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Military M-3 Medic Bag Army Digital 9x6x10" Contains 125 First Aid Items

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Contains over 125 products in Army Digital camo multi pouch bag. Especially designed for combat-trained medics to use in the field. Small enough to keep in your pack or use the shoulder strap to carry it freely. It is large enough to hold 125 first aid items.

This kit contains:
1-First aid instructions
6-Safety pins
2-Pair latex gloves
10-Aspirin/pain reliever
11-Pill bottle
1-Irrigation syringe
2-First aid cream
2-Triple antibiotic
1-Burn Aid Package
2-1 Tape
16-Alcohol wipes
15-Iodine wipes
15-Antiseptic wipes
15-Clean wipes
1-Sterile flushing solution
2-Tongue depressor
1-Hand soap
2-Bandage gauze 4x4.5 yards
1-6 elastic bandage
4-4 X 4 sterile sponges
4-Abdominal pad 5x9
1-Eye pad
1-Triangular bandage 40x40x56
16-3 bandage strip
2-Ice pack
1-EMT shears
1-5 SS hemostat
1-Three compartment bag
1-Bloodstopper bandage
1-Sam/universal splint
1- Lip treatment

Some contents may vary
Military M3 Medic Bag
**All First Aid Kits are Non-returnable** 
Total number of Reviews: 25

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3.0 5
"Good little kit for the money. Lots of bandages and little goodies. The airway it comes with is completely useless though. Its a pedi airway that, frankly, wouldnt even be ok for a baby. If you tried to use it on an adult, they would choke... Throw it away and buy a berman airway kit. There is not a whole lot of room for your own stuff, but enough to add a couple airways, sutures, and other little things."
4.0 5
"Well now I have bought two of these one to keep in my house and one to keep in the truck or in my Goldwing. Was able to add a few things that were missing, such as eye dressings, a small flashlight and some misc. ointments. Not much room for other items. I have added a small bug-out bag to the back side (using the molle) and this allows me to carry a BP kit and some other trivia. I don't remember the bag I carried on active duty being this small but it works and works well."
3.0 5
"I love the bag but the contents were a little light. Be aware that CTD states up front \"Kit may contain\". Mine had first-aid basics and that's about it. I did get some 3-0 gut sutures so I ordered some 5-0 gut sutures at a different site. I did like the EMT shears that came with the kit. Since I had room to spare I added some necessities and now it's a much better light Medic bag."
4.0 5
"If you are a hunter, street cop, shooter, all around sport freek, this is a \"Got to have\" item. Add some quick clots to the package and you will have most of what you need to keep yourself or someone else alive till the cavalry arrives. Great for an addition to a cop's drag bag"
4.0 5
"IF you are a hunter, survialist or just to have around the house. This is one thing you should never be without. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have."
2.0 5
"1st let me say this is the first non 5 bullet review I have given CTD. The pack is nice...well made... compact. Please heed the words \"kit may contain\" in the description. Mine was missing: insect bite, plaster bandage, iodine,sutures,stethoscope, thermometer, first aid manual, dental mirror, six ply bandages.I did have about 70 bandades and 30 hand wipes. I recommend buying the bag for 19.99 on CTD and filling with your own gear...it will probably cost the same."
5.0 5
"I ordered 2 of these, 1 for myself and the other for a Doctor. We both hunt and after getting these medic bags WOW. You DO NOT have to add anything to them. Its all in this compact bag for any type of injury. The only thing we did add to the bag is the CELOX quick clot. The same as the DOD puts in the MEDIC bags for the military. Thats the only thing missing. Great Buy Will buy a few more."
1.0 5
"I should have listened to the negative reviews...I thought I might \"get lucky\" and get one of the bags that included some good items. I was very disappointed in both the quality of the bag itself (stitching was coming undone when I took it out of the box) and the items it contained. Know it's a gamble. Who knows? Maybe if you order you will be one that gets some decent items in it. I also might get lucky in Vegas and win big.Also, know that YOU CAN'T RETURN IT. Customer service wasn't too helpful when I called them, either."
1.0 5
"This item is a hunk of junk. The bag is poorly made (unlike item #MHR-111). Pay close attention to that part about how the kit MAY contain this or that. It MAY contain a stethoscope. What I got didn't. It MAY contain various and sundry items. HA! What it DID contain was about 100 bandaids and alcohol preps, a pair of disposable tweezers (Disposable? What the...?, a pair of Fisher-Price bandage shears, something I thought was a belt until I realized it was supposed to be a tourniquet, two packages of Tylenol, a bottle of distilled water, and a tube of chapstick. Save your money and buy medical supplies from your local pharmacy. If you want a good bag (and I have one) go for MHR-111."
1.0 5
"This item has misleading advertising. It does not contain thermometer, flashlight, stethescope, calamine, dental mirror, insect bite, 200 eight ply sponges 4x4 (has 4), or 4oz. bottle boric acid powder. What it did have I could have bought at wall mart for $20. They have lost a customer over this and will lose more."
4.0 5
"The problem everyone is having with this kit is that the description in the catalog is NOT accurate. There is no stethoscope or flashlight. The list of contents on the website was accurate with the exception of there wasn't 11 pill bottles and my kit contained slightly more than the listed items. The airway was poor & I don't know if I would consider the piece of wood in there to be a universal splint but I could make it work. This is an inexpensive starter kit for someone who is not performing surgery and it can be easily augmented with a quick clot kit and any other necessities."
4.0 5
"I just got my kit today and after going through it I am satisfied with it as a starter kit which has enough extra space to be supplemented with a few more necessities like Quick Clot or a proper splint and butterfly closures. The picture and supply list is slightly misleading because the SAM/Universal Splint listed is actually just a rectangular piece of wood measuring about 4in by 9in. The reason I say the picture is misleading is because you can clearly see the rolled up type foam and metal splint sitting just to the right of the flushing solution and infront of a brown pouch which also was not in the kit. I wish I would have known this at time of purchase so I could have ordered the real SAM splint in the same order. Guess I just have to spend the $10 next time I place an order. But other than that everything appeared to be there and in good shape. As mentioned in another review there was not 11 botles of pills. (but obviously that was a typo because that is a lot of any type of pill). What the \"11 pill bottle\" referred to was a pill bottle with safety pins inside. The bag was much larger than I expected. I was expecting a smaller bag like the IFK we got issued in the desert. The good thing about this big bag is it has lots of room, carry handle, MOLLE gear straps, and a shoulder strap. The bag measure aproximately 12in by 12in by 5in. Bag feels well made and I guess what you could call \"military issue\". Also I think the \"SS Hemostat\" and \"Suture\" are the same thing because I only found one such type device in the kit in addition to the surgical sheers. The Tourniquet seems like an old style but will get the job done for sure. Over all I would say a great starter kit and worth the price especially considering the large bag."
4.0 5
"This is a good kit to start with & plenty of room for some extra things such as a quick clot. Good kit overall with a good bag to carry it all in."
4.0 5
"I ordered two of these kits and am pleased to say that they came mostly complete (items short: latex gloves, non aspirin). The kits both had the Sam splints in them instead of the wood type people have mentioned in other reviews. Everybody will want a little different setup depending on their needs, but all in all, you could throw this kit in the trunk and be ready for almost anything the first responder would need (and then some). The OP Airway that is included is properly sized for an adult, NOT for a child. If you are trained on these and want to use, order a set and include them. The one item that isn't in there anymore is the irrigation syringe. I like to use these on dirty wounds as well as eyes. They included a different type of saline bottle that you twist the top off and can squirt (no cap, impossible to seal if you have to move and redeploy). The bag seems to be sturdy, but not a lot of extra room. The scissors were rusty, the hemostat's jaws don't line up well and the tweezers are disposable (but they all do work). my suggestion, go down and buy some good stainless stuff and you'll be set. Oh, don't forget when you first get the kit to grab you instructions and sutures from the flap in the middle of the bag, one set had fallen out in shipping and was in the bottom of the box. Good luck!"
4.0 5
"This kit has everything as advertised! It's not the best kit ever, but it doesn't claim that! It is part of my Bug Out Bag, waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse! Seriously though, I added Quick Clot, Anti-biotics, hemostats, and iodine to make this starter kit into a great survival kit! I just pray I never need it!"
4.0 5
"This is a great place to start in building a very good first aid kit; its not the biggest or best, but very good for the money. It has lots of the things you need already and the bag has plenty of room for extra items, as well as Molle straps on the back, that will allow you to add other Molle pouches to it. The bag itself is of fairly good quality, not indestructible, but good quality, zippers arent the best Iv seen, but still of fair quality. They probably could be broken, but under normal circumstances, they should hold up just fine."
5.0 5
"Very good kit for the money, there was enough room to add a few things like Meds. I also got the surgery kit and clotting bandages as extras and everything fit in the bag, Thanks CTD"
4.0 5
"Great general purpose kit, the roll pouches makes organizing everything easy."
4.0 5
"Wanted a decent first aid kit for road trips, bug-out bag and survival stash.This is a nice start. Lots of stuff included, and the bag with several compartments makes it easy to organize stuff, and there's still some room to add a few more items like clotting pads, meds, better shears, etc. Don't plan on doing surgery or being a medic for a platoon, so this kit, with a few more items, will do just fine. Good price and as usual, good service from CTD."
5.0 5
"After reading reveiws on multiple kits I decided to go with this one. I am very pleased with what I recieved. Great product at a great price."
5.0 5
"Great kit. Bought one for home use. Showed it to my son, who is a registered nurse, and he said it was super. So, I got one for him and my other son. It's great for a home or car First Aid Kit. Can't beat it for the price."
3.0 5
"Good kit, but is lacking in several areas. It has lots of filler items that seem to be there just to pad out the kit. Not a bad place to start, and snaps on to MOLLE straps easily. I wouldn't say don't get it, but don't think this is enough to not warrant buying other pieces to round it out."
5.0 5
"I bought this Medic Bag for my Bug-out bag. When I got it I was surprised at how well made it was! Also, how many items it in it! The way it is designed is ingenious. Love it."
5.0 5
"I purchased two of these first aid kits, one for myself and one for my dad and they are great quality! This was actually my first purchase from this site and the shipping was amazingly fast! I will def. be a returning customer."
4.0 5
"It's not bad 1st aid kit. It's no medic bag, but for the cost it's worth having around"