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Mag MecGar Magazines Sig P226 9mm 18 Rounds Anti-Friction Coating Flush Fit

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The world's finest magazines deliver superior quality that manufacturers and professional shooters demand. State-of-the-art technical design, stamping, and tooling make MecGar mags the number one choice of military and law enforcement agencies. Superior performance is guaranteed by the continuous improvements, 35 years of experience allow these mags to continuously feed and function flawlessly. Made in Italy.

Sig P226 9mm 18 Round Magazine, AFC.


Item#: 9-50140,MAG-490,7-MGP22618AFC,54266,20-MGP22618AFC,2-MCP22618AFC
Total number of Reviews: 27

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5.0 5
"I have 6 of these new 18rd magazines. They work perfect. Flush fit with bumper pads and hold 3 extra rounds. I have older mec-gar 15rd mags before sig made them OEM and they worked perfect too just like my 15+ yr old German made mags with the \"zig-zag\" weld on the back. You will love these new 18rd mags and the new finish is more corrosion resistant than the older mags. PLUS they are CHEAPER than Sig \"factory\" magazines even though mec-gar makes most sig factory p229 and p226 magazines.Thanks Mec-gar for another great product you can bet your life on."
– Bruin
5.0 5
"These are amazing mags, even better than the ones Sig themselves produce. If thats not shocking enough, they're also probably the easiest loading high-cap magazine I've ever seen... no need for a speedloader, and no sore thumbs!"
– Eric
5.0 5
"I don't understand why you would buy factory sig mags? MecGar gives you 3 extra rounds, a great finish, and a better fitting floor plate. If you are hesitating, don't! These mags are superior to the factory mags supplied with your pistol."
– AJ
5.0 5
"Bought 3 of these and took them to the range yesterday. I echo previous reviews to say that these load *much* easier than the factory mags, even though these have 3 additional rounds. They are well built, feed perfectly and fit flush as described. Had I known these were going to be so good I would have sold my factory magazines and bought more MecGars."
– GC
5.0 5
"First of all, unbelievable magazine with awesome fit/function, 100% reliable so far after first trip to the range with 200 rounds fired. This was my first time ordering from Cheaper Than Dirt, I am blown away by how quick I received my order, just awesome service. I bought 3 mags, but I will Definitely be ordering more after seeing the quality of these. Thanks CTD..."
– Fox111
5.0 5
"I got one of these for Christmas and took it to the range this week. Perfect! Three extra rounds in the same space?! Amazing. Plus, the plastic lower plate cover looks and fits much nicer than the OEM 15-round one."
– Rob
2.0 5
"I bought two of these. One could only take 17 rounds and it did not feed properly, which caused my SIG P226 to jam. This is unacceptable in a tactical situation."
– Shooting Straight
5.0 5
"Hey \"shooting straight\" You are straight trippin', dude. These mags are buttery smooth and feed flawlessly every time. I have tried them all and these are as good as they get. Price is OK, they work great, plus hold 18 rounds. Can't have enough of these."
– elrod
5.0 5
"MecGar makes Sig Factory mags. Top quality. Reliable."
– Grey
5.0 5
"Fast delivery, and a great product. What else can you ask for."
– Uzi4u2
5.0 5
"These 18 rounder mags work great in my Sig P226. The best mags I ever invested money into. Higher capacity at a lower price plus they feed the ammo well and they are easy to clean and oil. They don't rust too easily like so many of mags do."
– Georgie21
5.0 5
"Seeing the price, I was immensely skeptical at first (I even went so far as to assume it was in the same neighborhood as the Promags, which are by pretty much unanimously looked upon as worthless). I did do my research, and found out that Mecgar does the OEM for SIG factory mags, so I paid their site a little visit. It seemed my suspicion was right, seeing as the Mecgar site had way different magazines in their photos. My only recourse was to buy one and try it out.Boy, am I happy to have been proven wrong (in fact, my first one proved to be so awesome that I picked up another so that I can leave one mag loaded at all times as my home-defense mag (3 JHP, 15 FMJ bullets ought to stop would-be home invaders in their tracks). Received both orders a day ahead of schedule (makes me happy to see that CTD and FedEx are both still on their game). Opened each one up, and each time it was off to the range to try my latest acquisition out.I have to agree that they are easy to load, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that they're any easier to load or make my hands hurt any less when I'm done loading them than my 22-year-old German \"zigzag\" magazine (of course, being that I'm big into cooking, I've developed callouses on my fingertips that could very much be aiding there). All"
– vulrath
5.0 5
"Bought 3 of these they work just as good as the factory ones. No feeding problems and it fits good. They stick down a little more than the 15 rounders but it\uFFFDs just because of the base pad. Highly recommend these!"
– Cool-Hand72
5.0 5
"I bought 4 mags they all work great in my Sig. Never had a problem."
– 11bravo
5.0 5
"Would definitely recommend these magazines. MecGar is the factory supplier for Sig, just without the name. They fit great in my Sig 229. They only stick out about half an inch or less. My Sig came with a 13 rounder and these 18 round mags fit into my gun just as well. I would definitely recommend these. It almost made my best friend cry when I told him I spent so little for great quality."
– mikethewookiee77
5.0 5
"I am very pleased with this magazine. It is flush fit and the plastic floor plate looks way better than the metal one that's on my factory 15 rd. mags. It feeds flawlessly and I've put several rounds through it and it hasn't failed to perform. Great magazine. I'll be buying more."
– Hooah75
5.0 5
"This is first class quality and worth every penny. I believe MecGar makes the factory mags for Sig. If the MecGar name is on it it's quality."
– Flint
5.0 5
"This is a great magazine for my P226. It looks good, plus it holds 3 extra rounds. I would put my life on my Sig P226 with this mag in it."
– bq
5.0 5
"I purchased three of these magazines recently and I am very pleased with their performance thus far. As advertised, they hold 18 rounds and fit flush to the base of the grip on the p226. I have fired all three magazines fully loaded several times without a single misfeed or a failure to lock the slide back on empty. The finish is excellent and I prefer them to my factory mags. In fact, they are all around superior to the factory magazines I have that cost me $50. I have had no issues with breakdown for cleaning either. Buy them now, because you can't beat the price or the performance."
– sig226
5.0 5
"These are my favorite mag for my Sig P226. I ordered 2 of these to try purely based on the MacGar name, ... then I ordered 2 more, ... and today I am getting 2 more. I know of no better mag for a 9mm Sig P226, and at this price, they can't be beat:-). Thanks to MacGar for making these, and to Cheaper Than Dirt for bringing them to us at such a good price!"
– CB
5.0 5
"Perfect! I have P226 Elite stainless. I purchased two of these. They fit and are excellent looking on my gun. I definitely recommend these! Thank you, Cheaper Than Dirt and MecGar!"
5.0 5
"Bought one of these mags and put 100 rds through it with no problems! Thanks MecGar"
– jeff
5.0 5
"I love these mags. If I had more money I'd replace all of my 15 rounders with them. I will be taking these on deployment with me."
– NSW_Intel_Guy
5.0 5
"What can I say, these mags are just great. I use them in my Elite and they fit just as well as the factory ones which are MecGar anyways. I originally bought 3 when they were still $20. Was gonna buy 3 more but now they're $30. Oh well, can't take the money with you when you're gone I guess."
– SlotTechRon
5.0 5
"I know that the stock mag that came with my P226 was made by Mec-Gar. But, I like these after market Mec-Gar mags better than the ones that came with my P226!Smooth, like butter.RECOMMENDED."
– Gary
5.0 5
"Bought two of these, and they fit both of my 226s just like the factory mags. Put three mags worth out of each through each pistol with no issues."
– Michael
5.0 5
"Bought 2 of these magazines based on the MecGar reputation and having owned 3 in 8 rd,for a 1911a1 which performed excellent in all harsh conditions. These mags fit perfect and function 100% in my Sig 226. MecGar makes excellent magazines and CTD shipping was super fast."
– Jon