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Medical Tactical Trauma Kit Backpack Army Digital 18x10x11'' Filled With First Aid Supplies FA138

Elite First Aid
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Specifications and features:
Elite First Aid Trauma Kit #3
Measures 18"x10"x11"
Contains over 230 items
Weighs 9 pounds
Contents may vary.

1 Blood Pressure Cuff Kit
16 Bandage Strips, 1''x3''
1 Cervical Collar
5 Butterfly Strips
1 Pen Light
5 Bandage Strips, 2''x3''
10 Knuckle Bandages
1 EFA - First Aid Book
2 Instant Ice Packs
8 Pairs Latex Examination Gloves
1 EMT Shears
10 Abdominal Pads, 5''x9''
2 Stainless Steel Hemostats
20 Pain Relievers
1 Pair of Tweezers
6 Safety Pins
1 Knife handle, #3
2 Blades
2 Emergency Blankets, 52''x84''
1 Stethoscope
1 Hand Sanitizer, 2oz.
1 Calamine Lotion, 6oz.
5 Tongue Depressors
1 Hand Soap
1 CPR Mask
6 After Bite Wipes
45 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
1 SAM / Universal Splint
5 Ammonia Inhalants
1 Elastic Bandage, 6''
2 Airways
5 Sterile Sponges, 4''x4''
3 Multi Trauma Dessings, 12''x30''
2 Tape, Rolls, Adhesive
1 Skin and Eye Wash
2 BleedStop Bandages
10 Triple Antibiotic Packages
5 Eye Pads
5 Burn Aid Packages
2 Triangular Bandages, 40''x40''x56''
1 Tourniquet

The tactical trauma kit number three is packed in a very nice backpack with a lot of compartments for easy access to the contents. This backpack full of first aid supplies is designed and used by professionals. Perfect for any accident that could happen. Take one camping, out in the field, hunting, out to the range, backpacking, trekking, or any other outdoor activity.

Army Digital, Level III Assault Pack loaded completely full with over 230 essential first aid items. Majo r first aid items include: First aid book, trauma dressings, universal splint, cervical collar, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, latex gloves, hemostats, EMT shears, assorted bandages and treatments, and much more. First aid gear is non-returnable. Pack measures 18x10x10".
Total number of Reviews: 15

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3.0 5
"this is a ok price for the product but it would be nice to see some different colored packs as an option for this. normally these bags go for $50-$70 and the supplies could be worth a $100 if you bought top name stuff all separately. it'd be nice to have some brand names on the band aids and other medical supplies. its probably worth $120 so the $170 new price isn't too much of a rip off."
3.0 5
"I was not very impressed at all.What came with the bag, as well as the bag itself was good. The bag itself is worth $$$ and has a ton of uses other than a first aid bag. It also seems to be fairly sturdy and of good construction.(time will tell) My biggest problem with this product was that upon inspection of the contents that came in the bag,I noticed a few things on the list in the product description that did not come with the kit that I received. The following items were on the list of contents in the description, but not in the bag I received...blood stopper kits,airways,triangular bandages,and the 4oz eyewash. Not hard items to replace, however I like to get what I pay for!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"The Straps took me a minute to get used to but now that I have it all adjusted they seem fine. I think everything listed is, in mine, but to be honest I had to pull a few things out, and swap out a couple others from my old kit like my old stethoscope, and BP cuff not that there is anything wrong with the ones that come with it, but I'm partial to my stuff. I work standbyes here from time to time for local Downhill Mountain bike races, and this is perfect for hiking around all day, keeping tabs on riders and spectators a like. Since I do this on the cheap I actually took the fairly large box it came with and cut it to pieces to make a few extra splints. I cant wait for this weekends race, I believe that I am totally prepared for whatever these guys can throw my way. My only complaint is that I wish I had some colored messy bags to separate things like my Ambulances Trauma bags but I'm sure Ill dig some of those up soon enough. I truly believe that there is NO WAY I could ever put this together for this price."
2.0 5
"Upon receiving my kit, the very first lanyard pull cord that I tried to open the pack came off in my hand. Thinking it was just one zipper pull, I checked the others, same issue with 2 other ones. Nice looking, but not a quality bag. My 8 year old will now have a new cool looking bookbag.Next I took inventory of the items in the bag. Missing was one airway and no blood clotting items at all (ie: spray,gauze,pads,etc.)The stethoscope was made essentially one step above a halloween prop, although you could hear the chambers of the heart with it. The hemostats and scalpel handle were of the same caliber and in no way sanitary. The scalpel blades and sutures were of decent quality however."
5.0 5
"After reading the latest reviews I realized I must have just gotten lucky. My kit came with everything listed above except the triple antibiotic packages (which I would have replaced anyway). In addition it came with 1 irrigation syringe, 1 elastic bandage roll, 2 triangular bandages, 10 4x4 dressings, 10 burn creams (in addition to 5 burn gels), and an extra eye pad. One of my hemostats won't clamp except on the first notch and the stethoscope is probably worth no more than $5. I had no problems with the bag, all zippers and straps work fine.This kit was definitely worth the money for me. I would have easily spent this price for all these items alone. Because the price of the bag is so cheap I would have probably bought this bag anyway since it has a ton of compartments and relatively easy access to all my supplies. There is also some extra room left over.I give this kit 5 out of 5 only because of what I got. I strongly urge anyone who's thinking about buying this kit to keep in mind you're taking a gamble here. It's obvious whoever puts these kits together doesn't take too much time with inventory accuracy. But if you get lucky and get what's listed above or more, than this is by far the best deal on the internet for a pre-made kit. I spent a lot of time shopping before I made my decision, there aren't too many bags like this out there for the price, I'm very glad I bought this one."
5.0 5
"First, I want to state that I was hesitant to order this after reading the early reviews. However, the latest review convinced me that the problems had been worked out. I was correct. When my pack arrived, I was very happy to see the pack itself is a brand name I know and trust. The inventory in the pack is slightly off in my favor. Then again, the description does state that \"Contents may vary\". Most of the contents are of descent quality and suitable for any \"Oh $%&\\!\" situation which is why I purchased it. If you are an EMT or in the medical field, this may not be for you. If you are like me, outdoorsman, husband, and father and just want to be prepared, then I would recommend having this pack on-hand. While I will supplement this pack with additional items (which is easy thanks to the molle web pack) it is a great start. I would advise everyone who considers this item to view it as I have. If I ever have to use this for a serious situation and save the life of a friend, loved one, or even a complete stranger, it will be worth a million times the purchase price and I will gladly pay that again and again. I also want every one to know that I did a lot of research for this type of item. I found several options out there and even found this same pack available all over the place. This was the best price and it is with a company that I have done business with for many years with no complaints. In the unstable times that we live in today, I feel this is a small price to pay for the level of preparedness this pack (and a little training) can provide you and your family."
4.0 5
"I bought it in case an earthquake or maybe a bad accident and the ambulance couldn't show up for a while or something to that effect. The bag is high quality to my standards, so I took out all the contents and put into another bag and used this bag for hiking and camping, but the first aid contents was a mix of decent to low quality. I would say its definitely worth the money however."
4.0 5
"I too was hesitant to buy this after some of the reviews, but decided to after a ton of research. This is an excellent buy for a novice like me. The price is excellent, I saw the same exact setup at several gun shows that are typically around $199. This is definitely not a setup for an EMT, but it can easily be supplemented and added to. My bag is in excellent shape. A solid buy."
4.0 5
"I bought this medical kit for a major emergency and I was impressed with all the products that it came with. Nothing was missing and there are some brand name products. I only wish the bag was of better quality. The shoulder straps are not padded enough, as they come, to really load it up and have it be comfortable. Definitely needs a little extra padding, but it has plenty of room to add extra supplies. I took quite a bit of stuff out and put it into other BOBs, making extra medi-kits too."
5.0 5
"My wife and I were hesitant at first to buy this backpack. As a former volunteer fireman and current CERT member in my community, I really appreciate the value of a good trauma/emergency aid kit. Upon arrival, I gave the backpack a good going over and inventory. We received everything that was advertised and I was impressed with the quality of the equipment and gear. While the stethoscope is a student model and the hemostats are aluminum, not stainless steel, they will more than do in a pinch. All of the bandages, splints, etc. were good quality, not cheap and imported junk. While I will be adding a few things to this kit (including larger rolls of glass and cloth tape, and a package of the compressed towels that I ordered at the same time), this is a great kit for families like ours with three active kids or individuals that like to be prepared. The only negative thing I noticed was the pack itself was built for a smaller framed person. I am 6'1\" and 220 lbs and the pack felt narrow on my back. The chest strap and belt had to be adjusted to their fullest length to fit around me (36\" waist). But other than that, if you know or learn how to use the various items in this pack, they may save a life, or at least ease injuries until professional help can be sought."
4.0 5
"Overall, it was a good bag. I got it right after having abdominal surgery myself so it's helping all ready. Thanks Cheaper Than Dirt. I was missing the turniquet and a few other things, but I really love the bag."
5.0 5
"I bought this pack to keep around for emergencies. It has a ton of great stuff in it that you can't buy for the same price individually. Nearly all items listed were present; only missing 5 knuckle bandages. I can do without those. The hemostats in my pack are stainless as listed. It also came with some great extras (one stainless scalpel handle, two sutures, and two airways). The pack is small but of good quality and has room to add more stuff. Not heavy, either. The zippers are not covered, so you don't want to let it get rained on too much. Overall, I think it's a great product for a great price."
5.0 5
"The bag is alittle smaller than a school book bag but its very comfortable. The spacing inside was impressive considering the outward appearance. The actual products inside is very nice. I did a check for missing items , only found 1 thing which was the 1st aid book but thats no big deal considering I actual had additional items that weren't on the list. If your looking for good 1st aid bag stick with this one. The price is right and the materials are not so complicated. Plus, Cheaperthandirt got it to my home in a very fast fashion."
4.0 5
"As always CTD gave fast delivery. Bag is of good quality, and comes with all your basic needs. The price is great and yes, some of the kit isn\uFFFDt top quality, but works as intended, such as hemostats. However, with any first aid kit you\uFFFDre gonna add to it depending on your skill set in trauma care. We added all of our additional items we needed and now the bag is packed FULL of life saving essentials. Bottom line, worth the money and then build from there."
5.0 5
"What I expected and more! Pack came with all items listed despite the asterisk claiming it may vary. Backpack itself is compact, lightweight, and comfy with plenty of strap to fit a small frame to a larger frame. Items included were very high quality with only the stethoscope being slightly questionable. Backpack with items still allows plenty of customization space to add or supplement your own gear. Very happy with this purchase and will take it most places I go."