HOLD 6\"x8\" side plates even though the description says it will! You will have to use the smaller 6\"x6\" side plates in this carrier or find a different one. Cheaper Than Dirt needs to correct this in the description!"
– Battle Stag